Wednesday, January 31, 2007

In Memory

Please mark today on your calendar. It is a sad day. I am officially in mourning. My second favorite show. "Reba", was cancelled today. It would be nice if another network would realize the value of this program and pick it up. I am still in mourning until an undetermined time.......I will probably have to consult my personal physician....

I guess it was my dark mood that caused me to lose my mind today. I made a quick run to Wally World and passing the beauty aisle, I remembered something that had crossed my mind earlier in the day. You see, I am not as young as most of you think. HeHeHeHe And as some of you know (and some of you are already experiencing), as a woman gets to a certain age, sometimes a few dark hairs start to grow on the face where it shouldn't. Now I have been using my tweezers religiously. But somehow some of the "dark hairs" only appear when I am in the car and catch a glimpse of my, lets just say, space between nose and lip. It is shocking. Well, I decided that I would try waxing it. Now I have never waxed anything before. And I mean anything. So I really didn't know what to expect, but I figured people do it all the time so why can't I. I should have heard the warning bell or saw the little red light go on. That is my problem..........I NEED BIG SIGNS! It really was not as painful as I had imagined. I can probably manage to have it done again. I just hope the skin on right side of my lip grows back before the party for Jamie and Lesley.....And the hickey by my right eyebrow goes away.......I kind of feel like I have been in an accident....of STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!!!

Dick will be coming in from Memphis around 11:30 tonight. I will be glad to have him home. He hates traveling so I know the feeling is mutual.

Talk to you tomorrow.....Tootles!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a great day! It has been a wonderful day! It has been a fabulous day! Chris called me today to tell me that he received his acceptance into NC State! It has been a long time coming.........from no fault of his own. Chris we have told you before....we are very proud of you!

I needed to go to Portland today, but I woke up feeling like I should hang around the house. It looked like we were breeding dust bunnies around here. Of course I came downstairs with one first cup of coffee. I got my clean mug out of the dishwasher, opened two splenda packets, put it in the mug and poured in the coffee. Barely being able to walk, I shuffled over to the recliner to read my email and news..............UGH.............the coffee was barely warm. I had too get back up, shuffle to the microwave, then went to turn the coffee maker back on to warm up the coffee. Well, it was on....and turned up high. My coffee maker had gone to Jesus. It is always a sad day for us when this happens as Dick and I are extremely addicted to coffee. Unfortunately, there is a very short mourning period as we have to go and replace it immediately! So tonight, I went to the Walmart to make that all important decision as to what coffee maker to purchase. It's hard! We are spoiled and the model we get has to be programmable. It has to be waiting on me when I come down the stairs. So finally, I settled on another Mr. Coffee, with a little stainless steel on it to match the other appliances. Oh joy....I am not a fan of stainless steel. Give me some good white appliances any day.

While at the Walmart, I had to pick up some birthday cards. Is it just me or have the card companies run out of funny cute cards? I read some of the stupidest cards ever. This was the third store I had gone to looking for a card for my daddy's birthday. (You didn't read that Daddy!) Anyway, all I can say is the thought is better than the card!

Before going to "town", I vacuumed the bunnies and dusted. It had been a while since I had done this and the house really needed it. Thankfully this house is nowhere near as dusty as our house in North Carolina. I think Weezie was expecting company to walk through the door..........

I just made Dick's flight reservation for the trip to Georgetown. He is flying down for Jamie and Lesley's party and then driving home with me. Lately whenever we go for a trip and he is driving, it is like a sleeping pill for me. I cannot stay awake. And I don't expect this trip to be any different.

I talked to Lesley today and she is busy busy working on wedding stuff. I have some things that I have to get on tomorrow. I can't wait for July!

That about does it for my to you tomorrow......Tootles!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Big Head Fred

No....I have not lost my mind. (Never had one to begin with...ha ha) Not long after I started my blog, I wrote about trying to find a comforter to match my wall color in our bedroom. The next day, I got an anonymous comment from someone saying that they had once had the same problem and they dyed a comforter to match AND painted their carpet. PAINTED THEIR CARPET???????????????? What? They even said it made cleaning easier, they could just sweep it. Well, this was a strange person. And it made me feel uneasy enough that I stopped the could only read, not comment. Then a couple of people asked me to open the comments back I did. Well......this weekend, I got the following comment from someone by the name of "BigHeadFred411":

Hello Frannycakes! I have been reading your blog long enough, that I feel like I know you well. I have previously been posting as "anonymous". I usually do that when I comment on peoples blogs until I get to know them better. Also I see now that someone else is posting as "anonymous" and I didn't want you to be confused about who it really is. Just to clarify, I am the poster with the tip about the motor oil, the suggestion about dying the comforter and painting the carpet, and also letting you konw about the best workout song in the world. I am also the person who is extremely fond of your beautiful toenails. I am Fred. I am a 57 year old male. I enjoy photography, hiking and making new freinds on the internet. I am also a third level master origami-ist (yeah, paper folding). I don't have a blog of my own yet, (maybe someday I will, I am already inspired by you) but I will continued to share more about myself in the comments I post to your blog. You are one of the most interesting reads I have each day! I anxiously await your next post! Good night my dear.

