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Happy Halloween!

Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday. Why? BECAUSE IT INVOLVES CANDY!!!!! That should have been an easy one for all of you faithful readers! Candy is my favorite food group. I could eat sweets and never ever want any other type of food. I promise!

Many people think that I had three children because I wanted to produce a mixture of me and my husband and have someone to love and love us and enjoy every minute of our lives. Of course, those of you who know me really well know this is not true. I produced them so I could have THREE big bags of candy to pick through and chow down on. THREE!!!! My children were happy to just go around the block to trick-or-treat. Going around the block did not produce enough candy for any self respecting candy addicted mother. NOOOOOOOOOO! Every year I had to hear whining about how they were tired and how they wanted to go home. This was like winning the lottery for me! No way I was going home. Suck it up!

One of my favorite memories was back in 1987. Julianne was just a month old. Grandma was visiting us and was happily keeping Julianne while I tended to the Trick-or-Treaters. I think Dick must have been working, because I don't even remember him being around. When we finally came home, the kids dumped their candy out on the den carpet. They had been eating their candy loot all night long, so they were pretty nauseous by then. As soon as the candy hit the floor, Grandma and I did too! We proceeded to pick out everything we liked and guard it. We were like two buzzards over some fresh road kill! I realized that night that Grandma and I were truly kindred spirits.

Tonight, I will have no children to take trick or treating. I will have no bags to dump on the floor and ravage. I will not have to get on the scales tomorrow and weigh 10 lbs. heavier, even though it was worth it! Tonight, I will be missing my sweet children being young and carefree. I will be missing the excitement Halloween brings, in the children and in the grandmother and grandaughter eating candy on the floor.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nothing much happening here in my part of the world. The temperature outside is supposed to get up to 50 and the winds are 20 to 30 mph. And up here on our hill, I think it will be a little stronger and a little cooler. Julianne is flying back to Maine today. We will pick her up this afternoon. Dick is getting ready and then we will head to Portland to do a little bit of looking around and lunch and then pick her up.

Yesterday we ended up not doing very much. We went to an antiques shop here in Turner. Then we headed to Auburn to the Wally World and Lowes. Dick dropped me off at TJ Maxx and he stayed in the car while I looked around. I knew I couldn't stay for long, so I did the mad gotta look at everything very very quickly shopping. I started out at the shoes. I bypassed the purses because I have enough and I had just picked me up a new one at my favorite boutique, Goodwill. I need to take some new pictures of my stuff. But back to the shoes.......I have been wanting a pair of boots. I saw a pair at DSW last week that were black suede. They went to just above the ankle. They were gorgeous and looked wonderful on my feet. I really wanted them, but they were $79 and were really dressy and they were black suede. In the South that wouldn't have mattered, but here I wouldn't be able to wear them as much and I really don't get dressed up here many times. So, I decided to keep thinking about it.....and hoping I would find a pair that I liked with a price tag I liked at TJ Maxx. I immediately zeroed in on a pair of brown leather ankle style boots, with a manageable heel. I loved them! And the price was $34.99! So I bought them as a present for myself for Dick's birthday. Sounds reasonable to me....what do you think?

After shopping, we came home and watched sports, sports, sports and then went to bed and watched some more sports, sports, sports. The Red Socks got me scared last night. I can't believe that I am actually cheering on the Red Socks. I am a Braves fan even though they do nothing but let me down. Of course this would matter a whole lot more if I were actually a sports fan, which I am not. If you are planning to watch game 4 of the World Series tonight, look for John and Jeb Benson! They will be there tonight and I am sure they will have lots of stories to tell us about their adventure.

I guess I have to go. Dick is downstairs and has taken Weezie outside. Of course he had to wake her up first.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone out there in internet land is having a wonderful Saturday! We are having a lazy Saturday here in Maine. The temperature is cool, it is raining and overcast. We can't decide exactly what to do today. Dick is working in his office and I am well, doing what I do best....haha. I have the washing machine going and soon the dryer will be cranked up for its part of the job. I mowed the grass, or should I say leaves and pine straw, yesterday. It took me twice as long to do it because first I had to use the blower to blow away some of the leaves and then I had to keep overlapping the places I mowed so I could get all the remaining leaves and pine straw cut up finely. The yard looked good until this morning. Overnight a whole new layer of leaves landed on it. Oh well........I will take care of it next week. Not too many weeks left to mow.

