Sunday, October 31, 2010

Congratulations Julianne!

Hey Yall! Guess what? Julianne just completed ANOTHER marathon!!!!! Wow.....I am so proud of her. Her precious roommate, Jen, ran with her. Way to go Jen! When I get pictures, I will post them.

Way to go girls!!!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hey Yall! It's back by popular demand........Dogs in halloween costumes. I have had many requests or maybe just one request for my annual dogs in costume post. Just a quick note....the above picture was taken by us while we were in Maine. Driving around the Moosehead Lakes, we came upon a farm that had this set up by the road. We drove right by, backed up and took the picture!

Today, Mr. Frannycakes and I came upon a contest for dogs dressed up on costumes. I thought I had my camera, but couldn't find it so I took pictures with my cell phone. The quality won't be as good. We saw some really cute costumes!

Enjoy the pictures!

Don't you just love a Yellow Jacket!

Oh sorry....didn't mean to insult the dogs.....

Officer Dog, not to be confused with Dog the Bounty Hunter

I got a monkey on my back.....

Our granddog, Maeby Shea, in her devil costume complete with demon eyes....

A tale must wag....

Scooby Doo

For my Catholic friends.....


I love me some bunnydog....

A cute Boxer Ballerina!


Happy Halloween Yall!!!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Maine Vacation

Hey Yall! Frannycakes and Mr. Frannycakes just got back from a vacation in Maine. Mr. Frannycakes Mother and Sister Debbie and her husband Steve joined us for the week. We had a full schedule and spent a LOT of time in the car. We moved to a different hotel every night. We definitely went at the perfect time to see the beautiful leaf colors. We had a good time and were pretty much worn out when we touched down back in the south.

Julianne was able to join us for the first few days. It was great to have her with us.

Enjoy the pictures.....