Monday, July 2, 2007


Do you want to hear something funny? I mean really funny? Something that I just can quit laughing about? I have poison ivy on my face. Less than two weeks before the wedding. Mother of the Groom. Poison Ivy. Yeah, I am laughing all the way to the doctor.


Nancy in Florida said...

I cant believe this. You who have weathered the potential for sunburn at the beach, a wrenched back, moving your young adult, and driving 9000 miles (the way you drive), and you GO home to get poison ivy ON YOUR FACE. I thought you were growing tomatoes and peppers.

What did the doctor tell you to do?
Hopefully he has a faster than two week cure. Will that cure require us to CARRY YOU INTO THE WEDDING?

Don't scratch!

I know that you will make great humor out of this somewhere way down the road.

I'm thinking about ya.

Nancy in Florida

James said...

Poison Ivy, Poison Ivy
Well late at night when you're
Poison Ivy comes a creepin' all

I'm sorry momma. This is the work of a terrorist group out of Urk-a-veen-ya. I'll call you later. I love you.

Yvonne said...

What in the world??? Sure hope it clears up for you soon! God sure has a weird sense of humor...

Anonymous said...

so that's what that was...