Monday, April 30, 2007

Bar Harbor

Gran Gran, Debbie, Dick and I went to Bar Harbor over the weekend. The weather was great on Saturday. We went up to the top of Catillac Mountain and enjoyed the beautiful views. I guess I sit here in my little world and forget how many beautiful places there are on earth. I will write more about our trip later....but I wanted to share some pictures that we took on the trip. If you see a little boy....I mean a flat little boy.....his name is Flat Stanley and he came with us. He is on assignment from my niece's kindergarten class in Florida.

Flat Stanley in Bar Harbor

Bad Flat Stanley! Bad Bad!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Happy Birthday Jeb! I apologize that I am a day late, but I thought I would save the best for last! That is my story and I am sticking to it! Hope you had a good one!

Back to Business

Hello, my name is Frannycakes, it is nice to see you again! I wish I could say that I have been so busy that I just have not had time to blog....but I would be fibbing. No excuses!

I have been getting ready for Gran Gran and Debbie to come see us. The clutter has been cleaned up. I just have to vacuum and dust and clean the counters....then clean the refrigerator.....then sweep outside.....then grocery shop.....WHAT AM I DOING BLOGGING!!!!!!!

We have got some great things planned for them and I will tell you all about it afterwards. I don't want to give away any of the details! I can assure you (and them) that we won't be going up to the top of Mt. Washington!

Wow....time is really closing in on alot of things. Jamie and Lesley's wedding is July 14. I still have many things to do to get ready. Anybody got any cute ideas for the rehearsal dinner.....bags at the hotel for out of town guests?.....anything? I love hearing people's ideas. Thank you in advance..... Also, I am going to Raleigh to get Julianne out of the dorm and move her stuff to storage. We will not be moving into the condo until June 15. Then we are going to the beach for a few days with Elaine. And the condo? Everything is going well except that the listing agent informed our agent that the security system does not go with the condo. Now, being the graduate of J Y Monk Real Estate School I know that it is considered a fixture and it was not written in the listing agreement that the security system is not included AND they did not come back with this fact before they signed their portion of the contract. The listing agent told my agent that she guessed she would have to buy a new one unless we were REASONABLE. Excuse me.....We are reasonable. We just want you to sell what you signed for........and we will pay you what we signed for. We are waiting until after the home inspection to say anything else about it. If anything comes up that needs to be fixed....well....everything is negotiable. I am still a little bit ticked over that!

Aren't you glad I'm back? Rant rant rant rant rant! I am better now. I went to LL Bean yesterday and got 2 pairs of cropped pants. I think I am set for summer. At least the casual part of summer. They had the cutest totes and sandles. I could have spent some moolaa there.....but.....Dick are you reading this?....I didn't.

Finals are coming up for the "children" in North Carolina. Good Luck! Jamie is in Miami on business.....Be Careful Jamie!!!! Dick is in Bangor at a meeting. Weezie is snoring in her "den" bed. And Frannycakes is about to get her rear in gear.

I will talk to you later! Tootles!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mustache Man


Chris had a beard when I got to Raleigh last week. On Sunday night, he went to his room to shave it off. He came out with a mustache. He put on my glasses and started imitating his daddy. Do you see the resemblance between him and Dick?

Good Morning!

I just got finished reading all my favorite blogs. One of my favorites, Ambulance Driver, wrote about one of his dogs, Sprite. Today makes the third time his blog has made me cry. Do yourself a favor and go read his blog today. His blog is the first one listed under "Frannycakes Recommended Blogs" listed on the right side of my blog. You won't be sorry. He has a way with words.

Yesterday, USAir delivered my luggage. I had a horrible feeling about it. I just knew I would never see it again because I had bought some clothes for the wedding weekend and my shoes to go with my dress for the wedding were in it. But thankfully, my fears were unfounded. I like it when things turn out like that!

We have sun here today! Of course the wind is blowing like crazy, but the sun is shining! I will take what I can get.

