Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Congratulations to Jeb and Brandi!

Hey Yall! Tonight, Jeb and Brandi got engaged! I am so happy for them! Looks like next summer is going to be a busy wedding party time for us.

The Happy Couple!

Awwwwww......aren't they cute?

Congratulations to Jeb and Brandi! Frannycakes loves yall!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Update From Georgia

Hey Yall! I promised someone tonight on the phone that I would do a little update. It probably won't be the kind of update that she wants. But here goes.....

This is a picture of two boxes of "put it together yourself, sucker" shelves that we bought at Tarjay for Mr. Frannycakes office. You know the has 4,298,321 pieces and takes most of the weekend to put together? Mr. Frannycakes practiced using "special" words in different combinations. Many times. And he is so thankful that he gets to start all over again next weekend with the other box. However, the main reason for the picture was so that you, my three readers, can see that we left the box in the living room because it weighed two tons. Carrying it up the stairs to the second floor was not part of the price, so he carried it up piece by piece. Aren't you glad you didn't come over to visit today or you could have helped?

This is a picture of the Intracoastal Waterway behind our house. Did I say Intracoastal Waterway? I meant lake. Did I say lake? Cause it really is more the size of a pond (or ditch as Mr. Frannycakes refers to it.) But I must say, I can almost see the tide coming in and going out, so I'm gonna keep thinking I will see a yacht going by one day.

I may not have any pictures hung and I may not have my pantry organized and I might not be able to drive my car in the garage because of the boxes, but you can be sure that I will have me a few flowers by the front door. How do you like the new wire thingies in the pots? I found them at JCPenney marked down to $8 from $59. And Mr. Frannycakes, who bless his heart never says one thing (scratch THAT) about anything I buy, had a fit. Cause we didn't need it. Can you imagine? One of these days I am going to do a post on how much money I have saved him! And really? Don't they look fabulous by the front door? I knew you would agree with me!

Since Mr. Frannycakes has an office, we, um I, decided that I would also have an office. There was this teeny tiny room by the front door that needed something special in it. And one of Mr. Frannycakes pet peeves is paper work and bills and junk mail on the kitchen counter. So I have put all my bill paying, files, and assorted other crap in this special room. I have tried several times to go in there and get it organized. But every time I do, I start having hot flashes. That is why there is a fan in there, to cool me off! Unfortunately, when I have one of those horrible things, which I have been having at pretty much every breath since we moved here, the fan does not full fill its promise of coolness. Nothing, and I mean nothing will cool me off. I am a wreck, I tell you. A menopausal wreck.

Okay, how did that get on here? Isn't she cute? If you don't know that I love bunnies, then it is time to learn.

So, aren't you glad you visited me today? We actually did have a pretty productive weekend. I hung curtains in two of the bedrooms. Pictures are coming in the next couple of days. Not the kind on the wall, the kind in the blog.....just needed to set that straight!

And you want to hear some exciting news? Jeb, one of our friends from SC, has come to stay with us for a month while he does a rotation at one the hospitals in Savannah. He only moved in today and has already brought some excitement into the house. Aren't friends great?

I will be talking to you soon!