Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in St. Marys!

Hey Yall! Today we drove down to St. Marys to celebrate Christmas with the Fam! I told Mr. Frannycakes that today would be a first for us.....the very first time we would be able to drive down to celebrate Christmas and then drive home. This is FABULOUS!!!!!!!

We celebrated today with Mom and Dad, Tommy and Doris, Thomas and Hannah, Nancy and Dennis and Becky. We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone. Mom cooked a delish lunch and we all were very uncomfortable driving home. Very uncomfortable!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

The Parentals (Mom and Dad) laughing while opening their presents.

Chris and Thomas playing....who is having more fun?

The Parentals giving Weezie some love. Weezie is thinking, "Where is my present?"

Hannah and her Glamour Camper. I need to go camping.

Tommy and Doris taking it all in.

Daddy resting his eyes.

Chris and Thomas resting; well one of them is.

Daddy still resting his eyes.

Same song, third verse.....

Julianne and Hannah

Two pretty girls!

Talk to you later!


Anonymous said...

What a good day this was. Let's do it again really soon.

Love, MOM

PS -- I want copies of these pictures too.

Anonymous said...

Hubby calls it "checking his eyelids for light leaks."

Anonymous said...

It was a super day, but shame on you for taking and posting certain pictures. You were raised to know better than this. Next thing you will probably be putting mayonnaise on hamburgers or some other far fetched thing. On a brighter note you are posting. Occasionally.

Anonymous said...

More great pictures....Tom had the right idea....those are the best naps!

Anonymous said...

I loved all of your photos. That was such a teriffic day. It was wonderful seeing all of you. Your Dad was just worn out from waiting for Santa.

And yes, you were raised better than that. I see no photos of you.

Nancy in Florida