Gran Gran and Debbie are coming up to Maine to see us next week. We are so excited! Hopefully they will like Maine like we do. Maybe even the sun will shine for them. I had kind of hoped there would still be snow left for them so they could see how pretty it is. But it looks like it will be gone by then. Oh well, maybe next year.

I guess I need to go and get busy. I will talk to you later......Tootles!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Airport Sighting

I forgot to tell you something in my earlier post. Monday, while waiting in Washington for my flights to Portland to be canceled, I saw Bob Dole. I was sitting at the gate door of a flight going to Orlando and looked up to see him with a couple of his "Helpers". He looked like I had always seen him look on TV. His suit was perfect, his hair was perfect and he had a smile on his face. And speaking of his you think he has had some surgery?

We did put a contract on a condo.....have I told you that tidbit yet? On the was back Monday our realtor called and said that someone wanted to buy our contract. They really, really wanted the condo and would be willing to pay us for it. Our realtor asked what amount they were talking about......$500.....what? No......a few thousand dollars. Since I really did not see any other condo's that I was interested in (that was willing to come down to a reasonable price!) and the fact that I would have to fly back down there (need I say anything else about flying again right now!), we said thanks, but no thanks.


Home Again Jiggity Jig!!!!

I have had a very interesting past few days. Not necessarily fun.....just interesting. I told you in an earlier post that I had called USAir the afternoon and night before my flight back to Maine and they assured me I had nothing to worry about. Well.............Lier, Lier, Pants on Fire !!!!!!!!

I got up at 4 to shower and we left for the airport at 5. Chris took me to the airport. Thank you Chris! I got checked in and went through security. That is quite a job when you have a dog and a laptop and have to take off your shoes and jacket! I think I used 6 of those gray bins. After they determined that the Pretty Pretty Princess was not trying to carry any liquids or jells on the flight, we started off to our gate. But we were hungry, so we stopped at Bojangles and I got a large coke to start things off right with and a plain biscuit with cheese on the side. Why on the side? So I could wrap Weezie's happy pill with in and her gulp it down instead of me having the ram my whole hand down her throat to make her swallow it! That sweet thing can lock her throat up! Then we went on down to our gate to wait for our flight. About 15 minutes before the time to leave, they announced that the flight would be leaving an hour late. Ummmmmmm, okay. So I go get in line to see if I need to have my other flight changed. Of course there were about 30 people already in the line when I got there. I was holding Weezie cause she was a limp noodle by that time. The lady behind me started up a conversation about Weezie and we talked for a while. As we got nearer to the front of the line, a man in front of us told the lady that he had to get to Kansas City that day. She proceeded to tell him there was no flight to Kansas City and there would be no way for her to get him there. Well, the lady behind me stepped forward and told her that yes she could get him there and there was a flight to Atlanta with Air Tran in 45 minutes and he could get to Kansas City that way. So she did a little typing and guess what? He was sent down to the Air Tran gate for his trip to Kansas City. Turns out this lady is a travel agent from Maine. And you know what? She has an issue with the airlines. We sat down and talked and she said her biggest corporate client is a man that was in front of her in line trying to get to a meeting he was supposed to be at and she told the airline person how to get him there. She told him she was a travel agent and when they fixed his travel arrangements for him to get to his meeting, he asked for her card. Turns out he was the president of company and she now does all of the travel for that company. You never know who you might be helping out.

So off we went to Washington. I did make it there in time for my flight to Portland....if they had not cancelled it before I got there. So I got in line again and was scheduled for the next flight out......which also got cancelled......and the next flight.........which also got cancelled. During this 5 hour period, I sat with 3 other women who were trying to get to Portland. One was the Travel Agent, one was from Farmington (just up the road from my house), and a lady from Canada who had driven down to Portland so she could get a cheaper flight. When the last flight was cancelled, TA (Travel Agent) was ticked. We all picked up our stuff to go get in a very very long line to try and go somewhere. All flights had been cancelled to Portland. The lady from USAir was teetering on the edge of losing her temper. Our TA checked to see if we could fly into long as we didn't mind leaving after 9 that night.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..........So we settled on Boston and she told her to put us all on that flight. She called her husband and told him to come to Boston and pick up 4 women! We finally got on the plane and on the runway. We were in a holding pattern because of wind. It was shaking the plane! I mean literally rocking the plane. We had to wait an hour there until the winds died down. I could not tell it had died down. But off we went. I think it was probably the worst take off I have ever been on. Oh Man! I was wishing I had stayed for the night in the Washington airport. I really thought we were going to crash. But we made it to Boston and I was one thrilled traveler to be that far.

