Saturday, August 25, 2007

It is Working!

Thankfully, Blogger is fixed. I shall continue with my entertaining and insightful stories......

This afternoon, Dick, Julianne and I went to Kennebunkport to have dinner with Janie, Doug and Doug's mother, Mary. Kennebunkport is an absolutely beautiful town. It was filled with shoppers and tourists this afternoon. We got there in time to be able to do a little bit of shopping before we met them for dinner. The shops were all so cute. I might want to go back there when I can do some leisurely shopping. We went on to the restaurant and met them there. They were having a nice weekend enjoying the town. The meal was very good and we had a great time just sitting there talking. We had a great time and was sorry to have to leave. We got home around 11. Dick has already gone to bed. I am watching Doc Hollywood and blogging all at the same time. I am talented like that, you know?

It is hard to believe that Labor Day is just around the corner. Summer is just about gone here. I keep seeing red leaves on the ground. I have been seeing some yellow in the trees too. Pretty soon it will look like a beautiful watercolor of reds, yellows and oranges.

That's all for now......Tootles!

Friday, August 24, 2007

I am so agravated! Blogger is not cooperating with me today. I have the most amazing picture to post and it will got post it on the blog! I will keep trying!

Franny Stonehenge

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The temperature in my part of the world is 64 degrees. It feels fabulous. Don't hate me for it.

Absolutely nothing is going on here. I am feeling like a nap would be good. Obviously the feeling is in the air. Weezie is snoring away in her bed. Life is good.

Chris is back in school. He has bought books twice now and if he calls again I will have to find a job. Julianne is going to get her books this afternoon. I guess I need to get the classified section out of the newspaper. Are these young'uns ever going to get out of college?

I have heard from Jamie that the wedding pictures are outstanding! They received a cd with the pictures (1,000 !) on it. The photographer said it will be online any day now. Jamie will contact me with the log in information and I will send it to who ever might need it. It will be hard to pick what I want. I will want them all!

That's about all my news. I will talk to you later....Tootles!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chris and Linley left this morning. Early. Very Early. We got up at 3, left at 4 and got there at 5. They took off at 6. It has been a long day! I stopped at the Wally World on the way home and picked up some necessary things and probably some unnecessary things! I picked up the house when I got home and then mowed the grass. On the way back into the house, I realized we had tracked alot of grass in so I decided to vacuum. After a quick shower, I decided to "rest my eyes" for a couple of minutes. An hour later I woke up and have felt like I am in a coma since. I am going to bed when I finish this post.

It is chilly here tonight. I feel like I need a blanket to warm my legs and feet. I have closed all the windows but I am still cold. Hopefully we won't warm back up to the 90's any more.

I guess that is all of my news. I will talk to you tomorrow....Tootles!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Chris and Linley's vacation time is winding down. They fly out at 6 tomorrow morning. Chris is going to try and get in one last fly fishing adventure today. He is bugging me to get up out of my warm (more on that later) recliner with my coffee and warm laptop on my lap. He wants to go pick up Weezie from the borders. Why is Weezie at the "Spa" you ask? Because we went to Bar Harbor this weekend.

We left early Saturday morning and headed for Bar Harbor. The temperature was only supposed to get up to 69 there over the weekend. It was also raining like crazy. But that did not discourage us. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts on the way to get coffee and donuts and continued on our way.

We were starving when we got there, as it seems we always are everywhere we ever go. Since it was pouring rain, we decided to try what was closest to where we were able to find a place to park. That restaurant would be the Parkside Restaurant. As some of you who read this blog already know, when I find a restaurant I like, I tell you to go there.....or a store I like, I tell you to shop there. Well, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, ever go eat at Parkside Restaurant. I have never been treated so bad. During the lunch hours, they seat you in the front under awnings outside. Since it was raining, they had the plastic sides rolled down to protect you from the rain. They seated us and everything was going well. However, we were seated by a downspout that was pouring water and it was splashing water on our feet. Half of us were wearing sandals. I had gone to the restroom and had just stepped out when I saw Dick standing there. He had asked our waitress if we could move to another table. (And there were other tables available.) The waitress turned to her boss who was standing by me and Dick and told her in a clearly disgusted voice and the Boss in an even more disgusted voice said, "Well where do they want to move?" I could not believe they were talking like this with us just standing there by them. So the boss goes with the waitress and fixes another table for us. The whole time they acted just totally put out. Finally, our waitress comes and takes our drink order. In a few minutes, they seat another group right beside us. Then they take their drink order. Then they bring their drink order. We have yet to get our drink order. Finally, we get it. The other table has now ordered. The waitress takes our order. The other table gets their food and orders dessert. We get our food. The other table finishes and leaves. We are eating. Julianne ordered a sandwich but didn't want any dressing on it. Yep, you guessed it........mayo on it. We were afraid to send it back for fear of.....well, I am sure your imagination can figure out what we were afraid of. She was starving, so she ate around it. During the time we were there, we witnessed the waitress rolling her eyes at other diners requests and just rude treatment by the whole staff. As we were leaving, the waitress was clearly aggravated with something and Chris asked her if she was having a bad day. She made some comment about it being the end of season, UGH! Well, if end of season, beginning of season, middle of season, paying customers make her and the whole staff so rude to their customers, then I will do what I can to make sure they don't have to worry about customers coming there. I am going to all the restaurant review sites and giving my review. I know some of you are wondering why we just didn't leave. Well, it happened so fast and took us all by such surprise that they were actually acting so ugly, plus the fact that it was really pouring, that we just went ahead and ordered. In hindsight, we should have left.

