Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chris and Linley left this morning. Early. Very Early. We got up at 3, left at 4 and got there at 5. They took off at 6. It has been a long day! I stopped at the Wally World on the way home and picked up some necessary things and probably some unnecessary things! I picked up the house when I got home and then mowed the grass. On the way back into the house, I realized we had tracked alot of grass in so I decided to vacuum. After a quick shower, I decided to "rest my eyes" for a couple of minutes. An hour later I woke up and have felt like I am in a coma since. I am going to bed when I finish this post.

It is chilly here tonight. I feel like I need a blanket to warm my legs and feet. I have closed all the windows but I am still cold. Hopefully we won't warm back up to the 90's any more.

I guess that is all of my news. I will talk to you tomorrow....Tootles!

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