Today is Homecoming at NC State. Chris and Linley are excited as usual. I can remember going to homecoming at GA Tech with Dick. Big schools are a lot more fun at homecoming than small schools. I don't even remember homecoming at Georgia College. I know they will have a good time.

Julianne is in Greenville, NC visiting her friend Angie (Angie Pangie as I like to call her!) Angie Pangie attends East Carolina University. Julianne is going to the football game with her. She called earlier and they were on their way to meet Angie Pangie's parents to tailgate. Sounds like fun to me! Maybe Dick and I can go to NC today and do that. Hmmmmmmmm.......guess not.

Jamie and Lesley went to the Symphony last night. He wrote in his blog that he was not particularly looking forward to it. However when we talked to him this morning, he couldn't say enough about it. He had a great time. Today they are watching the University of Kentucky play football.

So......did you notice the pumpkin on the side of my blog? Most of you already know that I have been dieting. Not fun..... But it was time and I have been working on it. I have lost 31 pounds so far with lots more to go. But I plan to keep on working on it. Even with the holidays coming up. So I will keep you all updated on the amount I have lost. I will say that I have gone down 2 pant sizes and am just about to need the next size down. I have gone down 3 sizes in shirts. Of course the top shrinks faster than the hips, but they are all on their way down. It feels good.

That's about all I have to tell you about right now. Fear not! I will talk to you later! Tootles

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Busy Bee

Frannycakes has been busy today. Well, busy after watching the Today Show, reading the news online, reading all my favorite blogs, and showering. I have lots of dirty clothes to wash. I've gotten about half way through that. I am on my second load washing in the dishwasher. Yes, we obviously feed the homeless here because I can't figure out where all the dishes come from. Well, actually I do know, but I won't go there today. As soon as it is finished, I put those away and probably start another. I straighten up my cookbooks and put away some and tried to start organizing my new recipe box. I went through magazines and catalogs and purged and purged. But I couldn't throw away all of them so I have them in the bookcase so I can pull them out one at a time and get out anything I might have missed. Dick is rolling his eyes right now......yeah you are......

I need to vacumn as soon as I get a couple of other things done and then I might just "rest my eyes" for a minute. I haven't done that in a while and a cool cloudy day like today might be just the time.

Talk to you later! Tootles!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Linley Shea

Linley Shea, Christophers' beloved, got a present! Go to her blog and read all about it! On the right hand side of this page, under Recommended Blogs, click on "New Year".

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Things You Will NEVER Hear Me Say!

1. No thanks, I don't eat sweets.

2. I love getting up early!

3. Aren't my varicose veins pretty?

4. I'm pregnant.

5. Do you have that in a size 6?

6. I love humidity!

7. Can we watch sports?

8. I don't want a computer anymore.

9. I think I will go buy a thong!

10. I just couldn't eat another bite!

11. My house is too clean!

12. These jeans make my butt look way too small.

13. I love exercising!

14. I don't want to eat out tonight.

15. Raw cookie dough is disgusting!

16. I forgot to eat today!

17. Let's eat sushi!

18. I am too organized.

It Fell Down And Went BOOM!