By the time we left the horrible PARKSIDE RESTAURANT the rain had stopped and the sun was peaking from behind the clouds. It turned out to be a beautiful day. We decided to go to Acadia while it was nice and clear so we walked back to the truck. Dick was already there waiting for us while we were walking down the block. Right in front of Dick, a tour bus plowed into the side of Dick's truck. Can you believe it? Poor Dick, he has had such back luck with his truck being hit with it just sitting there. The back panel is scraped up. I "hope" that the tour bus driver would have stopped to leave a note if Dick had not been there, but there was some doubt in our minds whether he would have or not. Anyway, Dick will get on this first thing this morning.

Cadillac Mountain views were awesome. It is just an amazing view. And it was COLD!!!!! The wind was blowing like crazy. There was a quick walk on the mountain then back in the car for some heat. We decided to to check in at the hotel. We stayed at the Acadia Inn. It is the sister site to Bar Harbor Inn. The room was nice. We all decided to lay down for a nap. And a nap we took. Dick surprised us with reservations at Jordan Pond for dinner. The popovers were a hit. And everyone agreed that it was one of the best dinners they have had. One of the desserts was a popover cut in half, vanilla or blueberry ice cream put in the middle and blueberry sauce poured over it! If you ever go to Bar Harbor, you must eat there. Last year when the Benson's and McFaddin's visited us, we ate there and it was a big hit also!

Dick and I insisted the children take us back to the hotel and they continued on back downtown. They got back around 11 and we all slept like babies. We got up, had breakfast downstairs and left. We drove around the park and saw all the sites. We then headed back home. It was a nice weekend.

So I guess I need to go get my clothes on and go pick the Weez up. It is kind of chilly this morning. I have my sexy flannel pj pants on and a warm up jacket on. Yeh, that kind of chilly.

I will talk to you later.......Remember, stay away from Parkside Restaurant. But go to Jordan Pond!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

She's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frannycakes apologizes for any withdrawal symptoms you may have experienced. I have been guilty of blogger block. Hopefully I have pulled out of this condition and will be a faithful poster from this point on......

I would like to do a quick shout out to my friends and family who have emailed and called and voiced their concern.....Mom and Dad (Hey Daddy!!!), John and Elaine (no more harassment, please) and Virginia (nice song you left on the answering machine!) and anyone else who I might have left out. It is nice to know that I was missed.

For those of you who might not be aware of this.......Chris and Linley have been here for a week now and will leave next Tuesday. We have been having a good time. Julianne's friend Angie is here from North Carolina. She is in 7th heaven right now.

Dick took Chris fly fishing last week and had some experienced fly fishermen give him some lessons. Well, he was hooked. After the lesson and catching some fish, they high tailed it to LL Bean and Chris purchased a fly rod. He got up early this morning and went fishing. It is a little chilly out this morning and I am sure the water is COLD. It probably won't even matter to him.

Yesterday, Dick took all the "children" to Mt. Washington. Afterwards they went to North Conway, NH for lunch. I stayed home because I will never ever go to Mt. Washington again. I mowed the grass, washed clothes and did a little cooking for the hungry masses.

Today I am taking the "children" to Freeport so they can do some shopping. I need to pick up a couple of shirts and pants for Dick. They are great for work and wrinkle resistant and I am all for wrinkle resistant! There are outlets in Freeport also so I know the girls will have a good time.

We have a bird feeder out in the back yard. We have a lot of small birds that visit for meal time. We also have 5 chipmunks that live under our back porch. They are so cute. They are tiny.....about a quarter the size of a squirrel and are light brown with a stripe on their backs. They love the bird seed and will eat and eat and you can see their cheeks getting bigger and bigger. They drive Weezie crazy. She can't get under the porch so they know they are safe there. She will just stand there and stare. They do their little squeal sound and she goes looking!

Julianne starts back to school after labor day. Chris and Linley start back on the 22nd. The weather seems to be cooling off and while I was mowing the grass yesterday, I saw a lot red and yellow leaves on the ground. Could it be fall is knocking on the door? I hope so. I had being hot. My internal furnace is stuck on high and so if it is hot outside, Frannycakes is not a happy girl. Come to think of it......Let it snow!

I have some pictures I took Tuesday night at our Lobster Boil. Plus I have some more wedding pictures to post. Thank you Mom and Dad. I will try to post them later today.

Jamie and Lesley are busy. Lesley has started back to school and Jamie is working so they are both pretty busy. This week would be perfect if they could be here with us.

That all I have to report for now......I will talk to you later....Tootles!