Friday, July 20, 2007

THE Wedding!

I know some you have been checking to see when I would post about the wedding. We have been trying to recuperate from the trip to Lexington and back! But I think I can start one of many posts about the wedding now. I will start where I left off with the last post.

On Wednesday afternoon, Julianne and I attended a Tea given by Lesley's Aunt Vicky and a family friend. The food was delish and of course the tea was wonderful. I finally got to meet Lesley's sister Amy and her baby Kyrie and immediately fell in love with both of them. Kyrie has lots and lots of precious baby rolls and the biggest eyes! She is just the happiest baby and I kidded Amy the whole weekend that I was going to put her in my suitcase and carry her home with me! After the tea, we went back to the hotel to change and get ready to go to Lesley's parents house for dinner. Dick had been napping during the tea. So we got him up and away we went! Dinner was wonderful! They have a wonderful deck off their den and we ate dinner there. The weather was perfect and it was a very relaxed night before a very busy weekend. Lesley's parents are wonderful people and Jamie is lucky to be marrying into such a nice family.

Thursday brought friends and family! All day (and night for some!) friends and family trickled in. That night, unknown to Jamie, his groomsmen had planned a bachelor party for him. I think he was actually a little bit disappointed that no one had planned anything for him. Some of the guys took him out for dinner and when they came back to the hotel, the plan was for one of the guys to call everyone else who was upstairs to come down to the lobby. So we all went down and then we walked outside and there was a stretch Hummer limo waiting for the party to begin! Jamie was so excited! Dick was kind of in charge, along with Kasey, Amy's husband. So nothing was going to be going on that shouldn't be if you get my drift. John, Lesley's Dad, also was along for the fun. They went and played pool, went to another bar, and rode around in the limo alot. This seemed to be a hit! They all loved it. Upstairs, about the time the guys went out for dinner, the girls were getting together for a Lingerie Shower! And she got some beautiful lingerie. And some other fun stuff too. Amy and Lesley's sister-in-law Ashleigh threw this fun party. They had some delish food and some fabulous drinks. We all went downstairs to see Jamie off for his party. Then the girls left for their party. This old lady went upstairs to chill out alone. Shortly after arriving at our room, I got a call from Mary Ann. They were just getting to Lexington. So I went downstairs to help move Virginia and Henry in and say hello to Elaine and her car full. They were staying at another hotel that night, so we shooed them off and all settled in for the night. Dick came in around 2 and woke me up telling me to come to the window. We were staying at the Radisson in downtown Lexington. Our room was on the 16th floor overlooking the park. There is a fountain on the hotel side of the park. All the people from both parties had met up and were down at the fountain. Jamie was carrying Lesley through the fountain! Tommy took a wonderful video of this. According to reports, the parties finally wound down around 4.

Friday at lunch was the bridesmaid luncheon. We all went to a quaint bed and breakfast. The food was delish and a good time was had by all. While we were enjoying girl time, the guys were having boy time at Lesley's parents house. They enjoyed barbecue and guy stuff. Afterwards, they went to pick up their tux while the girls had manicures and pedicures. I picked up some cut flower and greenery to decorate the tables for the rehearsal dinner later that night. Vickie, Debbie, Elaine and Virginia decorated the tables for me while I stood around blabbering about absolutely nothing. I was helpless. Thanks ladies for bailing me out.

Around 6 we went to the Headley Whitney Museum for the wedding rehearsal. Wow. What a gorgeous place. Everyone was quick to learn their parts and so we left for the hotel. When we arrived, everyone was already there waiting for us. After a cocktail time, we started our dinner. The Radisson did an absolute wonderful job. The food was delish. Absolutely delish. After eating, Dick started the show. We had put together a video of pictures of the couple growing up and then pictures of them together. It was very sweet and I have cried every time I have seen it. I think they liked it. Then Dick got up and gave the sweetest, most heart wrenching speech and toast and he truly touched us all. Jamie and Lesley were both sobbing. And of course so was I. I was so proud of him. He is a wonderful father and husband. After that, they received lots of other toasts. Chris and Julianne's toasts were especially touching for me. I was proud of them too. Thankfully, I did not have to speak because no one would have been able to understand anything I said because of the blubbering. It was definitely a big night for out family!

We were truly blessed with wonderful weather the whole weekend. Not too hot and sunny skies! We made it to the museum mid day. We had food for the grooms cottage. They guys hung out back there all day. The girls got the main house upstairs to dress and get ready. There was a make up person and a hair person to take care of every ones needs. Lesley looked absolutely beautiful! The bridesmaids look absolutely beautiful! The flower girls looked absolutely beautiful! Everything was absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Not to leave out the groomsmen and the groom.........they were so handsome. And the best man.....he was HOT!!!!!

So our little boy got married! We added another girl to our family. I now have 2 daughters and I couldn't be happier! I hope to have more wedding pictures to post after all my buds send the pictures to me. Hint Hint. Thank you to Tommy for sending me these pictures. Thomas and Hannah were adorable and so well behaved. I can't wait to see the official pictures.

I will tell you more about the actual wedding part later. The newlyweds went to Costa Rico for their honeymoon and will be back this weekend.

More wedding to come......Tootles!


pawleywog2 said...

I would like to say "It's about time!" I didn't think you were ever going to come back to life! JK! Tommy and Doris have the most adorable and well behaved children! Enjoyed dining with them and FINALLY getting to know the rest of the Flanders family! THe wedding was beautiful and a good time was had by all! Thanks for the hospitality! Love you all!

Yvonne said...

Wow ~ loads of events and sounds like a whirlwind week! Can't wait to see more pictures! They both look just gorgeous!