Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wisdom Lost

Hey Yall! Sister had her wisdom teeth removed this morning! Do you see that drug induced look on her face? I stayed in the room while they put her to sleep then went to the waiting room. I found a couple of magazines that I wanted to read from cover to cover and find out who's doing what to who when and where. You know the kind. Cause inquiring minds want to know. I sent Dick a text message to tell him that she was asleep and I would let him know when they were through. I had just started the first magazine and not even found out the first bit of gossip and a nurse came and got me. She said Julianne did great and was being so funny. Hmmmmmm.......funny? When I got back there, she looked like she was 12 or 13 and was giggling and telling them thank you and she wanted to do it again and giggling some more! She was cracking those ladies back there up! They gave her a prescription for Tylenol with codeine, but wanted us to try 3 or 4 Advil first to see if that would take care of the pain. Julianne said she wanted the prescription filled. I told her I thought she was enjoying herself just a little bit too much laying there in googly land to start on the prescription. They gradually raised her chair till she was sitting straight up and I held on to her arm and led her, giggling the whole time, down the hall and out to the car. She was too funny.

It is kinda cool here in Maine today. We have the heat on AND she is laying under an electric throw on the couch snoozing away. She is probably exhausted from the finals that she just finished up yesterday. A lazy day will do her good.

Don't you just love her ice packs? The nurse came in with it and told her she was going to make her into a bunny. Julianne just giggled then got serious and said, with a mouthful of gauze, "We love bunnies!" Then she giggled some more.

I will keep you updated on the giggle girl.....

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Reminds me of this video on Youtube.