I had really hoped that my luggage would have made it to Boston, but I guess that was too much to ask. Thank goodness I had the good sense to have the dress I bought for the wedding shipped to the house. I do hope I see the luggage along with all my clothes and make up again. Anyone who knows me also knows that I pack everything I have when I go somewhere. And this trip was no exception. I do hope I see it all again.

But....back to the story.....TA's husband met us and we went to put in a missing person's report for the luggage. It was not a pretty picture in that office. We had to wait in a long line again. They had four agents helping people. When I got to the front of the line, I saw or should I say heard, one lady (lady ?) cussing out an agent, one lady explaining that she didn't have her luggage claim numbers and a man crying......CRYING!!!!!! So being the sweet person I am (and thrilled to be alive and 3 hours from home!!!!) I very nicely gave the agent my name, address, contact phone numbers and the luggage claim numbers. I have yet to hear from them.

Dick was waiting for us at the York exit so we excited TA's car, thanked her for helping us and giving us a ride. The lady from Canada wanted a picture of us together (!) so we posed and then all piled into our car for the ride to Portland. We took the other two ladies to their cars and took off for home. We stopped and got lobster rolls for dinner. They were delish! I checked all my favorite blogs to how everyone was doing and went on to bed.

Have I told you that Weezie was a perfect traveler? Her happy medicine had long ran out by the time we met Dick and she was still good. We are lucky to have such a sweet little Pretty Pretty Princess!

Can I whine for a minute.......? I have my usual headache. I am starting to see a pattern with it. I have taken sinus med's for it and jammed Vicks up my nose and am just about to resort to Goody's and Coke. I think it might be time to go and get something stronger. I have about 3 days of headache at a time.....thanks for letting me whine.......

I have to go and start dinner. We are having pork chops, roasted red potatoes and zucchini and tomatoes. Yum Yum.

I will talk to you later! Tootles!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Linley, Chris' girlfriend, has a very funny video she made of her dog Ally. Chris is playing the harmonica......yes....he has a beard now. Just click on the arrow to make it play! Her blog is listed on the right side of mine under recommended blogs. It is titled "A New Year". Click on it and you will be sent to her blog. Enjoy!


I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane......Part 2

I love my children. I do. I really do. But today they are getting on my last nerve. Chris has been very tired and needed his sleep today. So when I took Weezie out at 7:30 this morning, I was very quiet. I made my coffee and quietly watched the Today Show. I decided to let him sleep just as long as he could so he would be rested and wake up in a good mood. Hmmmmmmmm. When he got up around 2 I took my shower and waited on Julianne to get back from her shower at her dorm. She finally arrived and brought her dirty clothes to wash. Then we waited for Nathan so we could go eat Lunch. Now it was not Nathan that kept us from eating lunch at lunch time, I just want to get that straight. It was my children that made lunch into supper. We just got back from supper. It is 6:40. We had to go by Target to pick up some things like light bulbs so Chris' eyes would not go bad. We have been without light bulbs in the living room all week. Yes, I know......I should have picked them up when I went shopping looking for a dress for the wedding. Well, I should have. I can hear Dick saying....."If you would just write a list....." And that my friends pretty much sums up why we didn't have light in the living room all week. But enough of that.....I think Chris could use about 12 more hours of sleep before tomorrow. Then he will be back to normal. Julianne and Nathan are watching Futurama on the TV.....a completely stupid cartoon made for adults. Where they got the idea that they are adults I don't know but........

The weather is bad up in Maine and so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I make it to Maine tomorrow. I called USAir this morning to try and change my flight and the man made me feel stupid for wanting to reschedule my flight home. We will see how stupid I sound when I call them tomorrow when I am stranded in an airport overnight with the Pretty Pretty Princess!

I need to go and get started packing.....I will talk to you later! Tootles!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Let Us All Give Thanks!

May I have your attention please. I have an announcement to make.


And my shoes also.

Let us all give thanks.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Raleigh is so nice and green....I am still trying to remember what the green stuff is though......

I am having a great time with the "children". We have been trying to at least eat dinner together. I have been able to eat lunch with Julianne and Linley. Chris has been busy with class and has not been able to join us. Last night I cooked roast with potatoes and onions, salad with kiwi and strawberries and delish multi-grain bread with butter. Yum Yum! Then we piled in the car and went to Cold Stone Creamery for dessert. I had Raspberry Sorbet with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I really wanted some of the hard core stuff, you know, the cheesecake ice cream with strawberries in a white chocolate dipped waffle cone. I sampled the cake batter ice cream. I might have to get me one of those before I leave. It tastes just like cake batter. So many choices, so little time.

I have not been very successful in finding a dress for the wedding. I have tried on a couple, but they didn't look good. Do you think I might need to buy a new body to go with the dress? I vote for that one!

The townhouse that I made the offer on did not work out. The owners were asking WAY too much for it. We went back and forth a couple of times, but obviously they were not in a big hurry. So......good luck to them.....they missed out on a good sale. Our realtor called to tell me that there is another town home in the same complex that has the same floor plan that has just been put on the market. So tomorrow at 10 I am going to see it. I anticipate putting an offer on it and trying to wrap this thing up. They are asking the amount of our last offer on the other townhouse. So I think we may be able to work it out. I hope so.

The "children" will not be back here until around 8 or 9. I think I will go and take the "Pretty Pretty Princess" for a little walk.

I will talk to you later.....Tootles!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Greetings From Raleigh!

I must admit that I was very nervous about my trip to Raleigh. It wasn't the flight. It wasn't the responsibility of picking out a condo. It wasn't the anticipation of having a wonderful time with the "children". It was traveling with the "devil dog" Weezie. That is how I described Weezie after her first flying experience. It was so bad that I decided one of us was going to be medicated on this or her! And I have no qualms about being medicated. Not at all. But I guess it was better to have the dog medicated, so we visited the vet and got some med's. We also went to the pet store to purchase ANOTHER $60 travel carrier for the trip. On her first horrible horrible trip, she clawed and chewed through the webbing and climbed out. Then we went and got a pretty new pink collar and hair bows...and...a cute little pink dress. She looks so cute.....I know, I know......she acts like she is truly disgusted. But it entertains us. I will post a picture of the "Pretty Pretty Princess". I guess I didn't tell you that she was a wonderful traveler this trip! We had a layover in Washington and I let her out of her bag there and she wanted me to hold her. She was so sleepy that she immediately started snoring. Now this delicate little "Pretty Pretty Princess" snores like a man. Very Very Loud! I noticed people were starting to look around for the "man" who was snoring. Finally the woman behind me turned around and asked "Is that your dog?" And like the Southern Belle I am, I said, "Yes Mam!" The remaining part of the trip was very uneventful which is how I like it. I did not have a seat mate on either leg of the trip. Which is also how I like it.

I have started another paragraph to tell you something very important that occurred at the end of the trip. I decided not to tell the "children" that I was bringing Weezie (Pretty Pretty Princess". They begged everytime I talked to them for me to bring her. I told them repeatedly I was not bringing the "devil dog"....who is now referred to as Pretty Pretty Princess.......ANYWAY.....I went went down the escalator at the Raleigh Airport and saw the "children", I reached down and unzipped the carrier so Weezie could run the 5 feet to them. They were already kneeled down to get her. She had barely gotten her front paws out of the bag when an airport officer ran to protect the public. I had her leash ready to hook her up, but obviously it was not quick enough. He scolded me for letting her out of the bag. Now I was just in two different airports where officers and employees petted, talked baby talk (!), loved on and complimented her on her beautiful pink bows. Thank goodness someone in charge of security of an airport saw the danger of a 14 pound drugged Shih Tzu. I feel safer. Don't you?

I just love being with the children. They make me feel good. They had made up a had Fran Fran Fran Fran sang one time after another. They were so proud of themselves. It was sung to the tune of the NC State fight song. I mentioned that it sounded like the song from Gomer Pyle USMC. Nathan later confirmed that NC State uses that tune for their fight song. But now it the Fran song.....I bet you can sing it too! Go ahead, I know you want to!

We rode around a while looking at condo's then went to Chris' apartment. Chris has been very busy working and going to school, so he has not had alot of time to clean or take out the trash or spray see where I am going? We spent the first hour I was there cleaning bathrooms, picking up trash, taking out trash, cleaning the kitchen (Thanks Linley!) and vacumning. Then we went to a Armadillo Grill for some delish mexican food. By the time we got back, I was tired and went to bed not long afterward. I slept like a baby.....with a Pretty Pretty Princess curled up beside her head. Then my arm. Then my leg. Then my feet.

Monday I met with the realtor. I was not excited about this because I didn't feel like I had connected with her at all on the phone. I am proud to say that my first impression was completely wrong! I really like her and had a great time looking around at condos. We do not want to buy a condo in a complex that has only students living there. Chris' apartment is all students and the noise level is horrible. Chris has been very frustrated with the incondsiderate people below him. And the apartment manager has not been very cooperative about helping out. I could go on and on about our frustrations, but I will stop. I found a town home I like and think will be good for them. I must have a room with a bed that I can sleep in when I come. They can use the closet for their stuff and study in there, but I must have my own bed. I must. We will probably make an offer later today.

I am meeting Julianne at 12 to eat lunch at her dorm. Parents eat free.......too bad they don't have anything that I really, really want to eat! We need to have a little one on one time together. She needs some mommy time.

So now you know how my trip to Raleigh is going. Oh! They have this green stuff on the ground and these pretty colored things growing in the ground and this green stuff attached to the tree limbs. What on earth could this be? We don't have anything like that up in Maine. We only have white stuff everywhere! I am going to have investigate it! I might have to order it!

I will talk to you later! Tootles!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane......

You heard it.....I am leaving on a jet plane in the morning! I am going to Raleigh to visit the "children" and find a condo for them to live in next year. I can't wait to see them! I am taking my camera (and cord to transfer them to the computer which is very, very important if you want to post pictures on your blog!!!!) and will be taking some fun pictures for you. Be on the look out!

I will talk to you tomorrow! Tootles!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Snow, Again!

I know, I know. You are all getting sick of snow pictures...........and snow posts! I can't help it! Being the Southern Belle (capitalized as it should be!) that I am, I am just mesmerized by the white stuff! I can't help it! I love it! Dick woke me up at 5:00 this morning using the snow blower. He had blown off the driveway when he got home last night, but the overnight snow had covered it up again. Thankfully, I went back to sleep. Then around 7:30, I woke up to my neighbor blowing off his driveway so he could go to work. Snow blowers are very loud! I can only imagine how much they appreciated Dick blowing off our driveway at 5! So.....I am posting pictures I took this morning. And this should be the last of the snow pictures....maybe....I hope....well.....

I will talk to you later! Tootles!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

The sky is falling....the sky is falling! It is snowing again and is predicted to continue through tomorrow. I guess yall are kind of getting tired of reading about it. I guess you think I am tired of seeing it.....but you are wrong. It is beautiful and really does not restrict me from doing what I want to do. The roads are kept clear and sanded. I decided not to to go to Portland today for my invitation appointment. I rescheduled for Friday. I need another day or two to get my numbers together, so the weather was a good excuse to reschedule.

I am getting excited about the trip to Raleigh! I can't tell you how excited I will be to have my own bedroom there. I wonder if the "children" realize that they will be responsible for keeping the condo cleaner than their dorm and apartment now......

