Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Quiz for You!

What do all these things have in common?
Scroll down!

Scroll down

They are about to be gone! Fall is here and the leaves are turning colors and falling off the trees. The tomato plants are ripening their fruit and will soon complete their season. The bell peppers are some of the last on the plants. And the golf balls will be put away until next spring.

It all makes me want to start a fire and settle in for the winter! What about you?

More Good Stuff.....

I thought this white dish was pretty with the flowers in the vase! I can either hang it on the wall or use a plate stand. 79 cents

I liked this plate because of the color. I plan to hang it in the hall bath upstairs. $1.99

Another white plate with flowers. I might use with other similar dishes. 59 cents

I love this little white pedestal dish. I have some blue and white bunnies on it right now. I can decorate it with ribbon weaving it in and out of the cut outs on the edge. $2.99

I love this white divided dish. The design is pretty and the rim is dotted. It will go with everything! $2.99

This little dish has lily of the valley on it along with gold. I thought it was a pretty and unique dish. 99 cents

This is a hammered aluminum tray. It is small and has pomegranates on it! $1.99

Aren't these wine baskets cute? I love the berries around the top. $1.99 each

That's all for me now. Talk to you later......Tootles!

Goodwill Goodies

I promised pictures of some of my Goodwill finds and so I pulled out the old camera and had a very unprofessional photo shoot around the house. Most of my things are still sitting in a cabinet waiting for a good cold day to start decorating the house. So if some of the items look ridiculous where they are sitting, well there is a reason that. 'Cause that is not where they belong! Here we go!

The back of this trivit is marked Williamsburg and Queen Ann Cyper. I bought it for $1.99. Pretty good deal since I checked the internet and the cost is $45.00. I am excited to get this because I always wanted to get one when we were in Williamsburg. I have it on my bookshelves in the den.

Don't you just love the little birdies! They are painted creamy white and it looks like the paint is peeling off in places which makes it look "vintage" and remind us of all our little feathered friends outside! They were 99 cents each. And it doesn't cost anything to feed them!

This pewter bowl looks great in the kitchen with my stainless steel appliances. It cost $2.99.

This is just a pretty white plate with raised fruit. I think it will look pretty with hanging onthe wall or sitting in a plate holder. The price was 99 cents.

I love this ceramic tray! It is colorful and I think I will probably display it as much as use it. $2.99

A small plate that is a sweet saying about friends and made me miss mine! 59 cents.

That is all for now.....I will do the rest of my loot tonight. Hope you enjoyed it!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Today my baby is 20! 20!!!!!! It really does not seem possible that it has been 20 years since our world of little boy blue suddenly added PINK! I can't tell you the surprise and excitement we felt when we found out you were a girl. And I must say you were 100% girl. The minute a baby doll found its way to your hands, you held it with love and "la la'ed" it to sleep. You completed our family in a wonderful way!

Happy Birthday Ju Ju! We love you!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

How do you like my bell peppers that I am growing? Do they look like the ones you buy at the grocery store? Do you think I am living on a toxic waste dump?

Oh, and Happy Halloween a little early!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yesterday, I was reading some of my favorite blogs. Over at Metalia's blog, she wrote about teenage crushes on celebrities. She asked her readers to comment on who was their teenage crush. Drum roll please.........

Thats right! Bobby Sherman was the man! It was kind of funny thinking about it. I would read Teen Beat and all the other teen magazines so I could learn "everything" about him. Yvonne, of Uniquely Me, said her crush was Donny Osmond. Donny was a close second, but Bobby was my man. I am not sure how old I was during this time. I must have been like 12 or 13. I saw a "Where They Are Now" program on TV a while back. Bobby is now a paramedic. And he doesn't look as good as Donny Osmond does now.

Did you have a celebrity crush?

Monday, September 17, 2007

I decided I needed to post on my blog so I wouldn't lose all my loyal readers who are left. I must warn you that I will probably be posting more as the holidays approach since there will be more activity in my little part of the world. I know, I know. You are probably thinking I am just teasing you with the promise of lots of new posting, but think back to last year when I started this fabulously entertaining well written thing called a blog. Plus, it will be getting COLD soon and there will be nothing else to do but blog. Okay? Isn't that what you really wanted to hear?

