Sunday, March 21, 2010

What I Did Today

Hey Yall! Well, here it is because enquiring minds want to know.

1. Woke up on Benson's' couch. Slept there because I was coughing.
2. Wiped the faucet that was running from right nostril.
3. Sneezed.
4. Blew nose.
5. Eventually showered.
6. Coughed.
7. Blew nose.
8. Went out to Groucho's with the Benson's.
9. Asked Mr. Frannycakes to walk into Food Lion and get me some Puffs with lotion.
10. Looked in mirror while in car.
11. Resembled Rudolph.
12. Sneezed.
13. Blew nose.
14. Dozed while Mr. Frannycakes drove home.
15. Sneezed.
16. Blew nose.
17. Spilled dinner on clothes.
18. Changed into grubby sweats.
19. Sneezed.
20. Blew nose.
21. Sent thank you email to Elaine for weekend.
22. Sneezed.
23. Blew nose.
24. Received a reply from Elaine.
25. Sneezed.
26. Blew nose.
27. Read that she highly recommended I go get some Zicam.
28. Sneezed.
29. Blew nose.
30. Grabbed purse.
31. Sneezed.
32. Slid feet in shoes.
33. Sneezed.
34. Blew nose.
35. Drove to Walmart in record time.
36. Coughed.
37. Sneezed.
38. Blew nose.
39. Speed walked into Walmart with grungy sweats.
40. Sneezed.
41. Blew nose.
42. Noticed people moving to make way for me.
43. Sneezed.
44. Blew nose.
45. Panicked.
46. Couldn't find Zicam.
47. Called Elaine.
48. Sneezed.
49. Blew nose.
50. Found Zicam.
51. Picked up x-large bottle of Advil.
52. Sneeze.
53. Blew nose.
54. Picked up x-large bag of Halls Cough Drops.
55. Sneezed.
56. Blew nose.
57. Self checked out.
58. Sneezed.
59. Blew nose.
60. Speeded home.
61. Sneezed.
62. Blew nose.
63. Ripped open box.
64. Medicated self.
65. Medicated Mr. Frannycakes who is sneezing and if he ends up feeling like I feel
right now will be in intensive care....Just saying.
66. Sneezed.
67. Blew nose......etc., etc., etc.,

There you have it.


Anonymous said...

Poor baby. Do you need any help? If so, I'll come running. Hope you and Mr. Frannycakes feel better real soon.

Love, MOM

BittersweetPunkin said... it's your turn. I am so sorry you are ill...I do hope you get well quick!

Anonymous said...

Frannycakes, Frannycakes, where are you? Where are the wonderful things you do?
Frannycakes, Frannycakes, I miss you!
Why aren't you writing, have you got the flu?
Frannycakes, Frannycakes, please come back. I don't like it when you are so slack!
Maybe this will put a song in your heart!

Anonymous said...

Get past this cold and WRITE on your blog!