The workout song "Big Head" suggested was "You Light Up my Life" by Debby Boone. Just for your information, I have not downloaded that for my workouts! Back to the story.....I deleted this post from my blog and started worrying....this guy is creeping me out! I worried about this for two nights. This morning, I got my coffee, logged on and "Big Head" has commented again:

Oh Frannycakes, oh Frannycakes. Why oh why did you delete my last comment. I spent a lot of time typing that. I hope it was just done by mistake. I only want to be internet friends. Believe me, I am truly harmless.

I am on my way to the library to do some RRR (reading, research, and relaxation). I will check back with you later to see what you are up to. I look forward to your next blog entry.

Until then.....

Okay....are you creeped out yet? Well, I immediately went to blogger controls, made the blog private and proceeded to enter everyone's email that I would allow to see the blog. I invited some people who originally had not been given blog information and gave people who had been visiting the information they needed so they could log in to view it. All that took me forever. After the last address got typed in and I pressed send, my cell phone rang. It was BigHeadFred411! He was my brother Tommy! He was my stalker!

After worrying about the for the past two days, I was so relieved that I did not have a stalker, I started to laugh. It really is funny and I can just see him making up his profile and plotting to get me. Well folks.....this is where you come in. Payback is hell........and I need some suggestions from you.....I already have some ideas..........very loud presents from Aunt Fran to the Prince and Princess. Very loud!!!! I will keep the ideas to myself...for now.

So now you know the story of Big Head Fred. Tomorrow I will be back to business as usual.........whatever that is!

In case you were wondering why I posted a band-aid, it is for "Big Head" next time I see him!

Talk to you tomorrow.....Tootles!


I apologize for the quality of the pictures I have been posting. I can say without doubt that the subjects of my posting are of high quality! But back to the apology.....I am working on it and if anyone out there in blog land has any suggestions.......PLEASE LET ME KNOW!


Sunday, January 28, 2007


Tonight as I was flipping through the channels trying to find something worth watching, I stumbled onto the Screen Actors Guild Awards. And they just confirmed what I have have been suspecting all along.....Grey's Anatomy is the best! "Bailey" won best actress. And of course my personal physician is on this award winning show. Just in case you forgot.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cotton Candy

Ever since I can remember, I have loved cotton candy. I used to hope that Santa Claus would bring me a cotton candy machine. Now I am not talking about a wimpy "toy" cotton candy machine..........I talking about the industrial strength kind like they have at the fair type. I could just see myself making cotton candy after cotton candy.......different colors every day. However, Santa Claus must have been running low on the specific type I was requesting because I never did get that cotton candy machine. Dick knows how much I love it. When I was about 6 months pregnant with Jamie, he took me to the Pavilion to get me some. He dropped me off since the traffic was so bad and went around the block to pick me back up. I figured we had driven 30 minutes to get there, so why chance wanting more and having to turn around and go back. So I bought 6 bags. And I probably could have eaten another 6. One Christmas, about 6 or 7 years ago, Dick bought me a toy hand held cotton candy maker. I tell you......I was so thrilled that he knew how much I had wanted one of those. And even though only the kids ever made any cotton candy with it, it was one of the best presents I have ever gotten. Of course, my parents have not forgotten my disappointment. This Christmas, in my present box, I had a package of it. I took it and hid it and after every one left to take their presents upstairs, I took it in the laundry room, opened it up and slowly ate every drop until it was all gone! Hmmmmmmm...........Hello....My name is Fran and I am a cotton candy addict..........

Dick and I went to find him a jacket today. We found one and then came home. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts and he got a hot chocolate and I had an orange Coolata. It is a slushy made with Tropicana Orange Juice with whipped cream on top......yum yum. When we got home, I got out the electric throw blanket and proceeded to stretch out on the couch. It was a glorious nap. Dick said he wanted BBQ for dinner, so we went back to town and ate. It was very good for up here. Tomorrow we are going riding to see some sights. Maybe we will see even more snow than we have here.

I think I have reported on everything for today.....Tootles!

Friday, January 26, 2007

It is Cold Outside and Inside!

Today has been the coldest we have experienced since being in Maine. Right now it is -2 degrees and supposed to get down to -16. And we have some wicked wind going on. When it is that cold outside, it is just plain hard to keep the house warm inside. In addition to our normal heat, we have a wood stove in the basement that has been going full blast for the past few days. Normally, it would be so hot in our den that we would have to open the door to let out the heat so you could breathe. Not today. Right now I have on my sexy flannel pj's, socks, slippers, an electric throw blanket and another blanket on me. And my feet are still cold. I put my controller on the electric blanket in our room on high.....just so I know it will be warm when I get up there. But right now I am concerned about writing my blog. See what I do for you?

This morning I went through my usual morning, tv, computer. Before coming downstairs, I stripped the bed and brought down the sheets and washed them. Good start to my day. After the ritual, I went and had my shower.
then I took all the dirty clothes downstairs and loaded up the washer again. It seems like I just washed clothes! Do you ever feel like that? It is just me and Dick and I still feel like I am washing all the time. Anyway.......I decided to tackle my mounds of paperwork that was on the counter. I also had a small stack on the table that was beginning to collect dust and was getting on Dick's last nerve. He told me so. Therefore I decided today was the day to take care of this "mess". So I went through everything....threw away a lot.........sorted and clipped and stapled and put away in the file box. Are there papers on the counter? Maybe just a couple that I still have to do something with. Are there papers on the table? Heck no cause it was on my man's nerves. It was the very least I could do for him.

