Monday, June 4, 2007

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

It is raining today in Maine and the temperature is 54 degrees. I am just a little chilled at home today. I wish I still had on my sexy flannel pj's! I could curl up on the couch and take a little snoozie. Of course I can take a little snoozie with my jeans on. But it would feel better with my pj's!

I have not been good at updating the blog. What is my problem? Well.......I wish I knew. I have had a lot on my mind. My beach trip is coming up and during that time we are closing on the condo. I have some good ideas about decorating it, but I have to put those on the back burner until after the wedding because of time. And of course the wedding....even though there are things that I can't do until closer to time, it is still on my mind. And I feel like I have discussed all these things many times, so surely you are bored with it all now. What? You want me to keep talking about everything? Really? Okay.....but you begged!!!

I will be heading down to God's Country either Friday or Saturday. Chris has a roommate now. Bummer. Now I can't hang around in my jammies and sleep in the spare bedroom. How inconsiderate of the apartment complex to put someone in there! So I am not sure if I will stop off there or go on to the beach. It sounds like it is going to be alot of fun at Virginia's house. Lots of girlie's......oh and John and Henry and maybe Jeb and maybe Chris for a couple of nights. Lots of good food too. Hmmmmmm.....will I be able to control myself? I am gonna try.

The condo closing is set for the following Friday. I am not sure if Chris is going to want to move in that weekend or the next. He is pretty sick of his apartment complex. So whatever he wants to do I will cooperate with. I need to go up in the attic and gather together things that I can take down there for the condo. Hopefully I will be able to get a bunch of stuff together. We surely have enough of extra junk to take!

I will be mailing out the invitations for the rehearsal dinner soon. Everything just seems like it is falling together. I know I am excited.

Sunday, Dick and Julianne drove over to the Appalachian Trail. Dick had bought a book on trails here in Maine and plotted out their trip on Saturday. Most people would have picked a nice, relatively level hike for their very first time ever hiking. But those of you who know Dick know he would never have done that. He picked a mountain to climb! He told me they would be back around 12. I started lunch at 11:30. At 1 he called. They were at the top and had to walk back. So they ended up getting home around 4:30. Dick could hardly walk. It is even worse today. He is living on Advil's. Everyone is laughing at him at work. I am laughing at him at home. And does anyone wonder why I would not go for a hike with him in the past? Julianne is doing problem. She is just tired.

I guess it time for me to update on the garden. My crops are doing well. The cherry tomatoes have taken the lead over the regular tomatoes. They have doubled in size. The herbs are looking healthy and I actually used some fresh basil in what I cooked yesterday. The bell peppers and sweet banana peppers are preparing to feel the masses. No sign of the peonies. I am afraid I will have to go to Lowes and ask for a refund. They were not cheap. Hopefully they will pop up soon. Cause winter is just around the corner. The iris' that the previous owners left out front are beautiful. At least they were until the rains came and beat down a few. The pansies I planted look good too. I had to put down some small containers of beer for the slugs. They took right to it! Each small cup I put out is loaded with slugs. I guess I will have to repeat it after the rain.

Weezie says was just a snore. But I am sure she would say hey if she was awake. I am pretty sure......

I will talk to you later......Tootles!

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LinleyShea said...

I am glad to see an update! I feel like I have been out of the loop with Maine life the past few days. Julianne did tell me she fell on her butt 12 times during the hike. I hate I missed that! When you come down, and if you DO decide to stay in Raleigh for a night or so, Jessica has completely moved out, so I have one empty room if you are interested - and the other roommate is rarely home. Just an option for you! (: