Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in St. Marys!

Hey Yall! Today we drove down to St. Marys to celebrate Christmas with the Fam! I told Mr. Frannycakes that today would be a first for us.....the very first time we would be able to drive down to celebrate Christmas and then drive home. This is FABULOUS!!!!!!!

We celebrated today with Mom and Dad, Tommy and Doris, Thomas and Hannah, Nancy and Dennis and Becky. We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone. Mom cooked a delish lunch and we all were very uncomfortable driving home. Very uncomfortable!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

The Parentals (Mom and Dad) laughing while opening their presents.

Chris and Thomas playing....who is having more fun?

The Parentals giving Weezie some love. Weezie is thinking, "Where is my present?"

Hannah and her Glamour Camper. I need to go camping.

Tommy and Doris taking it all in.

Daddy resting his eyes.

Chris and Thomas resting; well one of them is.

Daddy still resting his eyes.

Same song, third verse.....

Julianne and Hannah

Two pretty girls!

Talk to you later!

Christmas Morning in Georgia!

Hey Yall! I am just now getting around to posting our Christmas morning pictures. This is just a sampling of what we had going on that morning!

Someone is trying to sneak a peek!!!!

The children are ready to see if Santa brought them anything!

Grace Darling went straight to her stocking and drug out her present!

Lesley and her new "pink" stethoscope engraved with her name!

Jamie in his new footed pj's.

Oh my.....let's just be thankful for underpants.....

No Chris, you do NOT use a football to play golf!

Talk to you soon!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Hey Yall! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We certainly did! It was so nice to get everyone together. And it pretty much stayed that way the whole week before Christmas. Linley (and Maeby Shea) had to go back to be with her parents and family. But we had Jamie and Lesley (and Grace Darling), Chris and Julianne here for the holidays. We did one day of touring downtown Savannah and a couple of days of the girls (without me) Christmas shopping. They had a great time together! Christmas day was very relaxed. Jamie and Lesley are heading out early, early tomorrow morning. We are going to miss them.

We didn't get our Christmas cards out as early as usual because we couldn't get everyone together for our annual picture. After attempting to take a picture out by the...ummm....Intracoastal Waterway....we decided to go inside because the wind was blowing to hard and messing up the girly's hair, not to mention distracting the doggies. It is hard enough trying to get the children all smiling and keeping their eyes open (yes, I am talking about you, Jamie!) without having to keep three dogs looking in the right direction. So we moved inside to the living room where we determined that our Christmas picture would not be taken at the house. So we drove downtown to Forsyth Park. If you can't take a good picture there, then you won't take one anywhere.......You know, they should write a song with that phrase....and low and behold, after about 50 shots, we got the one we were looking for. I am sharing with you some of the pictures we took that for reasons that will be obvious, we did not use. And you will also see some good ones. All of them are for your entertainment. Based on my comments, I am here to please you. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hey Yall! Have any of you finished your Christmas shopping? Don't tell me if you have.....I don't know why I asked that cause I would probably take you off my friend list if you have finished. I have done almost all of my shopping on-line this year. I still have a couple of things that I need to go to a store to get. But all in all, this year has been easy. We are having a smaller Christmas. BE PREPARED CHILDREN!!!!!! It just gets a little ridiculous after a while. I think we will have a wonderful time together and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

This morning started out with Mr. Frannycakes having to go to work to check on some things that weren't working correctly. When he got home, he fired up his smoker and put some chickens in to cook. Tonight we had smoked chicken, roasted potatoes, butternut squash, brussel sprouts and okra. I love roasting vegetables. It brings out the delish flavor of the vegetables and is so easy to do. The smoked chicken was tender and moist and thankfully we have some for leftovers tomorrow. That Mr. Frannycakes is getting right talented with his cooking. I think I will keep him.

It is about time to turn in for the night for me. Weezie has already started the snoring and I can't even hear the TV.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Hey Yall! It sure has been a lazy Saturday around here. Except for about an hour in the garage sending things to the Goodwill, I have been chillin. Like a villin. I took a little nap late this afternoon and made waffles for dinner. And they were delish if I must say so myself. I have been trying to limit my carbs. During dinner I figured out I must have had at least 250. Maybe more. And they were good.

Do the numbers 39-34 mean anything to you? GO JACKETS!!!!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving - Part 2

Hey Yall! I told you I would be posting about Thanksgiving! Have some faith in me! All the "children" came in, by car or by air, on Tuesday. I can't tell you how great it was to have them all here. Only Julianne had seen the house. It seemed like it had been forever since we had seen Jamie and Lesley AND Grace Darling. We had seen Chris a couple of weeks before at a golf tournament, but we didn't get to visit with him very much. It was just wonderful to have our family together. Unfortunately, Linley Shea was unable to come. She stayed at home and had Thanksgiving with her parents. This will be their last Thanksgiving before they are married!

On Thanksgiving day, GaGa, Grandaddy, Tommy, Doris, Thomas and Hannah came up to celebrate with us. Thomas and Hannah brought me some flowers and a bunny. These babies know what I like! They are both so sweet. Mr. Frannycakes fried a whole turkey and a turkey breast. Tommy wanted to come and see him fry it because Daddy had told him Dick has this special pyro-technique he used when we were living in Maine. It involved large flames and the fear of burning the house down. Luckily, it turned out to be fine and he has learned what NOT to do! The turkey was so delicious and moist! Even after several days it was still just as moist.

Dick put his kayak out by the....ummmmmm......intracoastal waterway(?) so the kids could use it. Thomas is a pro! He paddled around the bend and back. I think his momma and daddy need to buy him one! The hammock was also a hit with all the "children".

We had a wonderful lunch and some delicious desserts made by mom. By that time, it was time for them to hit the road so they could eat their leftovers that got sent home with them. I hope theirs was as good as ours. Delish!

On to the pictures!

Julianne and Jamie

Chris and Julianne

Frannycakes and Julianne

Frannycakes and Julianne going shopping.

Thomas, Chris and Hannah

Julianne and Hannah

Our whole family!

Tommy, Doris, Hannah and Thomas

Weezie hiding from Grace Darling on the coffee table!

Julianne and her Daddy

Tommy, Chris, Jamie and Thomas

GaGa, Julianne, Lesley, Hannah and Grandaddy

Hope you enjoyed pictures from our Thanksgiving!