Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Retirement Merwin!

Hey Yall! Today is a very special day! Our friend Merwin and his wife Shirley are retiring today. Oh Happy Day! They are going to take a nice long vacation at Pawleys. Frannycakes is extremely jealous! I couldn't find a picture of Merwin on my computer, but Mr. Frannycakes has graciously allowed me to post a picture of him that strangely resembles Merwin so if you see anyone that resembles this picture, please tell him Happy Retirement and that Frannycakes sent you!

Happy Retirement Merwin!


Lois Grebowski said...

ummmmmm.... did you say something? I was ummmmmmmmmmmm..... kinda...... distracted.....


Shirley said...

Thanks Fran. I'll be sure and show this to Merwin when he gets home from work. We are excited about our 6 weeks at Pawleys. maybe we'll see you there. You've got to let us know where you're going. Best of Luck.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Frannycakes can come visit me and then I can meet Shirley!
Happy Retirement Merwin! I took that picture of Mr. Frannycakes this summer at PI!

Shirley said...

Who is Elaine and where does she live. Must be close by.
Fran - you are keeping us on pins and needles about where you are going. Merwin still says Memphis - that's south right. Keep us posted. Shirley