Frannycakes is perfectly happy to sit around and relax and be lazy on weekends. You all know that! I can hear some of my smarty pants friends asking what is different from the week days? A lot of things, just too many to list on this blog. Besides, if I told you, I would have to kill you! Anywho...........Dick is NOT like me. He has to be doing something every minute he is awake. So yesterday he decided to take the window air conditioners out of the windows and store them in the basement until next summer. We have 4 units. Three of them are upstairs in the bedrooms. We bought a new one for the spare bedroom this year. While he was taking the AC units out, I was outside pulling up pepper plants from my garden. I went inside because I heard the washing machine beeping for me to come and get the clean clothes out. Just as I walked inside, I heard Dick yelling, and I do believe there were some "special" descriptive words used. Then I heard a boom! I turned around, walked back outside and looked under the guest room window. Sure enough, there lay the new AC unit! It fell down and went boom. I turned around and went to load the dryer. I heard Dick come downstairs, go outside and open the back of his truck. I waited till he came back inside and let him tell me. He actually thought it was kid of funny because he had someone tell him at work that they had done this same thing and Dick had made fun of him. I guess that will teach him! He had already made on trip to the dump, so he had to make another.

The three of us went to see "Rendition" at the movie last night. It was good but intense. It took a while to put things together. But we thought all in all it was good. Not a particular feel good movie if that is what you want though. We left there and ate at Margaritas, which is a mexican restaurant that we like. We ended up eating in the bar, which was loud, but it was delish!

I guess I need to get up and try to look like I am busy. Dick is just now getting his shower (It is 11 AM!) because he has been working on his 'puter all morning.

I will talk to you later! Tootles!

Friday, October 19, 2007

I did forget to tell you something! Dick went to Tiffany! I was so excited to see the picture, until I realized that he didn't even go inside! Someone reminded him that you can order online also. I think I will bookmark it.

I posted below a picture of us on the plane. I just noticed the people behind us! How funny! I think I have already told you that I took one picture after another until Dick refused to smile. I think the man behind Dick was getting annoyed, almost as annoyed as Dick.




Thursday, October 18, 2007

New York City!!!!!!

Frannycakes is ready to know.....moving on the east side...... As much as I do love me some Maine, I could move to New York City tomorrow. Okay, maybe not tomorrow, but the day after. I love it! We would just sell the cars and most everything else cause it sure as hell wouldn't fit in the 400 square foot apartment we could afford. It is certainly a different world there. And I wouldn't mind experiencing it. Really.

I would like to thank our distinguished tour guide, Callie McFaddin, for giving us good directions and information about the city. She is an excellent guide and I hope we will be able to book her again when we return. Everthing was just perfect Callie! You are the best!

Next I would like to thank John and Elaine for EVERYTHING! The food was DELISH, the drinks were intoxicating (hahahaha) and we just loved our first Broadway play. We had the best time! Let's go back next month! I will pack sandwiches!

And finally I want to thank Henry and Virginia and Callie for Everything! The tour was great.......(could we arrange to meet Matt next time?) and for the breath taking views from the Top of the Rock. Wow. Yall are the best!

Okay, okay......I will go back to the beginning and start from there......

Thursday, Dick went in to work for a couple of hours and then we left for our flight from Portland. We checked our bags since it was a direct flight and then headed through security. The flight was starting to board as we made it to our gate, so we got in line and got on the plane. We flew JetBlue. It was my first time on this airline. And I was impressed! The seats are big, there is plenty of leg room and best of all, you have your own private television with direct tv to watch. WOOOO HOOOOO! I put on my earphones and plugged it in and started flipping through the channels. Of course I ended up with HGTV while Dick watched ESPN. We were a very happy couple. About half way there, I remembered that I had my camera in my purse and decided that it was time to start documenting our trip. So I took one picture after another of me and my man. Now those of you who know Dick probably already realize that he did not find this very much fun. I ended up deleting about 10 pictures and just getting two that were halfway decent. Hopefully blogger will allow me to post some pictures. It has not been very nice to Frannycakes lately. But....back to the story. We arrived at JFK airport right on time and got our luggage. Then we had to get a cab. And this made us a little bit nervous. The hotel information said that it should cost about $45 for a cab fare from JFK to our hotel. So when one of the limo drivers yelled out $45, we ran and got in. We had a very pleasant ride to the hotel compared to Elaine, Henry and Virginia. They had a mad NASCAR driver with a death wish driving them. But enough about them.....hahahah......we made it to the hotel. We stayed at the Marriott in the financial district. It was beautiful. Our room was ready for us when we got there around 1:30. We met the tour guide, Callie, and Elaine, Henry and Virge and went out for lunch because we were starving by then. Lunch was delish. Afterwards, we headed to the World Trade Center site, Ground Zero. What a sobering place. So sad. So many lives changed. We toured the Ground Zero Museum. Such a tragedy. We walked around the World Financial Center and looked around. We were all getting tired and thirsty, so we went back to the hotel to meet John and head up to the concierge floor to sample some liquid refreshments and food. We had a good time talking and catching up. From the windows we could see the Statue of Liberty. From our hotel room we could see Ellis Island. The views were beautiful. Anywho, we decided we would meet later in the lobby for dinner. It was decided that we would go to the Tribeca Grill. This just happens to be Robert DeNiro's restaurant. Unfortunately, "Bob" was unable to join us for dinner. But we had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed our subway ride there and back to the hotel. Not to mention all the pretty things we saw along the way. We all retired to our rooms to rest up for the next day.

