Monday, January 28, 2008

How I Met My Husband

Frannycakes and Her Man

Today I was tagged by "Self Confessed Lamp Tramp" (I love that name!) to tell how I met my husband. So, here goes.....

In the beginning of time.....No, actually it all began when my family moved to St. Marys, Georgia when I was in the 5th grade. The year would be 1969 or 1970. I think....anyway, the year doesn't matter. Our next door neighbor had a cedar tree that I liked to climb. Yes, I know that may be shocking to some of you, but I did climb trees at one time. One day, while up in my favorite tree, there was a football game going on in the other neighbors yard. It was just some neighborhood boys, but one of them was much cuter than the others. Much cuter. And there, up in that cedar tree, I fell in love. Well, as in love as you can be in the 5th grade.

In our county, you went to elementary school through the 7th grade and then you went to high school. Dick was in the 10th grade and I was in the 8th. (He was such a cradle robber!) We talked and walked to class together and on April 19th of 1973, he ask me to "go with him". Whenever my kids would tell me they were going with someone, I would always ask, while snickering, where are you going? And since I was only 14 years old, we didn't go anywhere! My parents told me I couldn't date until I was 16, and you can bet money I didn't go out a day before! I know my daddy is reading this and smiling.....I love you daddy!

Dick graduated in '75 and went to college. I graduated in '77 and was able to apply to any college outside a 2 hour radius of Atlanta and Georgia Tech where my beloved was residing. So I picked Georgia College. In '79, one quarter before he graduated, we got married. And lived happily ever after.

I've loved him all my life! And he's still as cute as he was when saw him from up in that cedar tree.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hey Yall! College girl is home for the weekend! It is nice to have her back. She has been studying and reading since she got here. And taking a nice nap on the sofa. Not on our new red sectional that we haven't gotten though.

Last night, we had filet mignon, twice baked potatoes and salad for dinner. Thanks Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dennis! This is Julianne's favorite meal. You can see we have problems when we take the girl out for dinner can't you? Dick and I have hamburgers and she has a filet? I guess I need to explain cause I can see Chris and Jamie's blood pressure going through the roof! We went to visit her at school and took her out for dinner. You know how it is....eating on your own then having your parents take you out? Yes did the same thing. And we let you. Back that pressure on down!

I did some much needed straightening up yesterday. That being said, it was just the tip of the iceberg. But it felt good and maybe I will try it again....sometime soon. I have several projects that I am about to dive into. I finally found a duvet cover and shams that I love from Pottery Barn. And it was 50% off. Of course it was still alot, but I do love it. I am making the bed skirt (yeah, just call me Marthacakes!) and I have decided to make curtains. Why not just buy the curtains and bed skirt from Pottery Barn and have it all just perfect? Well, the bed skirt and the curtains are all the exact same fabric and how boring would that be?

I also have plans to move the furniture around in the living room/Dick's office and in the den. I am also going to take everything off the shelves around the fireplace in the den and start over. Yep, I am losing my mind. I will probably have to take me a nap on my new red sectional that we haven't gotten. Damn.

As for the weather, it is cold. We still have lots of snow on the ground and no sight of the grass. We have flurries in the forecast, but no real accumulating of snow. But winter is not over yet so I know once the 7 day forecast is over things might change. And things could change IN the 7 day forecast as we all know.

Oh....Linley, I painted your coat rack. I have been painting off and own for the past few days and it looks cute and old. Just what we were looking for right?

Well, that turned out to be more than I thought it would be! I have put off posting because I couldn't figure out what to write about. I'll try it again next time... I am heading for the shower so I can get to work!

Talk to you later....Tootles!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Our Grandbaby, Grace Darling, proudly displaying the Georgia Tech spirit!

Did you notice that I changed the colors again? Here's to my Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Maeby Shea

Linley's new little girl has a name, Maeby Shea. And guess what? She also has a blog.......Maeby She Will, Maeby She Won't.........

Go visit her new blog!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Boy's a Man!

Please join me in welcoming Christophers kidney stone to the world. It was passed at approximately 6:00 tonight. Chris is doing as well as can be expected. And he is beaming from ear to ear with pride......Wouldn't you be?

Here's to You Sister!

Did you notice my blog color change? Today's change is for Julianne! Watch for new colors in the future....

Chris and the Kidney Stone

Hey Yall! I just wanted to update you on Christopher's appointment. Since the doctor did not have the CT Scan from the hospital here in Maine, he could only go on the film he had taken yesterday. He thinks it "may" have moved some based on the location we were told at the ER. However, he won't know for sure until he sees those films. He has given Chris a different painkiller so he will be able to function as a student better, a steriod to reduce any swelling the stone may be causing (so it can move on along!) and something that Chris said "they give old people so they can pee"! Well, I guess that is a good thing! He has another appointment in 5 weeks....sooner if he is having any other problems. At that time, if he has not passed it, then he will have to use other means to try and get it out. Let's all pray it will be out by then. And soon. I know Chris is getting tired of all of this.

