Monday, May 4, 2009

50th Birthday.....Part Two!!!!!!

Hey Yall! I am just a little late in posting pictures from my second (!) 50th birthday party. Tommy, my brother and the official photographer, finally sent me some of the pictures so I could post them on Frannycakes. And now I am finally posting them!

This was a true surprise party. I did not have a clue. It honestly took me till waaaaaaaaay after the party was over for it to sink in. I had been in South Carolina with my buds having a girls weekend. Dick had flown to St. Marys to see his momma and sisters. My brudder Tommy and his wife Doris were supposed to be bringing the kids up on Sunday, my birthday, and visiting with us and celebrating my birthday at my parents house. I got up very, very early in Charleston and showered and dressed. No make-up. Pulled hair back. Wearing clothes for the second day because I was planning on changing after I got there. I picked up Julianne and she didn't say a word about it. When we got there, Tommy's car and my parents car were parked in the driveway. I was excited that they were already there 'cause I don't get to see them near enough. We got out of the car and walked up to the house. I opened the door and "SURPRISE!!!!!!!" It took me a couple of minutes to understand what was going on. Then I saw what looked like my cousin JoRhee. I haven't seen here in several years. Could it really be her? I just looked around and then I saw my Aunt Jo. I have so many good memories of my Aunt Jo from my early childhood. I really couldn't believe it. It had been so long since I had seen her. Also celebrating was my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dennis, my cousin Becky, Gran Gran (Dick's Mama), Dick's sisters Debbie and Vickie and her husband Delma and their daughter Annie. It was truly a party!

Frannycakes and her Aunt Jo.....can you tell I'm excited?

Making the rounds through the house and trying to visit with everyone, I came upon this.......

.....which I like to refer to as the Frannycakes Shrine. Do you think my finger tasted good in the big picture? It must have been fattening too cause my thighs were thundering!

My Dad, Julianne, Tommy, Frannycakes, Aunt Jo and Mom

Frannycakes, Daddy, JoRhee and Jack

Frannycakes, JoRhee and Aunt Jo

Blowing out the Birthday Cupcakes!

Frannycakes the Birthday Girl

Frannycakes and her Daddy

Hannah and Aunt Fran opening presents

Hannah and Aunt Fran thrilled with Depends!

Mom and Dad have a wonderful large deck and it was decorated with round tables with black balloons. Have you noticed that everyone was supposed to wear Black? Tommy and my Dad grilled hamburgers and we had a great cookout. Everything was so nice and truly appreciated!

As you can tell, I had a fabulous birthday! Thank you everyone!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh how fun! and hang on to those depends, it's not a joke after all! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

Love the shrine. LOL!

Depends! I could use some of those sometimes. [sigh]