Tonight we went out to eat with my friend Tracey and her husband. We ate at the microbrewery that I have written about before. It was delish. That was my treat for the back to business.

I think that is about all from my to you tomorrow! Tootles!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Another Thursday Night

I thought everyone should have another look at my personal physician. Go ahead and take a second one......

This morning as I was enjoying my second cup of coffee while watching the "Today Show" and checking my email, I hear it. The sound of a chain saw. But I was not supposed to hear that sound until Friday morning. So I jumped up, ran to the front of the house, peeked around the curtain and sure enough, the chain saw man was here. Now keep in mind that I have on my sexy flannel pajamas. So I run upstairs, jump in the shower and put on my clothes. I dry my hair because it will FREEZE when I go outside to see the chain saw man. You see, it was 6 degrees outside. And curly hair don't do good FROZEN! I finished getting ready at record speed and went out to talk to him. Our weather forecast is for strong winds and very low temp's on Friday, so he decided to cut 'em today. I talked to the chain saw man for a while and he is a very nice man. Most of the people that I have met up here are very nice people. Unfortunately, they usually cannot understand me.

I left chain saw man to finish the yard while I went to Augusta. Tracey went with me. We did go to TJ Maxx....and Bed Bath & Beyond.....and the Christmas Shoppe.....and Kohls......and Olive Garden.....and Barnes & Noble.....and Sams. Whew! I am exhausted!

I was informed by someone Anonymously that yesterdays blog entry was pitiful. I hope I did better today. I aim to please.

On a serious note, the brother of my friend Jeannie (Love ya Jeannie!) is having by-pass surgery tomorrow. He had a heart attack on Wednesday. I know everyone who I gave my blog website to prays and knows the power of prayer. Please pray for Jeannie and her brother Wayne and their family. We all need to help each other out. Thank you.

To all you Greys fans.......OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Callie had better not break George's heart. I mean it. Now honestly, I could not care less if Christina breaks Burke's heart. But better not! is sexy flannel pj time.....Tootles!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Today, I had the honor to speak with "the consumer" on the phone. Unfortunately, "the consumer" is not technologically inclined. Not too long ago, she was unable to check her messages on her cell phone. The computer is still a challenge. I mentioned to her that she was in my blog. I told her about the story of her acrylic toenails. She insisted that I let everyone know that her acrylic nails did not look freakish like the picture posted below. They actually looked very nice and natural. Feel better? Then, she proceeded to sing "I'm too sexy for my toes, too sexy....." Enough said.

I reserved a beach house for the weekend of the party. Now I just need to decide when I am leaving. I plan to go to Raleigh and spend the weekend with my children. Yes....that includes Linley and Nathan if they would like to be there. Weezie will be coming also. She said she is ready to sniff some North Carolina air. Me too!

Tomorrow may bring a trip to Sams. And T J Maxx. And Panera Bread.

I will try to do better tomorrow. Tootles!

Thought for the Day

Life isn't like a box of chocolates's more like a jar of jalapenos. What you do today might burn your butt tomorrow.

I wish I could give credit to the person who wrote this. It is funny and so many ways! It also reminds me of an ongoing joke in my family......


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another Day in Paradise

My day started early. (I can see Dick rolling his eyes.) I had an 8:00 dental appointment. Last Wednesday night, a molar of mine began Morse code. Morse code you ask. Yes, in the form of little shocks at first, then throbbing. So I called the dentist and of course they could not see me until today. I took some Tylenol Thursday morning and around 4 that afternoon, it stopped as fast as it started. Thankfully I did not have to go through the weekend in pain. Looks like a root canal is in my future. The molar is cracked in 4 places. I am really looking forward to it. HA!

Dick's secretary really made out today. I took her chili and vegetable beef soup for her freezer and chicken pot pie, salad and cheese bread for their dinner. Tracy carried three different frozen dinners, cookies and a pie. We had a nice visit with her and promised to return and get her out of the house in a couple of weeks. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy about 10 days ago. She has an amazing attitude about it all. She will start chemo next month. And her prognosis is good. Thank goodness.

Everything is still very white. It is really beautiful. I wish everyone could be here to see it. Until tomorrow......Tootles!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Back to Business......

Thank you to everyone who was worried about my bad mood. Actually that had nothing to do with me not posting yesterday. You see, I sat down last night and wrote a nice long post and guess what? Somehow I deleted it and I just got so ticked off that I just put down the 'puter and went to bed. No more bad mood since Saturday, thank goodness.

Okay, let's recap. Sunday Dick and I went grocery shopping. I have to admit that I have kind of enjoyed him going with me. The first time we went together to the grocery store after I finally moved up here, just the two of us, I thought I was going to have a hissy fit. He was telling me that we were going to cook this and have that and I needed to do this and what to cook with what and when and how......well.......after being in NC alone doing everything my way for 8 months this was hard for me to take. I mean, I was able to make the decisions about cooking and food. Then I realized that he had had to take care of all of this for himself during that time. So we eventually got our roles back in place. So I do like going to the grocery store with

Dick watched the football games while I cooked. I am ready for football season to be over with. Since we got our new TV, it seems like it is the only thing we watch. I made some soup and froze it and boiled chicken and de-boned it. Dick's secretary had surgery a week ago and I am going with Tracey to take her some food Tuesday. We are both taking some things we have put in the freezer so she can take it out when she needs it.