Frannycakes was a busy bee this weekend. Since the temperatures are dropping around here, I have been in a cooking mood. So Saturday afternoon, Tricky and I went to town to pick up some supplies. We got a new fall flag for the side porch. You know us, always festive. He got a new belt and windshield wipers for his truck. No....not from the same store.....Pep Boys does not sell belts for pants silly..... Then we went to my favorite overpriced grocery store. I love that place but feel guilty shopping there unless I happen to get some of their buy one get one free deals so I feel like I am coming out even with the cheaper grocery stores. Anyway....I just had a few things since I was just freezing a few dishes. Tricky decided to stay in the truck and listen to the football games while I ran in and 30 minutes later he came in looking for me and wondering what was taking me so long. He helped me by pushing the cart and in the process becoming separated and so I was wandering around with and arm full of groceries looking for him on one side of the store while he was on the other side looking for me. We finally checked out and headed home. I immediately started making chili to freeze. Then I started the soup that we all loved from last winter. The name of the recipe is "Vermont Ski Lodge Soup" and it is delish. It makes enough to serve 20 so I was able to freeze a bunch of individual serving bags so as to not waste even a little bit. Tricky had a bowl and gave it his sign of approval. Good enough for me! Sunday, I started a pot of red chicken stew. Yum Yum Yum. The family had a bowl for dinner and I froze the rest (which was a lot!) in, you guessed it, individual serving sized bags. I will probably make another pot of Red Chicken Stew to freeze so we will have some extra just in case. Just in case of what, you ask? Just in case one of you come up to see me.......

Julianne went hiking this past weekend with the son of someone that works with Tricky. (I decided to call him Tricky today!) He is a senior at the University of Maine. She had a great time and was exhausted when she got home.

Did I mention that it was 44 degrees outside when I got up this morning? I have on my white zip up sweatshirt jacket over my sexy flannel pjs. Virginia? Are you reading? I am copying you. Virginia has the can I describe this.....HIDEOUS while pull over white (questionable) sweatshirt that obviously gives her comfort. And we all know that when you can get comfort from something, you need to hang on to it. Well, in most cases we should hang on to it but in Virginia's white sweatshirt I am not sure. After a few more washings, it may not be an issue as there is quite a bit of fraying. Maybe Santa Claus will come through for her this year. You hear that Virginia? You better watch out, you better not pout, you better not cry, I'm telling you why........YOU NEED A NEW SWEATSHIRT!!!!!! You are welcome!

Dick, I mean Tricky, has an important meeting this weekend up at a lake here in the great state of Maine. I felt sorry for him while he was loading his truck with fishing rods and reels and fishing "stuff". Julianne and I are bacheloretting it and it will be a toss up who has a more relaxing time!

I guess I need to go and be productive. Okay.....I just need to go.

Oh! Most of you who read this are parents and you know how it is every now and then that you feel like you succeeded in trying to raise your kids right? Well, today when I checked out "A Jackson Thing" I had that feeling. Go on over......And if you don't think that the words "Dingle" and "Berry" aren't funny, then I need to have a talk with your parents!


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Greetings from Maine......And how was your weekend? We had a good one even though it seemed to fly by. Friday night, we went to the restaurant at the country club and had dinner with a couple from our neighborhood. Kelly and Paul and their daughter Carly joined us. Kelly and Paul owned the house that burned. I wrote about that a few months ago. They have been living in the house that Dick's company owns. They are rebuilding on the same site and the new house is beautiful. It is about 5 weeks till move in and they can't wait.

Saturday, Dick and Julianne mowed the yard. I was given a day off from the yard duties. Of course I had to wash clothes, but that seems to be a daily thing. Then Dick and I drove over to Boothbay Harbor. Another beautiful place in Maine! We decided that we want to go back for a weekend.

Todays temperature only got to 58 degrees. I love it. We got lots of rain also and we desparately needed it. Tomorrows temperature is supposed to be about the same. I also see alot more leaves changing colors. Looks like Fall is knocking at the door and turning the knob!

So what's up with you? Let me know!

I will talk to you later....Tootles!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

More Blog Recommendations

I am just a wealth of information. Just ask me. If you have not gone to "A Jackson Thing" then you must right this minute. Jamie is hilarious.

I have also added a new favorite. "Southern Hospitality" is written by Rhoda and she lives in Birmingham, having moved there from Atlanta. I love her decorating style and would love for her to come and decorate my house. I think all you girls out there will enjoy it. Be sure and go back through her archives to see all the pictures of her house. And she likes yard sales. Many of the things she decorates with comes from them. Take a won't be sorry. I am hooked!