Last night for dinner we had pork roast, roasted sweet potato wedges and asparagus. Yummy Yummy! We had some pork roast left over. I decided to have it again tonight, but didn't know what to have with it. I found a recipe on bleeding espresso... that I am going to try. It sounds delicious. Every Wednesday she posts a recipe. She is an American living in Italy and writes a great blog! With great recipes! Go check her out at You can also just click on the link to my recommended blogs on the left side of this blog. (I can't seem to create a direct link from this post...sorry!) Anyway, we are going to have a great supper tonight!

I am sitting here in my sexy flannel pj's blogging at 11:30 am...Weezie is in her bed snoring....I have dinner planned....Clothes are washing...It is snowing like crazy....Life is good!

Talk to you later....Tootles!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Since I woke up at 5 this morning, ugh, I decided to go and take some pictures of the winter wonderland outside. It is so beautiful! Everything is white! Dick called me on his way to work saying how pretty the ride was. According to the weather man this morning on TV, this is only a taste of what we will be getting Wednesday. I will let you know......

Let it Snow!

We had snow off and on all day today with rain mixed in between. It has been snowing steadily since about 7 tonight. The deck is covered as is all the grass that I had just been able to see. It will be interesting to see tomorrow morning if we get much more accumulation.

Today was very uneventful. I took back some things to Kohls and went by TJ Maxx. I of course found something to buy there.....some pictures of birds that had very nice matting too. I will have to see how they look on the wall. I taped the receipt to the back of one of them. Then I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought an iron. Ours was not working very good. I ironed Dick's pants and shirt with the new iron tonight and wow! I definitely made the right decision. It was amazing the difference it made. How sad it is that a new iron got me excited.

I am busy looking at condos online. My trip to pick one out is coming up this weekend. I wish we could go ahead and move in this weekend too. That would save me a trip down. Hopefully we will be able to move in the end of May so I can go down, help, and then go to the beach for two weeks. It will be nice to have my own room when I go to visit.

It is way past my bedtime so I better head upstairs. I will talk to you later! Tootles!

Monday, April 2, 2007

April Snows.......

We are getting snow this morning. SNOW! And we are predicted to get snow on and off all week. This is kind of shocking and exciting for the Southern Belle that I am. And for Louisiana Southern Belle also...aka Weezie. Her little paws never know what to expect when she walk outside!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

There is a meme going around where people tell what songs they have on their Ipods and why. So I going to do the same. I hope you will still like me after you read what I listen to and why.

1. Wait a Minute - The Pussycat Dolls
I was flipping the channels one day and came upon this video. Maybe I just have this secret dream to wear high-heels like these "dolls" do and move like "cats" the way they move.

2. Once in a Very Blue Moon - Nancy Griffith
Just like it! Sweet song.

3. Mr. Mom - Lonestar
I like to start my exercise on the elliptical with this has a good beat and by coincidence, I end it with this one also......I exercise from the beginning to the end!

4. Temptation Eyes - Grass Roots
I think I was in the 5th or 6th grade when this came out. I can remember loving it....still do.....

5. Merry Christmas From the Family - Robert Earl Keen
My son Chris told us about Robert Earl Keen. He loves him! And so do we. This song is so funny.

6. Leave a Tender Moment Alone - Billy Joel
This song is special to me. Christopher was born by cesarean section because he was breach. I was so scared. I remember when I was wheeled into the operating room, this song was playing on the stereo. It is the last thing I remember before they put me out.

7. Must Be Doing Something Right - Billy Currington
Who in their right mind wouldn't want to listen to this over and over after seeing the video?

8. Love Shack - B-52's
It is just a fun song!

9. Angels Among Us - Alabama
When we were living in South Carolina, we went to the Alabama Theatre in North Myrtle Beach and saw Alabama there. Randy Owen came out in the audience singing this....he is a cutie.

10. We've Only Just Begun - Carpenters
This one makes the kids want to throw up...especially after I told them that we had this song played when we left the church after we were married!

