Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday in Maine

I would just like to let all of you down south know how nice the weather is here and that we have been in the cool low 80's with no humidity today. Just thought I would let you know......Don't hate me because I am cool!

Dick and I decided to go over to Yarmouth for their annual Clam Festival. Now I am not a clam fan, but I am a festival fan, so we left around lunch time heading towards Yarmouth. It is north of Portland and south of Freeport. We decided to ride through Freeport. I have never seen so many people there! It is definitely tourist time up here. LL Bean was doing some kind of good business. Almost everyone I saw had a bag from LL Bean. From there we went on to the festival. It was huge! And everyone there was so well behaved and there was nothing trashy about it. There were lots of food vendors. All of them were local clubs and groups making money for their organizations. All the parking downtown was in lots around banks and other offices and the parking fees went to soccer, basketball or other sports teams. There was free parking on the outskirts of town, but you had to ride a shuttle so we opted to just pay for the parking. It was definitely worth it. I have to tell you that people around here as a whole are much more well behaved than down south. Sorry. It hurts me to say that about my southern home, but it is true. There were also thousands of people there and there was no trash anywhere. We stayed there a few hours then made our way home. Dick and I went to a local restaurant for dinner and he had steamed clams and I had a lobster roll. Then we went to the ice cream stand and had ice cream. It was all DELISH!

The newlyweds will be home from their honeymoon either tonight or tomorrow. I can't wait to talk to them! And I have not forgotten about the rest of my report on the wedding. I was hoping to have some more pictures from friends and relatives by now..........I am sure that they have all just been busy and not had a chance to read my request for pictures.........

I guess I better get ready for bed......I will talk to you later....Tootles!

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