Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My name is Frannycakes and I am a chocaholic!

I can hardly believe how bad I have been at posting. I love doing it. But somehow I have stayed busy and just have not settled down to the computer to post. I apologize. Thank you for understanding. I appreciate it.

Where do I start? Yesterday, Elaine and I went to Myrtle Beach shopping. We went to Stein mart (Love it), Target, TJ Maxx, Goodys, Lowes and Brusters (yes, again...).
It is fun to shop with Elaine. We have had plenty of practice doing it. We had called Anne Marie to see if she wanted to play cards and she did. She called Sonya and they came over around 7. We had Hershey's Eggs and popcorn and assorted other "sugar" products. And diet Pepsi, of course! We played Shanghai. Anne Marie sang and sang. For some reason, she thinks she can sing GOOD! HA! I can't tell you the song we sang with her. We have made some plans for that song and I will give you details about that in a week. By the end of the night, I was nauseous from the candy and popcorn and singing!

Today, Elaine tutored for an hour this morning and I went to a store that sells fabrics. Since I can't find comforter for my bed that I like, I thought I would find some fabric and make my own. Big Head Fred, I appreciate all your suggestions, but I think I will do it my way. Elaine did like your idea of painting the carpet so I feel like one day when I come visit I will find it painted! I found something that might work. I picked Elaine up after tutoring and we went to meet our friend Jeannie at Lands End Restaurant. We had a wonderful lunch and a great visit. It made me miss living in Georgetown.

Then we came back to Pawleys and went to a couple of fabric places. I didn't really find anything. Then I went through the car wash so Dicks newly wrecked truck will be shiny and clean. I know he will be proud.

I guess I better go..........Elaine is about to work me like a dog.....Tootles!

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Julianne said...

I'm soo glad you have been able to relive the days of yore, mother!! I remember when Sony and Anne Marie MarozASS would come over and you would send all us children upstairs yall could play cards. I just hope you didn't frost your hair last night. Kitchen Chemists!! I have 2 tests and a rough draft and then I'm headed down to PI!!! I love and miss you, call me some time - Ju

Sandra Stanky!