Monday, February 18, 2008

Hey Yall! Yes, you are reading right. I have updated. Let's not make a big deal out of this.......even though it has been a long time!

Okay....what has been happening in Frannycakes life? First of all, I had a wonderful time in South Carolina, as usual. Elaine, the hostess with the mostest, entertained me with the thing we do best You know how it is when you have something special to attend (wedding) and you are not sure if what you have to wear is good enough? Well, we shopped, we purchased, and we returned. What did I end up with? A new top that I wore to the rehearsal dinner...on sale for $24. I also bought a new pair of suede boots cause I live in the frozen tundra. They were 75% off cause they are virtually useless in South Carolina right now! I can't wait to wear them. Of course I have to wait till the slushy mess around here is over.

Friday I went to see Julianne at school and spent the day with her. We had a great time. It makes me feel good to see Julianne happy. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. We love us some Mexican food! Then Julianne humored me and took me to the Goodwill, my favorite store. And I was not disappointed! One lucky family member will receive an almost new pair of designer needlepoint shoes. (I would tell you the name of the company but I am too lazy to run upstairs to get the shoe and bring it back down!) I looked the company up on the net, and priced the shoes.......$350!!!!!! Julianne spotted the shoes (of course she would!) and said we should get them. Someone is going to be very happy and if they don't fit her, then I will probably sell them on Ebay. I know I have said it before, but our Goodwills in Maine are very, very different from the Goodwills in the South. Did I tell you what the price was on the shoes? $2.99! I think I should be a Goodwill Personal Shopper!

My Valentine took me to dinner to celebrate Valentines Day. We had a great meal at Le Fleurs in Jay.

I think I have found my red sectional! Only it probably won't be a sectional. And maybe not red. We think the sectional will be too big for the room. Bummer. And I have a trillion different choices in the upholstry line to choose from and I have already told our "designer" that I can't make a decision. So there is no telling what I will end up with. Hopefully I will order it this week.

Guess where I am going THIS week? Raleigh! To see my BOBO! I can't wait to see Maeby Shea and of course, Linley Shea. Chris said that Maeby Shea went for her shots Saturday and she weighed 13 lbs. I can't wait to spend some time with them.

Whew! So much to think about. I am in total brain overload right now. Which is probably the reason I have not posted because my mind is going 100 mph! Yep...that is it. I return to Maine on Tuesday. Wednesday, I go pick up Weezie from Julianne. Thurday I pack and clean. Friday I take Weezie to the boarder on the way to get Gran Gran in Boston. Saturday we leave for Italy. I was asked this week if I was excited. Well, yes, but no. I am unable to think that far ahead of time even if it just next week. Too much at one time! It seems like my life is like that. I go for so long doing nothing........them BAM! Everything at one time! I guess the alternative is doing nothing. So I shouldn't complain but that has never stopped me before so don't expect it to stop me now! I will be excited about Italy as soon as I get back from Raleigh!

Chris called yesterday and he is sick with a bad cold....hopefully not the flu....

Jamie and Lesley are going skiing next weekend! I know they will have a great time. Don't break anything! Grace Darling had her "little no babies" surgery last week. Since she had a problem with licking her incision, she left the hospital with a cone. She is a cone head! And she is not happy. Hopefully, it will be off soon.

Dick and I had a fairly relaxing weekend. Saturday we went to LL Bean and got him a pair of shoes for Italy. Of course we also got a lot of other stuff too. They were so crowded that I couldn't shop for me. So maybe I will go over tomorrow and look around. We ate BBQ on the way home in Augusta and I ran into Kohls to pick up a couple of things for the trip. I am returning everything I purchased....just didn't look as good at home! Oh well. Sunday, we went to Auburn and got a case for our new fabulous camera. I need to get a degree to use it, is a fabulous camera! That afternoon Dick watched the race while I piddled around. Dick said he was not going to work all day today. I asked him if he wanted me to go to work with him and nag him all day about leaving early....he said I could.....of course that owuld involve me getting up early and getting dressed. I am still in my sexy flannel pj's right now. Guess you figured out I didn't go to work with him!

We are getting rain here this morning. The temerature is just a little above freezing and chunks of ice are falling off the roof and making lots of noise. It sounds like someone is trying to break in. As usual, our guard dog Weezie does not break a snore then it falls. I feel so safe!

I guess I should go get a shower. I have so much to do and you know what I want to do when this happens.....TAKE A NAP! But I will fight it and get ready cause I really need to vacumm. And dust. And...........just fill in the all needs to be done.

I will talk to you later! Tootles!


LinleyShea said...

I was glad to read your updates!!
I had no idea ya'll were going to Italy soooo soon!! That is so exciting!

I (and baby Maeby Shea) cannot wait to see you Thursday afternoon!

Maeby said...

I can't wait to see you!

You better believe that I will welcome you with kisses and wiggles - and I will uncontrolably curl up in a "U" as you pet me and say your hellos!

See you Thursday!

Gabby said...

Sigh.....I want your life least a month!!! Have fun on all your travels!!

Anonymous said...


I want to hear more about those needlepoint shoes. What size are they? I think you should have a "Preppie Cinderella" shoe trying on contest. Please let me play. I know "cousin Becky" would die over them.

So do you have a plan of where you will be going in Italy? I can hardly wait to hear all about your trip. Secretly, we are all so jealous of you. Have a great trip.

Nancy in Florida