The snow has started again! I love it! Really I do! Sunday, Dick shoveled off the back porch. Right now it is covered again. We are supposed to get about 3 inches. Since the temperature has not been above freezing for the past week, we still have all the snow from last week. It is so pretty outside.

I have been thinking a lot about the wedding lately. Some very special people in Georgetown and Pawleys are giving Jamie and Lesley a party in February. I don't think I will ever be able to let them know how much I appreciate them doing this. Tomorrow I have to make a decision on a beach house to rent for the weekend. With all our kids and their boyfriend, girlfriend, and fiance, plus some other family members, we will come out better renting a house rather than renting hotel rooms. Plus, I can feed everyone at the beach house. It will be fun having everyone together again.

A quick note about my "diet". As of this morning, I have lost 9.5 lbs. Slow and steady. I am still contemplating rejoining Wuh Wuh. But for right now I am doing fine. I have not been on the elliptical in a few days, but plan to resume the pain tomorrow. Wish me well.

Tonight I talked on the phone with my favorite High School Principal. She sounded great and it made me miss being near my friends. I talked with my favorite retired math teacher on IM and harassed her horribly for not responding to me. She had ignored me because she was watching the television. Now when she told me that it really didn't sink in until now.......just a few short years ago she didn't even watch TV. What bad influences we have been on you retired math teacher!

The picture I posted today reminded me of a dear friend of yours and mine. I will call her "the consumer". Well, "the consumer" was born without normal toenails on her big toes. Not that they are freakish; they are just very small. Well, one summer as we are lounging in our chairs on the beach our eyes just happen to catch a glimpse of TOENAILS like have never been seen on those feet before!!!! "The consumer" had gone to her manicurist and had acrylic nails put on her big toes!!!!! I couldn't resist this picture when I saw it. I have already sent it to several friends with "the consumers" name attached to it. "Consumer" know I love ya!

I hope I am able to remember all these code names I have assigned to protect the innocent. Until next time.....Tootles!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday Blahs

I warned you. I knew it was gonna happen. It was inevitable. I am in a bad, sad mood. I just want to go upstairs and turn on the electic blanket and crawl right in. Pull the covers up. Adios. But I won't cause I will feel just that much worse.

Dick and I went to Augusta today. We had lunch at a BBQ place there. It was pretty good. Of course, the first thing we hear when we get there is "You're not from around here are you?" Do you think it was Dick's voice.....OR MINE? Then we went to Barnes & Noble. Dick had a book he needed for work. I just looked around. We got Jamie a couple of books about job hunting. Anybody out there know anybody in Lexington that can get my sweet boy a job? I found some Christmas cards like the ones we send out that were marked down 75%. So we got those too. I went into Michaels next door and Dick went to the car. Dick had been very sweet and dropped me off at the door at Barnes and Noble when we got there. So when I left Michaels, I could not find the car. My cell phone was in the car with Dick. So I couldn't call him. It was 26 degrees with winds up to 50 mph. I felt like the skin on my face was almost frozen. I have never felt anything like it before. Finally I found him sitting in the car.

As I said before, the wind is blowing! Right now, it is 10 degrees with a wind chill of 6 below zero. The wind is blowing the snow into drifts and it is covering the road to our house. The plows came down earlier. If Weezie didn't want a treat so bad, I don't think she would go out at all.

I am gonna go so I can be sad by myself.....I will be better later....Tootles

Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Nathan! Hope you have a great day!

Winter Storm Warning

Here we go again! We are under a winter storm warning. The snow is supposed to start late tonight and continue until tomorrow night. I wonder if I will be inspired to do any cleaning? Today in Portland, I saw an 8 Ball. You know...those black balls that you shake and turn over and the answer to your question appears. Well, I think I need to get one of those to answer life's questions. Just think, everyday, I could ask 8 Ball if I should vacuumn, if I should eat a whole box of Wuh Wuh ice cream bars or if I should take a nap. It could take alot of anxiety out of my life.

As I have already said, I went to Portland with my Maine friend Tracey. Before we went there, we stopped off in Freeport to return some things that I had bought for Christmas that was the wrong size. I wanted to wait till the holiday crowds "had left the building". While the line was no where near as long as it was immediately after Christmas, there were still some people returning things with the same idea that I had. LL Bean is a first class operation and if you have never been able to go to their store in Freeport, come visit and we will take you so you can see for yourself.

I took the duvet cover and shams back to Pottery Barn. The gentleman who checked me out told me to go look at another print they had.....maybe that would work. He talked me into buying a sham to see if it matches. I tried it and I don't think it will, but I will put it back on the bed tomorrow to see how I like it..... We went to several different stores to see if there was anything else that might possibly work....didn't see a thing.

Grey's Anatomy is on right now. I have gotten where I can type and watch TV at the same time. And think about what I am typing while processing what the show is about. I think "George" is the cutest thing. And of course my "personal" physician, Patrick Dempsey. Just so you know. Back to the typing while watching you think that qualifies me for like....Genuis? Or Gifted? Or is it just "Special"?

