Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I thought I would be finished decorating for Christmas by now. My house is a total wreck and I have fake tree needles all over the floor. I WILL finish decorating tomorrow and clean up. I can't wait. We are having Dick's office Christmas party here. Now you can understand why I am spending just a little extra time on all this. Sometime before the party I also have to hang pictures since I have not gotten around to that yet. It usually takes me a little longer to decide what to hang where when we move. Oh well....nothing like an office party to get things done. Jamie called today to tell me that his last day working will be December 15. He will move to Lexington and begin searching for a job. His fiance, Lesley, is in med school there. I know they both want to be closer to each other. Hopefully, it will be work out that they both will be able to come here at Christmas and spend some time will us. Linley and Nathan are coming up after Christmas so we will have a house full!!!!! Dick and I settled into the empty nest very easily. We are in for a little change. Today has been cold and it is supposed to be icy tomorrow morning. It has rained off and on and we have icicles hanging off the arbor over the back porch. Weezie does not know what to do with ice on the back porch. I can't wait until we get a good snow to see her go out. I bought her some new treats today at the Wally World and she suddenly has to go out every 5 minutes so she can get a treat. She is just spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. She is ready to see her brothers and sister! I think I need to go to bed........all this decorating.....Tootles!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I have been thinking about doing this for a while now and decided to just go ahead and jump right in! I know this will amaze my sweet children. First Facebook, now this! I know, I's hard to see your mother so technologically advanced! Maybe this will be a way that we can keep in touch and you will know what is happening with us. First of all, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was so nice having Mom and Dad here for a nice long visit even though it went by too fast! Chris and Linley came on Tuesday night. The four of us went to the airport and stopped by a party shop to pick up some hats to surprise Chris and Linley with. Daddy and Dick had hats with big horns sticking out of each side. Mom and I had cow hats on. Yes, they were a little surprised and hopefully embarrassed when they came out to greet us. It looked like half of the state was there picking up someone Tuesday night. And we were the only ones dressed for the occasion. We have retired the "attire" until another worthy occasion! Mom and Dad left on Friday and Chris and Linley left today. Their flight left at 6 am. We had to get up at 3 am to get there on time. We got back to our house around 6:15 and I got back in the bed until 11. It was know how I like to take a nap. This afternoon, Dick and I put up the Christmas tree and then decided we didn't like where it was. So we decided to move the whole den around. Well, we moved and we moved and rested and moved some more. Then we decided we liked it better the way it was so we moved everything back the way it was. Oh well......we tried. I am going to try and finish decorating tomorrow. Then I need to start Christmas shopping......if I only knew what to buy!