Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Back!!!!!!

Hey Yall! I have received so much grief from family and friends for not posting that I decided that I had better get back to work and post. I can't guarantee that it will be very interesting. In some ways is seems like nothing has been happening, then in other ways it seems like it has. I will let you decide. Don't go blaming me if you are completely were warned!

Mr. Frannycakes and I got back to Maine early this morning.....around 2 am. We left Pawleys Island at 5 am. You do the math. Frannycakes has been in a fog all day. This afternoon, I got lazy on the couch and did some snoozing. It was glorious. And as usual, it will not affect my ability to sleep very well tonight. I love having that ability.

Where have we been? Well, we headed down to St. Marys a month ago. Gran Gran, Mr. Frannycakes mother, decided to take a last minute, vacation to the hospital. We couldn't let everyone have a good time without us, could we? Thankfully, it was a quick vacation.

Dick came home and went on some business trips and then came back down to get ready for our nephew's wedding. Our entire family came and it was nice to have all the kids together. The wedding was beautiful.

Next came our vacation. We rented a house on the creek at Pawleys Island. I only went out on the beach once. The rest of the time we sunned on the dock. Dick had his kayak and the Benson's brought their john boat. We had a bunch of floats and some of the group floated down the creek. I think everyone had a great time. Have I mentioned how wonderful the food was? It has spoiled Mr. Frannycakes. Withdrawals will be hard for him.

My parentals came for a few days when we moved into the house. It was great to have them with us. I had stayed with them for a month. My bedroom looked alot like it did when I was growing up. Hopefully it has recovered since I left.

Gran Gran and Debbie and Vickie came up the last part of the week. This was one of the first times they have been able to come with us. Hopefully they will be able to come again next summer.

This was a very condensed version of our summer so far. I will be post pictures for the next few days so you can see exactly what I have been talking about.

Talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...

I love PI... one of my favorite beaches... Welcome back!

Lamp Tramp said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation...glad you are back blogging!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

welcome back honey!

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

Woopee! You are back! I have missed you so much....and I know a few other people who have expressed the same sentiments!
Love you!