Grey's is calling for my full attention.....Tootles!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Doris!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Doris!!!! I hope you have a great day! Remember, Birthdays are good for you! Statistics show that people who have the most live the longest!!!!


The thermometer reads -3!!!!!! It has been a cold day. I did get out today....but not to Portland. I took some packages to the post office to mail. The kids left some stuff and I had to mail a couple of Christmas packages. So GaGa and Grandaddy and Gran Gran will be getting a package soon too! These were present from Jamie and Lesley to you. I apologize for taking so long sending them. Once you get out of our neighborhood, the roads are clear.....but getting down (or up!) our little hill then going down the big hill was interesting. Everything is so pretty and white. They are predicting more snow Friday. I can't wait.....really!

Dick is eating out tonight and I am heating up some leftovers. I worked out again on the elliptical and the ipod is working. I am thinking about going back to Wuh Wuh. In case you don't know what that is Weight Watchers. It is really the best place to go for weight loss and the best and easiest plan. If there is an easiest plan.

I think that is about all that is going on in my exciting life....if I think of anything else you can be sure I will be back!



The temperature outside at 10 am this morning is -4. According the, our wind chill factor is -17.

Be back later.....Tootles!


During Christmas holidays when we took the kids skiing, I noticed something different about snowflakes "up north". You know....yankee snowflakes! They really do look like the paper ones we cut out as kids. You can see each one coming down and when they land on your clothes, they continue to look that way. They are beautiful. I found the picture above an another blog and went to the website listed below the picture. I wanted to get permission to use the picture.....don't want to get in trouble with my blog. It is a very interesting site. The U. S. Postal Service is selling stamps now that have this gentleman's photographs on them. I have a book in my purse right now! So go take a look.

We finished with our snow sometime last night. (Monday night) It looks like a winter wonderland outside. I think we got about 5 inches. Today, I worked upstairs in our closet. I organized and removed things we did not use. I have a box to go to Goodwill tomorrow. It feels good to have a cleaned out closet. I need to get out of the house tomorrow so I think I may ride to Portland and return the duvet cover and shams I bought from Pottery Barn. I have looked at it and looked at it and I just don't think I love it. So back it goes. I WANT TO FIND SOMETHING THAT MATCHES THE PAINT!!!!! I will look around while I am down there.

Dick was very tired when he came home tonight. He didn't even exercise. Now that means he is tired. He has gone on to bed. I think I found something that helps me go longer on the Ipod. I have got to pick me out some song that I think have a good fast beat to work out to. I will let you know if it continues to help. If you have any good songs to exercise to, let me know.

I hope everyone is doing well.....I love you all...Tootles!

Monday, January 15, 2007


Yes, in case you didn't get my "drift" in the title, it is snowing! It is beautiful outside. I would go outside and play but it is cold. And I don't like to be cold. For some reason, this cold snowy day has made me want to do some cleaning and organizing. I fought the urge first thing this morning, but have succumbed. I like to say that when that rarely occurring urge hits me, I better take it. I was going to wait to take a bath till later this afternoon after I finish but decided that probably was not a good idea. If the power goes out, the house comes to a standstill, including the well pump. Of course, that can be remedied by hooking up the generator (and will have to be done!) but I don't want to have to worry about showering when I am operating heavy equipment! Did you get the "drift" of that?

As I was showering, I decided that I needed to inform all my friends and family that read this of something fabulous that I have discovered! Wintertime is always a dry skin time. And it is even more of a problem up here. Johnson's Baby Oil Gel is the answer! You use it in the shower after you have bathed and shampooed. Put some in your palm, coat both hands and put on your arms and elbows. Then put more in your palm, coat both hands and rub on your legs and feet. The best part of it is that you will notice your hands are always moisturized and you aren't getting hang nails! The cuticles are happy! I forgot to add that when you dry off, do not rub your skin, gently blot and dry it. Let me know if you try it and what you think. Your welcome.

I will be back later today for a new update. I think I hear the snow plow....Gotta go! Tootles!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Last Drops of the Weekend

It has been a few days since I have posted and I apologize to anyone who regularly checks in on me. Friday I went to Target with a friend. Actually my only friend here. The closest Target is about 30 minutes from here. I am still not happy with our bedroom. I found a comforter and pillow shams at TJ Maxx when we first moved here. It is not really what I wanted but it takes me a while to figure out what I want. The bedroom is painted a blue, almost periwinkle blue. I have not had blue in a bedroom in a very long time. So I guess it boils down to the fact that I can't figure out if I want to keep the blue or paint over it. Anyone who knows me knows that I want to take the easy way a bed set that matches the walls! But I can't find anything I like!!!!!!!!! I had seen something on the Target website that I thought might work. But when I checked the store, I didn't see it there. Bummer! I know that there is something out there.....and the way to guarantee that I find it is to paint the walls!

We spent Saturday getting things ready for the "winter weather" that we are supposed to get. We really have everything we might need. Dick went and got gas for the generator. We both rode to get a few groceries....not for the weather, but just for food! We met a couple for dinner and a play at a local college. We had a very good dinner, even though the waitress messed up one of our orders. We saw "Fiddler on the Roof". I have never seen it and they did a wonderful job. Hopefully, we will be able to see more of the plays they put on.

We woke to snow this morning. I had a hard time waking up. But I finally got up and going. We went to visit Dick's secretary in the hospital. We almost missed her! They were letting her out today! We stopped afterwards at a micro-brewery and had a beer and burger and watched the football game. Lunch was good! We were both so sleepy on the way home so I knew a nap was a possibility. Our house seemed cold so we turned up the heat some. Dick reclined in the recliner and I decided to go upstairs. The I remembered that I had put the electric blanket on the bed Friday!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!! I turned it to HIGH and got in. Three hours later I got up. That was some good sleeping. If the power goes out tomorrow, I may have to run an extention cord from the electic blanket to the generator!

Our weather forecast is for lots of snow. I will let you know how much we get tomorrow. Maybe even a picture or two.

Until then.....Tootles!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I finally finished restoring the upstairs to its pre-Christmas condition. I made up the beds and dusted. The vacuuming had been done a few days ago. Now, I just need to go to the basement to clean up the exercise room. There are some blankets and heavens knows what else still down there. It feels good to get most of this done.

I talked to Vickie in Italy today. Hey Vickie!!!!! It seems strange that someone in Italy could be reading my blog. Dick and I trying to fit in a trip over there before they come back to the states. I am kind of bummed that the volcano won't be "blowing". But I am sure there will be lots of other things to see.

I talked to all the kids........Jamie is still job searching.....Chris is doing well, studying and trying to get things lined up to move over the NC State full time in the fall and Julianne seems to be starting her semester out right. She is exercising in the morning before classes and has gotten things organized.

Dick and I are going out with another couple this weekend. We are going out to eat and see "Fiddler on the Roof" that is being put on by a college in Farmington. The couple we are going with are so fun to be around, so I know we will have a good time. Mom....You remember Ellen.....we are going with her and Steve. So I am looking forward to that.

The weather here today was in the low 20's. I didn't even leave the house! Weezie did not want to go out. We are supposed to get snow Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This could be a big one........that prediction is from me, not the weather service!

Tonight was my favorite night on TV. Greys Anatomy!!!!! We had a new episode on, which was a treat. Greys is now on Lifetime at 11 PM. Fortunately for me, I have the seasons on DVD, so I can watch anytime I want. Did you know that Patrick Dempsey is from the town/area that we live in. I wonder if he would come visit the next time he is in town. You know....a house call????

I seem to be rambling so I guess it is time to go.....Tootles!

I got on the scales this morning and have lost 5 lbs! Yeah, Yeah, I's just water weight but I will take what I can get and what I have is 5 lbs. less body! I think getting off sugar is the hardest thing for me. I do love me some sweets. I could probably eat just sweets and be happy. I decided to post a picture of me after I weighed in!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Let The Starving Begin!!!!

Well boys and girls, the diet has begun. I started this morning........even had a small workout this afternoon. I have decided that I will do several different workouts on the eliptical a day. I just cannot go for very long at a time. Hopefully, I will be able to raise my time. That is a little discouraging not to mention painful. I can report that the diet was not painful today. No bad mood to report, yet.

I am feeling a little lonely today. Even though I have enjoyed the peace and is lonely. Tomorrow is the first day of classes at NC State......Good Luck Chris and Julianne..........I will be thinking of you! Jamie is eagerly looking for a job....Keep at it Jamie, you will find the right one! Linley, thanks for all your comments on the blog! You brighten my day...I can always count on you. Good Luck tomorrow too! Nathan......Good Luck at that "other school"!!!!! Lesley, keep up the good work! You will be a great doctor.

I think tonight is my message blog! Here's more: Mom and Dad....I love yall...come back up for a visit! Tommy & Doris....sorry we missed seeing yall at Christmas...give those babies a hug and kiss from their Aunt Fran.....Gran Gran & Debbie....wish I could help yall with the moving...been there, done that.....Vickie & Delma....I wish we were there!

And last but not least.....Elaine and John John....Virginia & Henry....Come back to Maine. I know you are all ready for another ride in the "Van". I will tell Dick to start warming it up!!! me girl...I miss brighten my day with your emails...I miss you!!! I think that may be all that I sent my blog info to....Anyway...I miss you ALL!

I am posting a picture of Weezie. She is asleep on her bed snoring and growling at something in a dream. That is funny because she hardly ever growls. Dick is teaching her to growl at Golfers. Of course we don't have any golfers out there right now, but she had picked up on it really well when they were out. She occasionally mistakes a falling leaf for a golfer......

Gotta go my friends and Family....I love you all! Tootles!

Trials of a Criminal Beach Bunny

Yesterday, I started the monumental job of putting the house back in order from the holidays. I started by stripping the beds and washing sheets and towels. Of course I had alot of things in the two bedrooms to pick up and throw away or put where it belonged. Somehow, my children have not learned this during the years that I was raising them at home. Okay.......I am not getting Mother of the Year. I am okay with that. There. I also vacuumed and mopped. Wow. That was a job. I still have to mop the hardwood floors in my bedroom and bath. Even with a rug by the back door, the floors in the kitchen get so dirty with Weezie coming in with her paws wet from snow or just rain. Just the joys of having a furry four legged friend. She really is cute when she comes in with snow stuck around her face.