I have been useless today. And what is different from today than every other day...Well, I have had Chris on my mind and I just can't seem to get started on the millions of things that I need to do. There was a segment on The Today Show a few days ago about tackling big jobs. Yes, The Today Show is my favorite....for obvious reasons....I think I am going to have to get up earlier because Matt Man leaves at 9 and since Christmas I have been getting up kind of late. I won't say the time, cause my man is a faithful reader of this literature, but let's just say I do get to see a little bit of Matt Man. I do need to get up earlier and I am trying to adjust my bedtime schedule. But I have to do it gradually because I am having a hard time getting to sleep if I go to bed too early. But I am working on it.

But.....where was I? The segment on tackling big jobs said to list the big job then break it down into a lot of little jobs. So maybe I need to do that. Or just wait till my next burst of cleaning/organizing/decorating energy hits me. Cause we all know.....use it or lose it! And I wouldn't want to waste it while I have it!

I'll talk to you later! Tootles!


Introducing Linley Shea's new baby girl!!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I was browsing my pictures tonight and saw this picture of Chris and Linley Shea. Aren't they just the cutest couple? Love Yall!
Hey Yall! Can you believe it? Two days in a row....I'm on a roll!

Life has been quiet today in Maine. I went to the Post Office and the Wally World. The baby was out of food. I also bought some wood glue and wood screws. When I used my sewing machine the other day I realized that the movers had probably dropped it. The wooden carrying case was broken on the bottom. So I will be doing some surgery.

Christopher, as you will remember, has a kidney stone. He should have passed it by now. But he hasn't. And he is hurting. So he moved up his scheduled appointment with his GP. He went in this afternoon. The GP is concerned and referred him to a urologist. His appointment is at 9:30 tomorrow morning. How's that for getting right in? He had some type of films made of his "stone" for the urologist. I am waiting to see what he says to decide when or if I should go down there.

That's about all here. Please say a prayer for Chris. I will talk to you later! Tootles!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Self Portrait

I took this picture of myself.....frame it if you must.

I know that most of you thought that actually was a picture of me.....and certain parts of it do resemble me.....But I actually "borrowed" this picture from Bittersweetpunkin. She has a great blog....go check it out NOW! I tried to get this picture off the web, but could never could get this angle. I think this is a picture of "Gus" at the Central Park Zoo. If you have already framed it as my self portrait, keep it is close enough!
Hey Yall! Okay...I am feeling better today....mentally that is. So I shouldn't be whining as much. I started with a runny nose last night and woke up with a sinus headache. So that probably explains the swimmy head. I got out my trusty Tylenol Sinus and nasal spray and medicated myself. The I used my secret weapon. Can you be trusted with it? I take out the little blue pot of gold....dip my finger in it and......stick my finger up each nostril.....yes.....Vicks Vapor Rub. It helps my sinus headaches. And for those who have never tried it....well.....suffer if you must....but it works for me. I am feeling better already. There.

Our snow is beautiful. I will try and take some pictures for you today. I need to put a couple of things in the mail. Hopefully I will make it off the hill!

That is about all for now...I will talk to you later! Tootles!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Hey Yall! I need to apologize. But not for taking so long to post again on my blog. I figure you are use to that by now. I need to apologize because this may be a whiny post. And I may use ugly favorite ones.....hells bells, boogers...yeah, those. I am warning you in advance so if you want to leave Frannycakes, you can do it now without me ever knowing.

Do you ever have those dreams where you are trying to do something but, like, your legs won't move or you just can't do what you need to do no matter how hard you try? Well, I had one of those dreams early this morning. Actually, I have been having some seriously vivid dreams. When I wake up, it is like it really happened. They are seriously real. Like a couple of weeks ago, I had a fabulous visit with Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter. They were so sweet and no, we did not talk politics because you know I could really care less about that crap. So, all in all, it was a good dream night and I really enjoyed Jimmy and Rosalyn. And of course, Georgia people like Georgia people and since they are from Georgia, they can't be all bad. But, back to the story. This mornings dream was a little different. And I could not walk or think or do anything! I was completely helpless. So when I woke up, I was exhausted. And everyone was mad at least in my dream. It was a relief to wake up.

I came downstairs and got a cup of coffee. And I felt funny. I felt all swimmy headed.....ever felt like that? When I moved my eyes, I felt dizzy. And a little nauseous. So I planned to just stay in my pj's and curl up on the new comfy sectional. Wait. We didn't get a new comfy sectional. That realization made my plans not so appealing. So I went and showered and dressed. No makeup. No hair styling. Dick will be so happy to see his bride tonight. I am feeling a little bit better now. Not well, but better.

