Thursday, January 12, 2012

Graduation from Nursing School!!!!!!!

December 17 was a very exciting time for our family.  Jamie graduated with a degree in nursing.  For those of you that don't know the whole story, very few of you I am sure, Jamie decided to return to school after an unfulfilled business career.  He had received a degree in Business from the College of Charleston years ago.  He decided to go back to college to get his degree in nursing which is so perfect for him.  I know he will be a wonderful nurse and touch the lives of his patients.  We are so proud of him!!!!  Way to go Jamie!!!!

The whole family got in their cars and headed to Kentucky.  Such a fun 11 hour drive.  We were hoping for good weather and no snow on our drive and Mother Nature came through for us.

The graduation ceremony was so nice and seemed very personal.  Each student had written who they wanted to thank and why.  It was very touching.  Lesley pinned him.  Such a good day!!!

Jamie and Lesley


All My Children.....The Jackson Family

All of us again.  We were freezing!

Jamie and his Gran Gran

Jamie with Aunt Vickie and Gran Gran

Grandaddy and Ga Ga with James Thomas

Jamie and Lesley with Lesley's parents

Jamie and Lesley and her family. 

Want to know the icing on the cake?  He already has a job and has begun working!  So proud of you Jamie!  We love you!


Shirley Moore said...

Congratulation Jamie!!!! I know you are so proud of him and now he can take care of you & Dick when you get old. ha ha ha

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