Today I have to send a $15 money order to get a copy of my marriage certificate. I cannot put my hands on ours.........I am sure Dick is wondering if somehow he is not legally married to me and can somehow get out of our "comedy". Well bud, we are. Sorry. However, one of those states that we lived in, Louisiana, screwed up my drivers license. The lady typed in my first name, middle name, and hyphenated my maiden name and married last name. I begged her to please not do that, but she told me she had no option. Well folks, it has finally caught up with me......I now a criminal.....a potential terrorist in the eyes of the law. My "alias" do not match up in the "big" computer. So, I have to start with the Social Security Administration. And they want to see my marriage certificate. Hopefully, they will be able to straighten this all out, but a little voice in me says that would be too damn easy. This will probably be a continuing drama that I will keep you updated on.

I talked with my bud Virginia yesterday.....she is so funny. She gave me the date of her beach house week and invited me. Of course, Elaine had already given me the date just in case Virginia did not invite me. I was gonna show up anyway. I love the house they rent. Note that I said "they". Henry is the producer and Virginia is the consumer! This is very important! Elaine's beach week is the next week, so we move from one the the other. Elaine's family has the most wonderful beach house. It is perfectly set up for families. There is nothing like being out on that porch looking at the beach. Of course, we seem to spend as much time sitting on the stools in the kitchen, waiting for the next big meal. There is some good eating going on there. I am looking forward to it ladies!

That is about all for now.....till next time.....Tootles!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Monday, Monday

We awoke this morning to snow. The snow/rain line was just south of us....just down the mountain. Just after we left the neighborhood, we saw a car upside down in the ditch. So we took it even more careful. It was not long till the snow turned to rain. We got to the airport with just a little time to spare. They got checked in and we walked with them to security. After they passed through, we left. Dick brought me home and then went on to work. I think they probably have even more snow than we got. They are flying in to Charlotte and don't have a very long layover, so I am eager to hear from them when they get there. Ju has to drive Nathan to get his car in Roanoke Rapids. His family is cooking them steaks tonight. Yum!

I am off to take a nap and will report back in later today.......Tootles!

Monday, Monday

We awoke this morning to snow. The snow/rain line was just south of us....just down the mountain. Just after we left the neighborhood, we saw a car upside down in the ditch. So we took it even more careful. It was not long till the snow turned to rain. We got to the airport with just a little time to spare. They got checked in and we walked with them to security. After they passed through, we left. Dick brought me home and then went on to work. I think they probably have even more snow than we got. They are flying in to Charlotte and don't have a very long layover, so I am eager to hear from them when they get there. Ju has to drive Nathan to get his car in Roanoke Rapids. His family is cooking them steaks tonight. Yum!

I am off to take a nap and will report back in later today.......Tootles!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Winter Storm Watch!

Wouldn't you know it.....we are supposed to get snow and rain and freezing temps tonight and tomorrow. Julianne and Nathan are flying back to Raleigh tomorrow at 8. So we will have to drive them to the airport very early in awful weather. I guess we will be leaving very very early. Just part of the thrills you get living up here! It will seem very strange here without any of the kiddies. I have really enjoyed Ju and Nathan these last few days. I have gotten a better chance to get to know Nathan and see why Julianne calls him her "Sweet Boy".

Chris and Linley are going to work out who gets to pick them up at the airport. I always feel better once I hear they are there. I think everyone is ready for school to begin. Chris is taking classes this semester at Wake Tech and NC State. He is so excited. Hopefully, next semester he will be at NC State only. We are very proud wherever he is!

Jamie is actively looking for a job. Please remember him in your prayers. Lesley is studying studying studying! I think they are ready for July.

It is time for me to go to bed. Gotta get up early! Tootles!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

I Am De-Decorated!!!!

The house looks bare. Actually, it looks like we have just moved in and don't have things where we want them. And do you know why it looks like that? BECAUSE WE DID JUST MOVE IN AND WE DON'T HAVE THINGS WHERE WE WANT THEM. Christmas decorations brighten up everything. Dick wanted to go driving around today. He had some waterfalls he wanted to show Ju and Nathan. He wanted me to go also, but I begged out. He was not happy with me, but I just didn't want to go. So while they were gone, I got boxes from the basement and proceeded to pack up the Christmas decorations. The part that took the longest was putting all of Julianne's Hallmark ornaments back in their orginal boxes. Aunt B has drilled me and drilled me about the importance of this. I wonder how many Christmas' it takes before Miss Julianne chunks the original boxes and throws them all in a plastic box marked "Christmas Decor". I realize the day is coming when her ornaments will go to her house and I will only have a few for my tree. I am on the lookout for ornaments that will stay with us. Everyone should have an Aunt B to decorate their tree!

The winds are a blowing here! I know I mention this alot, but the wind is crazy up here! We have a tree in the front yard that is pretty much dead and I am scared it is going to fall on the house. We have to wait till the ground freezes again to have it cut down. I can't wait. I just know it is going to land on me in bed one night.

I guess that is all for today......Tootles!