Friday morning we left our hotel around 6 so we could be at the Today Show by 7. This has been one of those things that I have been wanting to do for a long time. But I really wanted to do it on a dry sunny day when everyone came outside. The rain had started overnight and didn't let up until around 9:30. Everyone had their umbrella up and so we all waited with water dripping on you from the person's umbrella standing beside you. Plus, the lady beside me was not paying any attention to her umbrella as it was getting tangled in the rats nest of curls that I have on my head. I was constantly having to reach up and pull it out. So if my hair on the one and only time I was on camera that day was looking a little bit "messier" than normal (I realize it might be hard to tell) then you know why. The Today group came out together once after the rain stopped. Hoda came over by me. She is my height and her legs are the size of my little finger. Her hair looked good though. How does she get her curly hair straight and I can't can't beat mine that way? Meredith is shorter than I thought. She was shaking hands and walked right over to me, shook my hand and said, "Thank you for coming out in the rain today to see us." She was really nice and I instantly decided I liked her better than I thought I did. However, my heart was broken that my other man (Dick, don't read this) Matt Lauer, did not come over to my side. I was crushed. However, after deciding that they were not coming back out, we went to the NBC Experience Gift Shop at Rockefeller Center and they have a life sized cut out of Matt standing up and I had my picture made with him anyway. I also have one of me kissing him, but don't tell Dick......I told you now to read this! I asked the sales person how much his cut out was and he seemed shocked that I would even think it would be for sale. Well, I was serious. How much fun would that be? Matt Lauer in the Christmas picture, Matt Lauer standing in the snow outside the house, Matt Lauer riding around with me, answering the door....the possibilities are endless. It could have been a Christmas present for me. As Dick says, "I don't ask for much....." After drooling, I mean shopping, we walked around Rockefeller Center and over to Saks Fifth Avenue. We all had to use the restroom, so that is why we went into Saks! Nice restrooms too. I highly recommend them! Then we went to the American Girl Doll Store right across the street from Saks. I took lots of pictures for my niece and will be sending her daddy a picture of the one I will be sending her. He will be excited. We went back to take the NBC Tour at 11:30. It was short and sweet, but we did get to see where they film Saturday Night Live. They were working on the sets for Saturday nights filming. On our way out the building, we saw Chris Hanson from Dateline. He seemed to be waiting for someone. (Isn't he always?) We were all about famished, cause you know, once you start feeding the monster, he requires regular feedings. So we went to the restaurant by the ice skating rink. Again, our meal was delish. I can't complain about New York food! We decided after lunch to go to the Top of the Rock....the top of Rockefeller Center....that is what they call it. Wow! What a view. It was clear skies by then and we could see the whole city and then some. We had a beautiful view of Central Park. The wind was blowing like crazy and the rats nest was getting some serious tangles in it. We decided we wanted to walk down to the park. So after a nice walk looking and drooling and just being amazed by it all, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and our Broadway play. We ate at an Italian Restaurant named Carmines. It was some kind of busy, but we had reservations so we walked right in to our table. The meals are served family style, where you pass around the entrees, and we pigged out. And then it was time for dessert. Elaine and John had been there before, so they knew what dessert to order. The "Titanic" is one massive dessert and I felt like I was a sinking ship when we waddled out of there. I was pretty miserable. We headed over to Broadway to our play, "The Drowsy Chaperon" which was wonderful. We were thoroughly entertained. They did a wonderful job. The only "famous" person in it that I recognized was JoAnne Worley, from Laugh In. She did a good job and looked good. She has to be at least 100 years old, doesn't she? Afterwards, we were all tired from a full day of entertainment and from walking miles and miles and so we headed back to the hotel. We all slept really well.

