Monday, April 20, 2009

Surprise.....An Actual Update!

Hey Yall! Yep, it is an actual update on the crazy life of Frannycakes. Refill your coffee, grab a diet coke or cold beer and find a comfy chair to sit and be updated. And probably bored out of your gourd. Hey! I didn't say it was going to be interesting!

There has been lots happening and not must happening. Does that make any sense? Finally, all the snow melted in our yard. I have become an expert on raking. Me and the wheelbarrow and rake have been best friends. I would prefer different best friends, but for up here in Maine....well, enough said. We had about a million pine cones on the ground. I might or might not be exaggerating by about a 100,000. But only 100,000. Lucky for us, we have a vacant wooded lot right next to us. The owners live out west and don't visit regularly. So all 500,000 wheelbarrow loads went directly over to the vacant lot. Don't judge me. And I am pretty sure I am not exaggerating about the number of wheelbarrow loads. Pretty sure. Enough about me and my best friends.

We are trying our best to clean out the house. I have been throwing away everything I can get my hands on. On every move we have made, that would have been 7 (using moving companies), they come in one day and pack up everything in the house. And when we get to the new location, we unpack or put up what we don't need. I actually have thrown away a lot of junk when I unpack, but the majority of the stuff stay in boxes. We have gone from BIG house to small house to BIG house and then to small again. And different color schemes and different amounts of bedrooms and so I have lots of decorations that might work in one house that won't fit in another house, but MIGHT work in the next house. And those things I like to call my "INVENTORY". I am trying to keep my "INVENTORY" down in the basement....also known as my "INVENTORY ROOM" so I always know just where to go get something I might need to, you know....decorate. But back to what I was trying to tell has just gotten out of hand. And every time we went to the attic to find something, everything was getting spread ever where and it looked like a tornado had hit it. So I have been going up there and bagging up and donating or throwing away. Of course, I have not been able to that everyday because since we live in Maine, it might be freezing up there! But I am working toward having organized stacks of boxes. Oh yeah, like that is gonna happen!

Saturday, Dick and I went to visit Julianne and buy her a pair of jeans. Of course, she could have done this by herself, but it is more fun when the parents actually pay for it and not funnel it through their checking account. We headed to Castine to visit Ben, Julianne's boyfriend. He is about to graduate from Maine Maritime and Dick wanted to take a tour of their ship they use for training. You know, men are interested in things like that. So Dick and Ben went on the boat and Julianne and I sat in the car. I actually would have gone on the tour but Julianne was wearing sandals and they are not allowed on the boat. She had a pair of running shoes, but they clashed with her outfit and she wasn't about to clash. Castine is a pretty town that sits up on the side of a hill that goes down to the water. Almost none of the lots are level, they all have a slope. And there is an ordinance about houses having to be white. It looks very New Englandy. The only sad thing is that they don't seem to like having Maine Maritime there. And it is not a new school. Pretty much been there since the beginning of time! There seemed to be strong sense of snootiness there. Something I wouldn't have gotten along with, but I am sure there are people who would love it. To each his own! Ben graduates May 2.

Yesterday, Dick bit the bullet and put up a ceiling fan in our den. Hopefully, this new fan will help keep me cool in the days to come. Cause just in case you have forgotten, I hate being hot. Especially since we do not have central air here in Maine. Why oh why would anyone not put central air in a house. It should be a state law. Mainer's see no need for them. Frannycakes disagrees. Strongly.

I am starting to stress out a little about Julianne's move down south for her summer internship. Not that there is anything to be stressed out. It is just that we don't have any specific dates for us to leave Maine, only her start date. Plus, it looks like Chris might have an internship in the same area and may be living with her. I can kind of feel my blood pressure rising even thinking about this so I will end this part right now. I guess I just get stressed over change.

Chris and Linley are starting to think about dates and wedding stuff like that. Not that Chris told us, I read it on Linley's blog! This should be an exciting summer of planning and setting dates. I can't wait.

We talked to Jamie and Lesley on Tokbox last night. If you have not heard of tokbox before, look into it. You are able to visit with one another on webcam for free. My new computer has a webcam in it. There is nothing like being able to see each other! Of course, visiting with Jamie on the webcam is always an adventure. We always get to see him dancing in the background! Soooooooooo Jamie! And we get to see Grace Darling. They are doing so well and we can't wait for them to come and visit with us this summer. And have I told you that so far, Jamie has been accepted to one of the nursing programs he applied to and still has to hear from two others? Congratulations Jamie!

One other piece of news......Our nephew Josh is engaged! He and Nicole are a very cute couple and have been together for several years. Josh graduated last year and Nicole graduates in May. They are planning a wedding for next March. Congratulations!

In other not so exciting news that I try to forget but my pants won't let me, I went back to Weight Watchers. Yes, there are people in Maine that go to Weight Watchers. Actually, there are probably 40 people in their meetings. I am steadily going down, just not as fast as I would like, but it is probably better this way. I haven't felt like I was really on a diet except like when I passed the Easter Reece's eggs and of course the Whoopie Pies at the grocery store and anytime I want something sweet. Other than that.....It has been pretty easy. Dick is eating all the same things, so it should be pretty easy. Ugh, I loved being cursed with fat genes and of course, fat jeans, which you are required to get when you have fat genes. Double ugh.

Aren't you glad I posted. Nothing too exciting. Just a glimpse at my life here in Maine. What am I going to do today? Pay bills, make doctor's appointment, call about apartment rental for internship, vacuum, dust, work in the attic if it is above 50 degrees up there, etc., etc., etc. Come and visit me so I won't have to do these things. Please.

I will talk to you later! Tootles!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

washing clothes
drying clothes
ironing clothes
putting clothes away

smiles, bee

LSJ said...

Don't feel bad that you read about dates on my blog; it was seriously a 5 minute conversation, mostly of me saying everything that I posted and Chris just agreeing and saying, "Whatever you want Linley." haha.

When serious dates are being considered trust me, you will be informed!

Yvonne said... want to come visit - but the no air conditiioning thing scares me - I get very cranky when I'm hot! Seriously - someday I will come!

Anonymous said... are back and what a great blog. Let's us know what you have been up to. But lete me tell you one thing......if you put more than 2 pinecones in the wheelbarrow, you wan't have to make so many trips!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm on permanent hot flash... UGH!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I'm a long way away or else I'd come visit ya.

That was quite an update....glad to know things are "normal"...LOL. I remember what it was like living in New England with no air conditioning....yuck!