Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey Yall! I hope you are all warm and cozy down there in the south. Cause it's cold in these here parts! Of course, I am warm and cozy in the house where I tend to spend most of my time. I keep hearing the furnace start up. We keep our thermostat on 68 which is very comfortable in this house. I would keep it on 75 in some of our other houses and never felt warm. We got a dusting of snow last night. Today the sky is nice and blue.

Yesterday, I went to Portland to take care of a few things. I decided to go check out the craft stores. Man, I could stay in there for hours. I want to do every craft available. Believe it or not, out of the two stores, I only came out with one item. I am collecting J's to group together on a wall. I found another one that I will either paint or cover with paper. I have about 5 of varying sizes ready to hang. But I want to have more.

I went by the Goodwill and found a couple of things.....surprise, surprise! Evidently, Talbots had brought in a load of clothes. I found a lime green long sleeve tee with the Talbots tag still on it.....$5. I got a great flag with a lobster on it....$2. There was a huge bundle of natural color raffia still in the original bag for $.99. A new linen pillow cover (Goodwill does sell new items also) that will be a gift for someone so I can't give too much away....$3.98. I will post a picture of it after I send it to the person.

Then I went to the Christmas Tree Shops. And no, to those of you who may not remember, it is not a Christmas shop. It has home decorating things and stuff like that. I found a new rug for the kitchen. And a few other things. I will take some pictures later and show you.....I think you will love it all!

Tomorrow I am going to see Julianne. I need to trade cars with her so we can have some things repaired on hers. I might swing by the GW while I am in Bangor and check out their stuff. I will keep you posted!

Talk to you later....


Anonymous said...

This Southern girl would trade spots with you any day =) stay warm and cozy and glad you found some good buys.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

back when i walked good i spent so many hours in goodwill stores! and donated so much too. i really have found some wonderful things there...

smiles, bee

LSJ said...

I can't wait to see pictures!!

It's getting cold here too - I cannot believe it! Tomorrow night its going to get down to 9 degrees!