Saturday, we met in the lobby and headed off for breakfast. And again it was delish! We had wisely decided that the men and the women would split up. We had some serious shopping to do and of course the men did not have that on their list of things to do. We headed to Macy's and it is a sight to see. A big, big store with lots and lots of shoes, among other things! Next we went to H & M. I know some girls that would have had a wonderful time in there. Next we went to Mrs. Fields cookies and got a cold drink and come cookies because the monster needed a snack. Remember, once to start feeding him, you have to continue.... I had gone to New York with a huge request (demand) from bring her back a fake designer purse. So Callie knew just where to take us....Canal Street. I have never in my life seen anything like it! There are these little shops that are open to the sidewalk with fake designer purses after purses after purses! And of course, we had to look in every store. Then we found out that supposedly the "good stuff" was in the backrooms. You had to wait in line to squeeze through this little door to a supposedly "hidden" illegal and unventilated room to get the best purses. Of course you are packed like sardines in there with 25 other women haggling with the sales girl over supposedly designer purses. Julianne wanted a Louis Vitton bag. We looked and looked, then a scary gentleman held out this laminated sheet with Louis Vitton bags on it and told me to pick one out and he would go get it and bring it to me. So I grabbed Callie and told her not to leave me and we waited for probably 5 minutes and sure enough he came back holding a black plastic garbage bag with the two purses I had picked out in it. I swear it was like a spy movie. He said to just look at it and see if it was was what I wanted and it was! So we haggled with him (crack head secret agent purse man) and I made my purchase. Of course I made alot of other purchases and by the time we left, I was haggling really well. Callie and I went into one back room that went down some steps, under the low support beams of the building and around the corner. The floor was dirt! I wonder if they have looked for Jimmy Hoffa down there? Maybe I should tell the Secret Agent........ I was laughing so hard by the time we left there. Of course these people take cash only, so when I had gone through all mine AND Virginia's AND Callie's, it was time to go. I am dieing to go back! And I will go with a list next time....and more cash! (or friends with more cash!) We HAD to go back to the hotel because moi had so many bags that everyone had to carry them and they were killing us. So back we went. The guys, who were having a great time on their own, called to let us know they would just meet us for dinner at the China Grill. Yum Yum The monster was happy. Another great meal. New York has a wonderful food. Next we got on the subway and headed to Greenwich Village where Callie lives. We walked down Bleeker street and headed for the Magnolia Bakery. It was made famous by "Sex and the City" and for having absolutely fabulous cupcakes among other delish desserts. The line to get in was stretched around the front of the store and down the side street. IT WAS 10:30 AT NIGHT!!!!! So we waited in line. We were getting close and suddenly Callie said, "There's Matt Dillon." Now if you can't place him, you are probably too old......But he was cute and was just nonchalantly walking down the street. Soon we got to go in and got our cupcakes. Oh. My. Gosh. The butter cream frosting is sinful. After we had a cupcake, I closed up the box and then tied up the plastic bag to try and keep it fresh for Julianne and I could still smell the icing. I got the recipe off the Internet and I am going to make some at Thanksgiving. It is so rich you really can only eat one. Trust me. I ate two Sunday night and thought I was going to throw up for about an hour! We then headed back to the hotel. I had to take Advil because my legs where hurting so bad from walking some much I couldn't sleep. I am pretty sure we must have walked a thousand miles. At least a thousand. You can trust me.