Did I tell you it is snowing like crazy outside? Yep, it is. Weezie wanted to go out and stepped off the step onto the deck and it came up to the top of her back. It looked like she was swimming! She immediately jumped back up on the step, did her business and came inside. And when she did, she brought a whole bunch of snow back in with her. Oh joy.

I had big plans for today. Yesterday, I went and bought groceries. I was going to make red chicken stew and soup today. I was going to make the dust ruffle for my bed. And all I want to do is curl up on our new comfy sectional. Boogers.

I did perk up for a while. I talked to Vickie about our planned trip to Italy. I am getting excited about it! We will be deciding on the dates very soon and deciding on what we want to see while we are there. Who wouldn't perk up over something like that.

I have so many things that I need to do around here. I have stripped the kids bedrooms of their sheets and washed them, but not put them back on. The wood floors all need to be scrubbed. After having extra feet, covered in wet melting snow mixed with dirt walking around for a month, you can hardly see the wood. I need to clean closets, THROW AWAY!!!!, get organized. But it will all have to start tomorrow.

Today was Julianne's first day of school. I talked to her earlier. Of course she needed money to buy a computer program. She sounded very happy. I hope this will be a new good start for her. And so far it sounds like it will be.

I am planning a trip to NC and SC. Have not quite figured out the dates yet, but should have those plans finalized soon. And last, but not least, me and my man are going to Las Vegas! He will be working, but I won't. So I have alot of researching to do about Vegas and Italy to do. I already know exactly what to do in NC and SC!

I guess that was not so bad. And I didn't even say Hells Bells. I will save that till next time.

Talk to yall later! Tootles!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Hey Yall! This kind of wanna be college chic is tired! Julianne made me go to bed at 12 last night. The mattress is very hard. Very hard. It is a full size and after sleeping on a king size, it is a little too small for me....AND Julianne. And Weezie. She was kicked off after a few minutes. She started out at the foot of the bed, moved to the middle, then to the pillows to rest her head. If you know Weezie, she snores like a full grown man. And I couldn't take her snoring by my head. So after some prodding, she moved under the covers back the the foot of the bed. I couldn't take it any longer. So she was kicked off the bed and moved to her bed that she doesn't like anymore since Grace Darling slept in it when she visited. She is like that, you know?

This morning, I got dressed, not showered cause I am not bathing in that filthy shower, and walked over to the managers office. I know them all by first name now. So I went in to visit with John. Of course, he "acted" appalled again. Of course. I am sure he practices his act every time a parent walks in the door. I made him come back with me to the apartment. I guess he was afraid of me because he radioed his maintenance manager and asked him to please come with us. So we all walked back over here. He assured me that they had sent a guy over and he had spent all afternoon over here. Yeah, right. So now, we are being punished by having to stay here while the maintenance manager patches the holes and cleans the bathroom. And Julianne will not be able to hang her pictures until the walls are painted. We now have spackling all over the walls.

We had purchased this cute bookshelf so she could store her books and her put her TV on. I had put together two of them for my bedroom, so I knew I could do it. So last night, I pull it all out of the box and guess what? There was no hardware in the box. Hells Bells. I have to go back to the store and get them to open another box and steal the hardware out so I can come back up here this weekend and put it together and hang the pictures and little decorative shelves. UGH!

Chris called. He is feeling good, but now I am hurting......he went to buy books for 3 of his classes....he has 5.....and it cost $455. Of course, they are using a new book this semester, so he couldn't buy used.

Aren't you glad you came to visit Frannycakes today? Gripe Gripe Gripe!

I will TRY to act better next time. Talk to you later! Tootles!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hey Yall! I have had a busy few days. Chris and Linley Shea left yesterday. They flew out around 5. We thoroughly enjoyed having them here. Of course, I am concerned about my little Bo Bo. This kidney stone business has us all on edge....especially him. So far everything is okay. We are just concerned.

Today, I moved Julianne into her apartment. I am laying here on her bed pretending to be a college girl myself. Her bedroom has turned out precious. I made a bed skirt to go with a duvet cover that we found at Pottery Barn for half price. The main colors in the cover is blue and gold. I found some solid curtain panels that matched and was able to make the bed skirt. I also picked up two extra for curtains. I think I will just move up here with her. Of course she will have to sleep on an air mattress because I don't think we will be comfortable on a full size bed. But I guess we could try.....

