Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Christmas Pictures

Hey Yall! We had a great Christmas. Hope yours was the same. It was a different Christmas for sure. This year our married children spent Christmas day with their wives family. And we got them for New Years. So for Christmas day it was Julianne, Gran Gran, Mr. Frannycakes and me. And it was still nice....just different. Mr. Frannycakes' sister Vickie and her husband came up for lunch and then took Gran Gran home with them. So our house got very quiet very fast.

Due to the east coast snow storm, travel plans after Christmas changed a little bit. Jamie and Lesley and Grace Darling came in a couple of days after they had planned. But we were glad to get them any time we could! Chris and Linley and Maeby Shea came in Thursday night. And finally (!) we were all together. It was Christmas!

New Years Day was my Mom's birthday so we kind of surprised her by planning a little birthday party with our New Years celebration. My brother and his wife and kids came up. And we had a great time. It was so good to get everyone together. We got to take some pics and for the most part they turned out good.

Sister getting excited!

Jamie and Lesley

Julianne and Gran Gran

Maeby Shea getting her Christmas present.

Grace Darling getting her Christmas present!

Jamie, Grace Darling and Lesley

Linley, Chris and Maeby Shea

Too Much Lunch!

Grandaddy resting his eyes.......hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

They whole group minus Weezie.

Brother, Parentals, Sister (favorite)

Tommy, Doris and the two cutest, well behaved children in the WORLD!


Linley, Chris, Julianne, Jamie and Lesley

Our Family

Maeby Shea snuggling with Frannycakes

And in case you were wondering what Weezie was doing all day........pretending she was the only dog.

Frannycakes hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Talk to you soon!

Happy Birthday Ga Ga!!!!!

Hey Yall!  We had more to celebrate on January 1st than it being a New Year!  It was Ga Ga's Birthday!  She and Daddy came up to Savannah to celebrate the New Year and we surprised her with a Birthday celebration.  My brother and his wife and two precious children came also and made the day perfect.  All of Frannycakes and Mr. Frannycakes children were here and got to enjoy the celebration.  It was a perfect day.

Happy Birthday Ga Ga!!!!!!  We love you!