Another blog I recommend is Muffin53. She calls herself "Empress Bee of the High Seas" because she LOVES going on cruises! She is funny and sweet. And she has an important message for all her readers. She went for her yearly mammogram. It happened to be only 11 months, and they had planned a cruise and wouldn't be there at the 12 month mark. Insurance only covers a mammogram every 12 months. Instead of postponing it, they decided to go ahead and do it and pay themselves. Well folks, she found out she had breast cancer. It was caught in the early stages. It had not spread and she will only require a weeks worth of treatments. Let's all learn a lesson from this. Go have your mammogram. Do it every year. Do not postpone it. I had been delaying mine and the day she posted the results, I called and had it done two days later. Go check out her blog, Muffin53.

Linley also has a blog which I have talked about many times. Under Frannycakes Recommended Blogs it is listed as "A New Year". Don't be alarmed when you get there and it has a different name. She has retitled it "A Lady Downtown" because, you know, she is a lady and she does live downtown! She has posted pictures from their last trip up here.

Yvonne is my blog friend from the Chicago area. She is a proud momma and wife and talks about her life. I know I have told you about her blog before, but just in case you haven't visited lately, go! Her blog is "Uniquely Me" and is also linked at the right.

I have many blogs I read every day, so if you are interest, I can recommend others! I guess that is about all for now...........


Don't Be Jealous!

Don't be 11:32 on Thursday morning the temperature is 59 degrees.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Recommended Reading

Jamie, our oldest and also a newlywed, has started a new blog. You can link to it by clicking on "A Jackson Thing" on the right side of my blog. It is listed under
"Recommended by Frannycakes". He just posted a hilarious story about something his Daddy taught him. You won't be sorry!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Those of you who know me know that I love to go to Goodwill and the Salvation Army. I hate to ride past one because I just "know" that there is a treasure in there waiting for me to buy. I have gotten some great things at these places. Lately, I have been looking for several things. After finding a couple of Southern Living year end cookbooks, I decided to start checking the book section to see if I could find others. Almost every time I go, I find another one. I have got to make a list of the years that I have so that I don't repeat. But that has not happened so far. Most of the time, I pay $2.99 for them. A couple of times the price was $1.99. I am also collecting silverplated knives, forks, spoons and serving pieces. It doesn't matter if they match or not. I have an idea for a way to use them, but my lips are sealed for now. Even if I don't use them, I usually pay less than 30 cents per piece. Friday I stopped by for just a minute and evidently a whole house load of things had been donated. Some very old stuff. I got some small sized books that were old.....the 1930's and they are red, blue and green. Perfect to decorate with! I also found two beautiful aluminum pieces. One piece is a two tiered round tray with a nice design. The other was a cute tray. But......back to the story!

Yesterday, I decided to ride over to Augusta. I went to the Goodwill first. Lots of other people had the same idea that I had. When I walked into the building, I immediately heard two women screaming obscenities at each other. Evidently, someone who must have found some really great things and was in a hurry to get out of there before someone stole them from her "cut" in line. Now I have been in that store before and the checkout line is all mixed together because there are not individual checkout lanes like at Walmart or the grocery store. So, it is possible that she did not "cut" in line. Fortunately for me, no one asked my opinion, so I kept it to myself. I was, however, wondering if I should just back out and forget about the Goodwill. It used to be that you would just get screaming and a "cat fight." But today, they may have a gun. But fear not, I went directly to the back of the store to the books and to look for my treasure!

But I didn't tell you about all this so you would know my hangouts up here in Maine. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..........It brought back to me an experience that I had many years ago at the Salvation Army in Georgetown with my friend Elaine. Elaine is not quite as big a fan of the 'Army as I am, but she went with me to find know.....treasure. After a while of looking, looking, looking, I found two oak barstools that had backs and swiveled. I had found my treasure! We had a bar in the kitchen and we needed them desperately. Maybe not desperately, but we needed them. So, we take them to the front of the store. I told the lady there that I wanted the stools, we both commented on how they looked new and what a good deal they were. About this time, a lady walks up and says that she had looked at them at the back of the store and SHE wanted them. Well. I thought Elaine and I were going to have to fight her. (Elaine wanted to fight her but I held her back!) The clerk told her that we had brought them up to the front and said that we had wanted them and that she had said nothing about them. Neither of us like confrontation, so I paid as fast as I could and got the hell out of there! Over the years, this story gets juicier and juicier. Chris asked me one day did I "fight" a woman in the Salvation Army once. I am not sure the "children" have ever even heard the real story before today. So there you have it.............It wasn't me, your mother, that wanted to fight, it was Ms. Elaine. You know....she is like that.....Just so you know......

I might take some pictures of my "treasures" and post them later. Don't be jealous. I might take you to the Goodwill one day and find you a treasure. But don't expect me to fight or cut in line for you to get it!