Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Graduation Celebration!

Hey Yall! Big celebrations in the Jackson Family! We traveled to Raleigh last weekend to celebrate Christopher's graduation from North Carolina State University! We are so proud of him!

Thursday night we all piled into two cars and headed downtown to Woody's which is a sports bar restaurant that according to Chris has the best wings. They have about 8294 big screen tv's on the wall showing different sports. The guys were particularly interested in watching a basketball tournament. Sorry, you can probably tell I am not a sports watcher because I don't even know who was playing. We made plans to go while the game was on, you know, so we wouldn't have to talk and converse..... Imagine our shock when we were told that they did not allow any basketball games to be shown on the tv's! What? Surely this was a joke! They beg, they pleaded, they talked to the owner. No. No basketball game would be shown. So if you are ever in Raleigh and you want wings to eat and you want to watch a basketball game while you eat said wings, do not, I repeat NO NOT GO TO WOODY'S. The wings turned out to be good though.

Julianne's friend and my second daughter Angie, or Angie Pangie as I like to call her, came for a few days to celebrate with us. She is the one in the picture of Jamie and Chris torturing someone!

We really had a good time, well, except for the game thing, which was the reason we went there.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Christopher! enjoy a wonderful adventure ahead!

Anonymous said...

Chris, congratulations!! You hard work and tenacity has paid off. We are so proud of you.

Mr. & Mrs. Frannycakes, congratulations to you, too! We know this is such a happy time for you. Celebrate.

All the best,

Nancy in Florida