Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hey Yall! Happy Halloween! Once again I have been been bullied by anonymous friends and family for not posting. It seems one young lady, I will call Mini Frannycakes, is deeply disappointed that I have not posted my yearly photos of dogs dressed up in Halloween costumes. And I have been told that I need to post house pictures and blah blah blah. Frannycakes has been extremely tired and irritable (just ask Mr. Frannycakes) and is trying her best to put the house together and decorate it so it will be beautiful. I have made countless trips to stores only to come home empty handed. It is very discouraging and exhausting. I did try and take pictures of the house I have done so far, but the battery in our more "sophisticated" camera was dead. So I took some with my new Dingleberry.....some call it a Blackberry....I prefer Dingleberry cause it make me laugh.....and I will post it later.

So Mini Frannycakes, these are for you!

This is for all my Catholic friends.

He really does look like a construction worker, doesn't he?

I couldn't resist the baby bunny!

Chris and Linley need these cuties to come to their wedding!

Doesn't this look like the most precious little baby?

So.....are you happy Mini Frannycakes? Can you study now?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Goodbye Maine


Today we moved out of our house. The movers finished around 4 this afternoon and I finished around 5. It was so sad pulling out of the neighborhood and heading to the hotel. The leaves are still beautiful. I am gonna miss this place.
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy and Sad


Hey Yall! Remember a couple of days ago when I told you how pretty the leaves are up here? I wish you all could be here to enjoy them. I am feeling a very wide range of emotions right now. Part of me want to grab some pom poms and do cheers that this southern girl is going home. And part of me wants to sit right down and cry because I won't be able to enjoy all the colors and the snow and the cooler temps that Maine has to offer ever again. And I think I can say with relative certainty that we will never be moving up here again. I can tell you that I have not always felt this way when we moved away from an area. One place in particular I just wanted to press the gas pedal as hard as I could so I wouldn't waste any time getting out of town.

The temps are cool today. When I was deciding what to put aside so the movers didn't pack, I only thought about packing hot weather clothes because I know it will be warm when we get to Savannah. What I didn't think about was that I might need some cool weather clothes for days like today. The windows and doors are open and I broke down and turned on the heat because I saw Weezie shaking in her bed this morning. I mean shaking! I had a fleece throw wrapped around me and so I took it off and put her wrapped up back in her bed. She has not waken up yet! And snoring away. The movers are impressed by her snoring. I think we should enter her in a contest.

Hopefully, the movers will be finished tomorrow and we can leave on Wednesday making our way down to our new abode. Closing there is on Friday and move in on Saturday. Whew! Just the thought of all that makes me want to take a a room without Weezie, of course!

Talk to yall later!
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yep, That's What I Want.....


Hey Yall! Sorry about my serious lack of posts lately. We have been in undisclosed location doing some necessary things for the new house. However, we are back in beautiful Maine where the leaves are turning the most beautiful colors. I am really really gonna miss all this when we get to undisclosed location. And I might even miss typing undisclosed location, but probably not.

And for all you curious loyal readers, all three of you, we are nearing the day when Mr. Frannycakes says I can disclose the undisclosed location.

The movers are coming to pack up all of our stuff on Saturday. They will become our new best friends for a scheduled three days. Then we head to undisclosed location which might have been disclosed by that time. Maybe.....

Until then, I think I need another drink......
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