Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Surprise.....An Actual Update!

Hey yall! Yep, I am still alive and kicking...okay, not really kicking, but I do move every now and then. Life seems to be happening at a rapid pace and then life seems to be at a standstill. Ya know what I mean? I will go into a little more detail after I tell you why I am coming out of blog coma.....

Yesterday, Mr. Frannycakes and I went to Wally World to pick up some snack stuff for him to take to work. Usually he just leaves me a list or calls me with a list of things he wants because he generally tends to avoid the Walmart like the plaque. But yesterday while we were eating dinner he mentioned that we should go to Walmart together and get his stuff......more on that below...... ANYWAY........we were in the back of the store and there was a young couple with a little boy in the cart. They caught my eye because the little boy said, "Right daddy" like Chris used to say 4,298 times a day. So I smiled as they walked on and then....I looked down at the daddy's legs.....he had on shorts and sandals.....AND an ankle bracelet! Not the kind of ankle bracelet that you get at the jewelry store......the kind that the Po Po put on you when they want to know where you are at all times!!!!! Mr. Frannycakes response after I grabbed him and made him look was "I think I would be wearing long pants". I guess I was kind of shocked that he would want to advertise the fact that he had even been that up close and personal with the Po Po. I am just saying that if I ever get one you won't see me at the Wally World with shorts on. Come to think of it, you won't ever see me there with shorts on anyway! Yall may see this every day, but this was a first for me!

Why did Mr. Frannycakes want to go to the Walmart? So he could drive his new car! He has a new car and I have yet to take a picture of him in his little red convertible. But I will take it this afternoon, so be sure and check back tomorrow and I will post it just for you.

Lots of things going on really soon around the Frannycakes house.....Christopher and Linley are getting married in just 10 days!!!!! We are so excited! They have been together 5 years and engaged for 2. It has been a long time coming and I am glad we are finally coming up on the big day.

Jamie and Lesley and Grace Darling are coming sometime this week. They haven't been here since Christmas. Hurry up and get here! Weezie wants to see Grace Darling!

I guess I should close and get the yard ready to mow.

Talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...

Yup, I wouldn't be advertising a Po-po anklet, either... sheesh. convertible? Cool!

Anonymous said...

THANKS for the update.....glad you are alive and kicking! Looking forward to the wedding and seeing everyone!!

Shirley said...

Looking forward to the wedding. By the way - where are they registered? Only at Wal-Mart would you see that. What kind of car did Dick get - besides it being a red convertible??? I bet he looks cool. I'll have to tell Merwin.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting on the picture of Mr. Frannycakes in his red convertible!
Have you been vacationing AGAIN!