Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'M IN LURVE!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Yall! I am just gonna let you know....I'm in lurve!!!!! In case you don't know what lurve means, well, I just gonna tell you. It means love. Only a thousand times more! We have a new baby in the family. I am just gonna call him "T" cause he is hardly big enough for his whole name. And he is beautiful and pretty and gorgeous and I just want to go and run away with him. Of course it would be a little rocky for a few days cause "T" loves him some "nursey". We invited his momma and daddy over for dinner last night cause we knew they would be bringing the little man with them. And they thought we wanted to see them! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I got to hold him while everyone ate and he went to sleep and I just lurve me some sleeping newborn love. Love it. Makes me want my own grand baby. I can't wait till that day. They will have to get a restraining order to keep me away. I am sure of it.

Here are some pic's we took last night.

"T" and his Uncle Mr. Frannycakes!

Awwwwwwwww! I think he lurves his uncle and wants to live with us!

Looks like cousin Julianne is in lurve too!

"T" and his momma

It take two to load little tiny "T"!

Lots of work to strap precious into his seat.

His momma and daddy said he screams when he gets put in his seat. Do you see screaming?

What about now?


I didn't think so! They are telling stories on him.

Are you in lurve now? I thought so.....

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Anonymous said...

I just let out a squee... oh, my gravy... he's such a cutie... that baby chin and doze cheekies... just precious!