Sunday morning we leisurely woke up and got ready. We had said goodbye to everyone the night before because they were leaving for the airport earlier than we were. We went ahead and checked out and had them hold our luggage. We ate in the restaurant downstairs and again it was delish. Just wonderful! Callie was hanging out in her parents room until her late check out time so she came down to say goodbye again. We tried to get her to eat, but obviously her monster was still asleep! So after a chat and hug, she went back upstairs to catch a few zzzz's. Being a Tour Guide is tiring! We decided to take a quick walk down by the river walk and picked us out a couple of building we wanted to live in. Of course picked out a few in Greenwich Village too! I was sad to leave the hotel because that meant that our wonderful weekend in New York was over.

I think Dick had just as good a time as I did. Getting away from work and getting it off his mind is just what he had been needing. We are both ready to move there for a little while and just experience it all. Even he said it would be fun. I am ready........

I am going to try and post some pictures.....bear with me. If I think of anything I left out, I will let you know. Tootles!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Due to the fact that Frannycakes is New York tired, she is unable to blog about her absolutely fantastic trip to New York City. She will hopefully be able to post some pictures and stories from the trip tomorrow. She appreciates your understanding. She is in some pain because she did more walking and climbing stairs than she has ever done in her life. She is excited about posting about the trip.....and being able to walk again.....hopefully......


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Frannycakes and Dick Dick

My parentals took this picture of me and Dick Dick with the Rangeley Lake region in the background. Pictures just don't do the colors and the beauty of the area justice.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Linley Shea!!!!!!! We hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Darling Yellow Jacket

Isn't she the cutest little yellow jacket you've ever seen?

Monday, October 1, 2007

We had a wonderful time in Lexington! This visit was so different from our visit back in July. We were able to relax and enjoy being with Jamie and Lesley. And our new grandbaby, Grace Darling. Did you not know that I have a new grandbaby? Well, I do! She weighs 1 pound and has white fur and is full of energy! You really must go to Jamie's blog and read about their new family member. She is so playful and into everything. I have never seen such a teeny tiny puppy go so fast up stairs! And she would head in that direction in a heartbeat. She really is sweet!

Jamie and Lesley's townhouse is so cute. Lesley has added a much needed feminine touch to it. They are a busy couple. School keeps her busy and work keeps him busy. Things seem to be going really well!

We had dinner over at Lesley's parents house Friday night. John is a great cook! He cooked the entire meal and it was delicious! They are great hosts.

Lesley's brother John came back from Iraq on Sunday. We are all thankful he is home. Originally, he was supposed to come in Friday and we were going to be able to attend the homecoming. But as things progressed, it was Sunday after we left that he arrived. Now if everyone could be back home with their families.

Saturday night, Jamie, Lesley, Dick and I travelled to Mason, OH to Merwin and Shirley Moores' sons wedding. It was beautiful and the bride and groom looked very happy. We had a wonderful time visiting with old friends. Lesley introduced her new mother-in-law to some tasty new drinks. We thoroughly enjoyed the open bar! Unfortunately, we had to leave early because we had an almost 2 hour drive back to Lexington and had to get up early to drive to Louisville for our flight back to Maine.

Dick and I cut the grass once we got back home. I had attempted to cut it last Wednesday. I was about halfway finished when a crazy rain store blew up. The wind was blowing hard and it was pouring. It never did ease up, so I was not able to finish it before leaving for Lexington. We had asked Julianne to cut the back but she swore she was not able to make it work.

I have been washing clothes all day. My parentals are coming on Thursday! I can't wait. Wednesday we have meetings in Orono at the main campus of the University of Maine until 11 AM. Then I will go into a complete panic about cleaning the house and having it ready. Just kidding Mom and Dad! No really, but don't worry about it. I need to feel that panic everynow and then to do any good cleaning!

I hear the buzzer on the dryer so I guess I need to go and fold me so clothes!

I will talk to you later.....Tootles!