11. Here You Come Again - Dolly Parton
I love Dolly!

12. Remember When... - Alan Jackson
I married my high school sweetheart, he married his....sweet song....

13. Burning Love - Elvis
Who wouldn't love a hunka hunka burning love?

14. It Started with a Kiss - Hot Chocolate
It is a good shag song!

15. This Old Heart of Mine - Isley Brothers
I heard this song while watching "Moonlighting" with Cybil Shepard and Bruce Willis. Remember it? Well, there was an episode with Bruce Willis and Dana Delaney and they were in love and this song started playing.....I was hooked!

16. Hey Ya! - Outkast
What can I say.....Shake it like a Polaroid Picture.....

17. Heart of the Night - Poco
It came out during my college days......brings good memories back!

18. Just Remember I Love You - Firefall
Those college days songs still get me!

19. How Much I Feel - Ambrosia
This is also a college song.....this one reminds me of Atlanta.

20. Super Freak - Rick James
I love this song! Ambulance Driver (His link is under my recommended blogs!) had a video on his blog of Ricky Scaggs and Bruce Hornsby singing Super Freak. It was wrong....terribly wrong! Go watch it. I am sure Rick James is turning over in his grave!

I have 193 songs on my Ipod so I only gave you a sampling.......okay.....if you beg for more I might do this again sometime.....only if you beg though....I wasn't even able to get to the disco....yes, that's right....disco....

I will talk to you later! Tootles!

I hope....I think......

I still have a little bit of writer's block.....wouldn't you say? But things are a changing! It seems like my life is beginning to move at a faster pace or maybe I am just trying to get things caught up. Regardless of the reason, it looks like I will have more to write about in the future. I hope.

We had made plans to go to Portland on Saturday. I had one of those mornings that I felt like I just couldn't get it together. I finally got a shower and got dressed and made it to the car. I realized that I had left my cell phone. So I ran back in to get it. Then I realized the battery was about dead, so when I went to plug in the charger, I realized I couldn't because the navigation thingy was plugged in. I remembered that I have another outlet in my center console, so I tried to move the 100 CD's that we blocking it. Of course it would not completely plug in and begin charging, so I tried pushing the CD's even further. They would not give. So I picked up a handful and THREW them in the back seat. How mature. I am so proud. My own little temper tantrum. A couple of miles down the road, I finally looked up and realized I couldn't see. I had forgotten my glasses. Oh yes, this was going to be a great trip. I told Dick to turn around and I would go next week. He said no, that we were going. He said he would go back for my glasses, but I declined. As long as I didn't have to drive, I felt like it would be okay. So on we went. The first place we went was a place to look at invitations for the rehearsal dinner. Normally, being without my glasses doesn't bother too much. But I really needed them. I did talk to the nice lady there and got some good information. So I made an appointment for Wednesday. With my glasses. I had another place picked out to go and look for invitations but felt like I would be able to get what I needed at the first place. Plus, we couldn't find a parking space for the second one so I decided that was a sign to use the first one. I love signs! Then we went to Pottery Barn and I purchased a pillow sham of one of their new designs. Needless to say, as with all my pillow shams I have purchased, it did not match. I have ordered another one they have now and since I ordered the whole shabang, not just the pillow sham......I feel that it is a SIGN it will work! I hope.....Is this a theme...

After arriving home, we both took a quick nap and I tried to talk Dick out of us going to a United Way fundraiser we were supposed to go to. But it didn't work. We went and then came home. Today Dick went into work and called to see if I had started lunch. know what the answer to that one was. He wanted to go to a little hole in the wall take out place for a lobster roll. He had heard they were good and they were! I do love me some lobster rolls! Come see me and I will take you for a lobster roll! After lunch, he went back to work and I decided to put some things in the attic. And for everything I put up, I brought something down. Is that good or bad? I had hoped that when I went up there everything I had would look so good to me that I just wanted to bring it down and decorate and decorate. What I brought down had none of those qualities......a runner for the hallway upstairs, some books, some round tables and table cloths.

I guess that is about all for now.....I will talk to you later.....Tootles!