Monday, February 5, 2007

Weekend Update!

Life in Maine is good.It has surprised even me that I like it up here. The state is beautiful. It is not as built up commercially as other states we have lived in. You do not see fast food restaurants on every corner. Now I do love me some fast food so that has been hard adjusting to. But they do have a Dunkin Donuts every few miles. They love their coffee and hot chocolate and donuts. Why do you think they like their hot drinks......BECAUSE IT IS COLD HERE!!! We got a big snow Friday night. When I went to bed, it was coming down hard. When I heard the snow plow at 6 AM I figured we had gotten alot of snow. If it is just a little bit of snow and it is the weekend, they kind of take their time coming to plow....mid morning. But he had gotten enough that you could not even tell where the roads were. We live at the very end of the road. When they were planning the subdivision, they figured we were the only ones coming down this road so it is only wide enough for one vehicle. And it is not a straight shot, very curvy. So we need it plowed to be able to leave the house! Another thing I have learned about a snow plow. If you see one coming, move out of the way because it is going ninety to nothing and they are not interested in you. And that was your lesson for today. You are welcome.

Saturday we went to Farmington for lunch and to look around. We didn't spend too much time there. We were both wanting a nap so we headed back home where we spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around.

Sunday, Dick wanted to go eat BBQ again....yes, he is BBQ we went to the BBQ place in Auburn. Afterwards, we hit the grocery store and headed home. He called a couple we know and invited them to come and watch the super bowl with us. Since we have the new big TV, he was not embarrassed to have people over for the big game. We once had a super bowl party with a 13 inch tv for them to watch it on.....yes, that will have to be a story for another day. They came and we ate and nachos and dip and all kinds of other fat laden foods and had a nice time.

Today I am trying to line up everything I need to do for my trip. I am kind of dreading the ride. I really don't mind driving all day and most of the night but I do dread trying to navigate all the different interstates trying to get there. I will figure it....I always do. Dick has it all mapped out for me. He says I need to be studying it today and tomorrow. Okay....

Most of you who know me know that I hate conflict with another person. I cannot stand the thought of hurting someone's feeling. The thought of it just makes me sick to my stomach. Well, I hurt someones feelings. And I feel terrible. Sick. Worse than sick. This feeling has been with me all weekend. Last night I finally had a chance to talk to this person and feel better that we have talked, but really don't feel better knowing that she was hurt. I hate this feeling.

Enough drama! I still have to shower...yes I know, it is 11 AM......but I have been busy lining things up for the trip and of course checking my email and blog friends. I am going to get my suitcase out and see just how many I can fill up! How can some people pack these little bitty suitcases for two weeks? I can't do it, I have tried and got there with nothing to wear. It just isn't possible. So why fight it......

I will leave you with a temperature update. I know you were wondering when I would do is 4 degrees, -11 wind chill. We are getting some wicked wind looks like a major snow storm out there when it is blowing. I bet there are some big snow drifts blocking our road.......hurry up Mr. Snowplow Man.....



LinleyShea said...

Oh Franny, everytime I read your blog and you are talking about "life in Maine" it takes me back to my very first trip to Maine - and makes me miss my time there! I love it up there and spending time with ya'll up there!

Have fun on your road trip! I Wish Chris, I, and Julianne could be there to sing you Chrismast songs and tell about funny past-times (that probably were not so funny at the time) - but you have Weezie for that! I will see you Thursday night ot Friday sometime!! I am very excited! YAY!

Yvonne said...

Awww - wish I was going to just to help you navigate! ROAD TRIP!!

I am so much like you - I hate it when I inadvertantly hurt someone's feelings, too. It will eat away at me for the longest time - even after I have made amends. My conscience is my best (and worst) friend. Have a fun safe trip - and I hope you'll be blogging while you're gone! I'll try to update often!