Friday, January 5, 2007


Today was kind of a boring day. I still have my head feels like it is full of SNOT! Well, that is what it feels wouldn't want me to start using big words like phlegm would you? You know how I like the works "snot" and "boogers". Two of my favorites...... Anyway, back to the story. I did some washing, and putting it away, picking up around the house and cooking dinner. That is about all. I sent Ju and Nathan to the movie again. Yes, I am evil. They went to see "Happily Neverafter". They said it was awful. So if you want to go see it, at least you have one critic's report.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures I posted. Since today's post is just snotty....hehehehe......I will post some more pictures to make up for it. I closed the comments section for a while.....maybe I will open back up in a couple of weeks. If you want to tell me something or make a comment, all you have to do is drop me an email!

That's all for now.......Tootles!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

32 Big Ones

I just crawled up the stairs from the basement so I could report to all who I promised I would about my new fitness plan. I was able to use my strenuous cleaning as my exercise yesterday. Today, I put on the "work-out" shoes and pants and made my way to the basement workout center. I worked on the bowflex for a short time then went to the elliptical machine. It looks like a fun, easy machine that makes losing fat so much fun. I got on figuring that I would limit myself to 30 minutes each day the first week. HAH!!!!! I am not going to humiliate myself completely by telling you how long (or little) I stayed on, but I will tell you that I burned a whole 32 big calories! 32! Tomorrow I promise to burn at least 40..........okay 50. I have to start somewhere!

Dick has a dinner meeting tonight and Ju and Nathan have gone to a movie and out to eat. I am ashamed to say that it is fabulous being here by myself. I am going to make a sandwich for dinner. Then I plan to go get some of the ornament boxes from the basement and start taking down the Christmas decorations. Weezie is ready for the decorations to come down. Every year, shortly after Christmas, she starts sneaking an ornament and chowing down. One year I had little clumps of red berries on the tree. It took me a while to figure out what the red clumps were in her "droppings". She has been sniffing the ornaments again so it is time.

Chris called today to say he still has the touch. He has such good luck. I find pennies....he finds $20 bills. Today he went to NC State to see why he had not been able to register for his classes online. Of course, since it is still Christmas holidays and they are not fully staffed, he had a hard time finding someone to help him. After talking to several different people and basically hitting dead ends, he came upon the head of the math department who opened up a closed math class for him. Then he found someone who figured out his online problems and got him in the other classes that he also needed. He seemed very pleased with himself when he called. He had a wonderful fall semester with wonderful grades and seems to be on the right road to success! Love ya Chris!

I guess that is about all that is happening in my about yours? Email and let me know. Tootles!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

It Is Quiet Around Here!!!!!

Chris and Linley left today. I drove them to the airport since it wasn't icy. I hated to see them go. We have really had a wonderful Christmas. I stopped off at the grocery store to pick up some milk and a couple of other things. Somehow I ended up with $92 worth of groceries! Dick and I made what seemed like every other day $100 trips to the grocery. These children are hungry!!!

Dick is working out at the basement fitness club. Ju and Nathan and I are watching Reba...........the funniest show on TV. I just know that Barbara Jean and I would be best friends. If you don't already watch it....START! Make it your New Years resolution and you can thank me for it later! You are welcome!!!!

I vacumned and cleaned and washed and put away and did lots of other strenuous activity which I hope can be used as my exercise today. Besides....I started with a cold and I feel like.........YUK! Do I sound like I might be getting in a bad mood yet? Just a little sensitive about the thought of dieting and exercise. But I will do it! Just wait and see!

Talk to you later......Tootles!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I Made a Boo Boo!

Last night while watching the Fiesta Bowl, I decided to check Chris and Linley's flight information and guess what? THEY DON'T LEAVE TODAY!!!!!!! They leave tomorrow! I can't even imagine Dick's reaction had he driven them to the airport this morning and found out their flights were tomorrow! I woke him up and informed him that he could go on to work. I just don't have any sense of what day it is when the holidays roll around.........who am I kidding.........I don't ever know what day it is! Ignorance is bliss! So we are going to shop today as soon as the kiddies get up. I guess I am going to have to go up and get everyone moving. It is above freezing (barely) and very very windy. We have a wind up here that is different from anywhere we have ever lived. And remember we have lived a few places. Come on up and experience it! The Jackson Hilton is always available. Tootles!

Monday, January 1, 2007

A New Year!

I can't believe I have to remember a new year to write on my checks. It seems like I just learned to put 2006. Of course, sometimes I write something totally off the 1999, but most of the time I am able to come within a year or two. Most of the time.

This was a special year having all the kids here for an extended time. And having their "friends" here has been alot of fun, for us and them. Jamie and Lesley left yesterday and Chris and Linley leave tomorrow. It will be quiet here with just Ju and Nathan. Today was supposed to be a "get out of the house cause we are going crazy" day but we woke up to freezing rain and freezing temperatures. So we stayed in the house one more day. Since tomorrow is supposed to be kind of a repeat of today, Dick will be driving the Chilluns to the airport. Tomorrow afternoon is supposed to warm up..........let the shopping begin. Or should I say..........looking begin. No shopping here.

After I finish here, we will be calling GAGA to wish her Happy Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAGA!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a good one!

Dick bought us a Bowflex and an eliptical trainer. Which brings me to my New Years Resolution! Since I have a wedding coming not me.....Jamie.............I intend to lose weight and get healthy. I am going to let everyone know each day how I am doing. So if some day I sound like I am in a bad mood, I can assure you I am. I will probably be on a bowflex commercial one day............HA! Happy New Year!!!!!! Tootles!