We have a few errands to run AFTER I go to the managers office tomorrow morning and express my disappointment. When we came last week and signed our lease, we came over to the apartment to move a few boxes in. Well, it was obvious that the room had not been cleaned and neither had the bathroom from the previous tenant. There was still trash in the room. When I went back over to the office, they just acted (and I do mean "acted") appalled that this had been overlooked. They promised it would be taken care of immediately. That was a week ago. Today, the trash was removed, but nothing else had been done. So we will have another meeting tomorrow. They are also giving out $200 VISA gift cards to people who sign new leases and I WANT MY DAMN CARD! They should give me two for having to put up with their inability to carry out their part of the contract. Three would work also. Four would guarantee that I clean the bathroom. Maybe I will bring this possibility to the table. I will let you know the outcome. If I don't like the outcome of our meeting, I will be posting reviews on this here place. And it ain't gonna be good!

Well, I guess that is all for right now. Julianne is wanting to go to bed and I haven't checked any of my favorite blogs yet. But I might be tomorrow, but I will be checking.

I will talk to yall later....Tootles

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Brotherhood

Hey Yall! I know....I know..... Everyday, I go through my list of favorite blogs and get so disappointed when one of them has not added a new blog entry. Very Frustrated!!!! I need to know what some of these people are doing or have to say or what fabulous decorating tip they have to share with.....well.....ME! I mean, they do know that my only excitement here in cold snowy Maine is to read their updated blog, right? Then I realized that I have been doing that to you. I am sorry. And I will try to do better. Being that this is one of my New Year's Resolutions. I won't tell you how last years New Year's Resolutions worked out....but I am gonna try to do better!

Christopher is still here with us as is his lovely girlfriend Linley. As some of you know, Chris had a fun adventure with a kidney stone last summer. It was a pitiful thing to watch him in pain. But seeing him bonding with another man who had experienced this horrible pain (which from now on be referred to as "The Brotherhood")almost brought tears to my eyes. He and John Benson stood bonding on the beach, drinking a beer, comparing notes while reliving the pain of it all. Another man had entered "The Brotherhood" and they were proud.

Fast forward......Chris has been in some pain over the past week. The old familiar pain. He has been drinking water continuously. Last night, Dick and I were in Auburn having dinner with a couple we knew way back when we went on a temporary transfer to Mobile 25 years ago. It has been that long since we had talked to them and funny how you can pick right back up! During our meal, Linley called to say Chris was in A LOT of pain and double up on the floor. Okay. So Julianne drove them to the ER which was right across the street from where we were eating. Very convenient....for us. The ER was pretty much empty....we registered and went right in. I went back with my little boy. Chris could not sit still. A wonderful nurse came in and talked to him and almost immediately the doctor came in. He introduced himself to Chris using his first name and immediately, I had a feeling....could it be....yes.....He was a member of "The Brotherhood". The outpouring of sympathy and we will get you some pain med's and I've had 5 stones and we are going to take care of you and people, "The Brotherhood" takes care of each other! So almost immediately, he gets an IV to start pumping fluids in him. He get a pain killer. They take him for a Cat Scan.......and then......Everyone is extremely impressed with Chris. People are coming from down the hall to look at him because he has a
7 mm kidney stone halfway between his kidney and bladder. The doctor on the first name basis says his largest was only 5 mm. And all this time while everyone is smiling and so astonished that he is like....standing there.....talking.....has the biggest kidney stone.....We all know that it is only half way to the bladder. So, we have a prescription for a load of pain killers and hopefully he will pass it before Monday when he is supposed to fly back to NC. School starts on Wednesday. I guess we should be glad this happened now and not during the school year.

Chris got up for a minute when I got up this morning and he said he was not having any pain at the moment. I am thankful for that. Cause mommas don't like seeing their children in pain.

"The Brotherhood" first name doctor told Chris to call him (and gave him his phone number) if the pain got too bad. Nice to know......I guess being in "The Brotherhood" has its advantages.

So some other quick updates.....Most of my Christmas decor is put away. My de-decorated trees are waiting for me to make a place for them in the attic. We still turn the lights on them and it looks like we have decorated "trees". I am sitting here and one string of lights keeps going out every couple of minutes. Do I take off those lights and redo them before I put it up in the attic while things are calm and the holiday decorating frenzy in not upon us? Hell no.

Julianne is excited about moving out. We are getting her things together. I had found some of those cute little shelves at the Goodwill and she wanted them painted, so I faux painted them yesterday. And if I must say so myself, they turned out gorgeous. So I will be on the lookout for more so I can do them for myself. I painted three different things yesterday....two shelves and one shelf with a bulletin board covered with fabric and ribbon on top. I think I paid a total of $10 for all three. I hope her new living arrangements will work out. At least her room will be look beautiful.

Can't think of anything new right now. I will be a better blogger....I will be a better blogger....(clicking heels together!)

Talk to yall later! Tootles!