Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hey Yall! Thursday is turning out to be a pretty good day in my little world. And why is that I know you are asking. It is turning out to be a good day because absolutely nothing is happening. Nothing. I love it like that. I still have on my pj's. No, I don't have on my sexy flannel pj's because up until today it hasn't been that cool. BUT......tonight we are under a frost warning, so they may be making their way out of the drawer tonight! I have devoured a whole pot of coffee and caught up on all the depressing news out there AND on my favorite bloggers. No, they are not depressing.....they are inspiring! I talked to my bff (Like my hip new abbreviations?) Elaine and my bff Beth. I cleaned out the dishwasher and reloaded it. I have a couple of craft projects that I want to start and they don't require me to change my clothes. Doesn't that sound fabulous? But that day will have to continue some other time. I need to go and mow the grass. Would it be bad of me to mow the grass then come back inside and put back on my pj's?

Monday is Julianne's birthday! I am going to spend the weekend with her while her daddy takes the boys to NY to the baseball game and tour around the big city. Julianne keeps telling us she is packing her bags to go the NY! It will be a really, really quick trip to NY and after trying to work things out for all of us to go, we decided that this time it would be better for just the guys to go together. Hopefully sometime in the future we will be able to take everyone and take our time. I am sure that Julianne and I will have a great weekend also!

I hit the Goodwill yesterday. I found some recently released books that I haven't read. They were $1.99 each. I also found a pretty book on decorating with ribbon. It had some great ideas and instructions how to do it. I also found a valance for $2.99that had some beautiful trim attached to it. I bought it and will remove the trim to use on some other project.

Please continue to pray for Scottie and his family. They still need your prayers. Thank you so much.

I guess I better go put on my mowing clothes. I just looked and the temperature is 64degrees. Don't hate me 'cause I'm cool!



Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

You lucky gal....64 degrees. But I know you'll be jealous of me when we have those temps all winter long.
Sorry to hear Scotty is still struggling. I hope and pray his parents don't have to make a medical decision. My prayers are still going out for all of them.

Happy BDay to Jillian! Hope ya'll have fun.

noble pig said...

64? How lovely and lucky you are!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fran, Hope you and JuJu have a great weekend. Please tell her Happy Birthday for us.

GAGA & Grandaddy