Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hey Yall! I apologize for not posting yesterday but I was just too dang tired and nauseous to post. You see, I played cards last night. Still unclear? Elaine went to Columbia with Mary Ann to deliver her school "stuff" to her new school. I got to sleep late then got up and took Maggie (Tar Baby) out to do her business. Then I went to do what I do best....Shopping! Okay Dick......stop hyperventilating! I didn't buy anything.....okay....I didn't buy much.......Okay.....I spent $40.00 and that was divided between three different stores. Of course I put $74 worth of gas in the truck, but that doesn't count, does it? When I got back to Elaine's, she arrived back a few minutes later and we warmed up our dinner. Just as we were sitting down to eat, Anne Marie drove up so we could start playing cards. We play a card game called "Shanghai" and used to play every Wednesday night when I lived here in God's country. We usually had at least 4 people playing, sometimes more. We always have lots to eat when we play. In fact, I don't think we would be able to play if we didn't have food. Always, always have popcorn. And there has to be some type of chocolate. Miniature Reese's Cups are the preferred chocolate. And we usually had M&M's also. And anything else we might have at the house or might have picked up. And we eat a lot. Until we feel like we are going to throw up. So now you understand about why I didn't post last night....tired from shopping and nauseous from playing cards!

Today we went to look at Mother of the Bride dresses for Elaine. She looked beautiful in almost all of them. She already knows what she wants and what style looks good on her. So she shouldn't have any trouble finding just the right dress. I know she will be as beautiful as the bride!

John came home today from Dallas and took us out to dinner. We went to the River Room in Georgetown. I absolutely love the River Room! It is on the water and has delicious food. I had rib-eye oscar and as always was delish! For dessert, we shared Sauteed Pound Cake and Mud Pie. I am just about as full now as I was last night! Thank you John! You are the greatest!

I was supposed to go to Raleigh tomorrow for Christopher's birthday but the air conditioning in the condo went out and since I despise being hot, I think I will wait till Friday and see if it will be fixed by then.

I guess that is about all I have for now.....I will talk to you later.....Tootles!


joan said...

Hi Fran,

Just checking in on you and seeing how you are doing. It sounds like you have been very busy and having fun. Take care and I'll try not to be a stranger.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Fran, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for a little visit. Sounds like you are having a good time out and about near the beach...lucky you. Come back anytime for a visit.