Friday, October 28, 2011

Public Service Announcement

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use a razor to shave off your stray eyebrow hair even if the hair is an inch long and appeared overnight.

You are welcome.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

Hey Yall!  After I posted yesterday, I realized that I had forgotten about some pictures that I took with my cell phone while we were at Jamie's.  Grace Darling, my grand-dog, has terrible allergies.  And when they are at their worst, she manages to pull out all the hair on her paws and lick them until there are sores.  Poor baby.  Lately her allergies have been flaring so she gets to wear her cone....which is something like a crown but not really.  It doesn't seem to bother her at all and has learned how to get around with it on.  In this pic she is wearing her halloween costume.  

                                                                      Grace Darling

I couldn't leave out a picture of Jamie relaxing on their fabulous sofa.  He's so cute.  I just want to squeeze his cheek.  I am his momma.  I can say that.

                                                                              James Jamie

I guess I need to go and check out my cell phone photos.  There is probably a few blog posts there just begging to be written...probably...


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jamie and Lesley and Kentucky

Hey Yall!  Long time no see!  Mr. Frannycakes and I took a trip to Kentucky last weekend to see Jamie and Lesley.  They moved during the summer to a town about an hour away from where they were living.  The town they are living in is so cute!  And we loved their house.  I'm sorry I don't have any pics from the inside!  I will do better the next time we are there.  They have a new sofa, a sectional, that Mr. Frannycakes and I lurved!  We have a sofa that is not long enough for us to lay down on and take a nap comfortably.  But they do.  We all watched the Georgia Tech football game.  I was laying down dozing.  Dick was laying down.  Jamie was laying down.   Leslie was making jewelry.  And there was still room left on the sofa!!!  Even with Grace Darling and Weezie on it!  We will definitely be getting us something like it in the future.  Can't wait.

Saturday night we had dinner with Leslie's parents who came over to visit and join us for a storytelling festival that Jamie and Lesley had planned for us to attend.  There were 5 or 6 storytellers that had been at this festival that started earlier in the week and we were attending the last performances.  There was a huge tent and it was filled with people.  It was wonderful and I am so glad we were able to go.  One of the storytellers went to the same college I did and was probably there one of the years I was.  It is a small world.  After all.  At least that is what I have heard....

I sure hated leaving them.  Living so far apart is the pits.  But we will be going back in December for Jamie's graduation.  Can't wait.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello.....My name is Frannycakes...

Hello...My name is Frannycakes...You might remember me from long, long ago when I pretended to post whitty tales of my exciting (cough, cough) though somewhat humdrum life.  I cannot be blamed for the entire time I have been away.  Blogger has had a problem and my blog was lucky enough to be one that would not work.  I make no promises.  But I will try and do better.  Try.

Have yall read The Help?  OMG!!!  It is so good!  I loved it.  I even talked Jamie into listening to it on tape.  He loves it.  And the movie is coming out soon...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

32 Years of Wedded Bliss.....Happy Anniversary Dick!

Happy Anniversary Dick!

Thirty two years seems like a really long time,
but after looking at these pictures, it was just yesterday,
wasn't it?

I love you!

 "What do you mean he's not a train engineer?"

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunny Florida

Hey Yall!  I guess by now no one reads Frannycakes any more.  I have been a horrible blogger.  So for those of you who actually still check once a month to see if anything has changed, you are in luck!  Mr. Frannycakes and I drove south to sunny Florida for a romantic getaway work meeting that he had scheduled.  While he slaved away in a meeting, I slaved away in a lounge chair at the pool.  It was glorious.  Our hotel was on the beach and there were lots of the wooden chairs with umbrellas set up.  Of course you have to actually pay for those.  And since I had no idea how long I would be out in the sun since my lilly whites haven't seen the sun since last summer, I decided I would play it safe cheap and lay by the pool.  There were two pools, one heated and one not.  The throngs of middle school age boys and their families that were there for a baseball tournament decided they desired warm water to swim in and left the unheated pool to the old biddies that were really only there to lay in the sun anyway.  I always dread going to lay out because there always seems to be a bunch of itty bitty bikinis and model figures laying around.  Well folks, it was a good day for me.  There were two similiarly voluptuous in a once piece and one who made us all look good in a bikini.  A BIKINI!!!!!  A good day!!!!!!

On Friday, Mr. Frannycakes and I headed down to the pool.   Ms. Bikini was no where to be seen and neither were the one piece girls.  A couple of  young girls were laying out with their 'kinis on.  I wanted to tell them enjoy it while they could. 

Our good time was cut short by work trouble, so we headed back to Savannah on Saturday.  We were supposed to go to spend the night with Chris and Linley and Maeby Shea.  Not being able to go there was a big disappointment. 

Gazing past my pedicure needy feet at the Tiki Bar dreaming of a diet coke on ice...

Mr. Frannycakes needs to spend some extry time in the sun......

Later gator....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pretty Flowers in a New Vase

Hey Yall!  Isn't this pretty?  I received this gorgeous vase from Beth and Elaine for my birthday.  Both of these ladies have one and I have been wanting one for a while.  I had even gone in search of one, unsuccessfully.  Yea!!!!  I am so excited!!!!

I had received some beautiful birthday flowers from Mr. Frannycakes so I took the arrangement apart and started filling in the holes.  It turned out gorgeous if I must say so myself.

Beth and Elaine told me to fill it with flowers and take a picture and place it on the blog.  They said they were sick of the wedding picture of me and Mr. Frannycakes that I had posted.  I have to say that these two are mightly bossy about my blog.  Mighty bossy!  Thanks girls, I love it!

We had some friends from Maine stay with us Thursday night.  They brought me flowers and they were beautiful too.  I felt like a florist around here.  I ended up putting them in the living room.  I love the lillies and roses.

Hope you all have had a great weekend!  Talk to you later!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day Dick!  I love you!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Christmas Pictures

Hey Yall! We had a great Christmas. Hope yours was the same. It was a different Christmas for sure. This year our married children spent Christmas day with their wives family. And we got them for New Years. So for Christmas day it was Julianne, Gran Gran, Mr. Frannycakes and me. And it was still nice....just different. Mr. Frannycakes' sister Vickie and her husband came up for lunch and then took Gran Gran home with them. So our house got very quiet very fast.

Due to the east coast snow storm, travel plans after Christmas changed a little bit. Jamie and Lesley and Grace Darling came in a couple of days after they had planned. But we were glad to get them any time we could! Chris and Linley and Maeby Shea came in Thursday night. And finally (!) we were all together. It was Christmas!

New Years Day was my Mom's birthday so we kind of surprised her by planning a little birthday party with our New Years celebration. My brother and his wife and kids came up. And we had a great time. It was so good to get everyone together. We got to take some pics and for the most part they turned out good.

Sister getting excited!

Jamie and Lesley

Julianne and Gran Gran

Maeby Shea getting her Christmas present.

Grace Darling getting her Christmas present!

Jamie, Grace Darling and Lesley

Linley, Chris and Maeby Shea

Too Much Lunch!

Grandaddy resting his eyes.......hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

They whole group minus Weezie.

Brother, Parentals, Sister (favorite)

Tommy, Doris and the two cutest, well behaved children in the WORLD!


Linley, Chris, Julianne, Jamie and Lesley

Our Family

Maeby Shea snuggling with Frannycakes

And in case you were wondering what Weezie was doing all day........pretending she was the only dog.

Frannycakes hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Talk to you soon!