Saturday, August 25, 2007

It is Working!

Thankfully, Blogger is fixed. I shall continue with my entertaining and insightful stories......

This afternoon, Dick, Julianne and I went to Kennebunkport to have dinner with Janie, Doug and Doug's mother, Mary. Kennebunkport is an absolutely beautiful town. It was filled with shoppers and tourists this afternoon. We got there in time to be able to do a little bit of shopping before we met them for dinner. The shops were all so cute. I might want to go back there when I can do some leisurely shopping. We went on to the restaurant and met them there. They were having a nice weekend enjoying the town. The meal was very good and we had a great time just sitting there talking. We had a great time and was sorry to have to leave. We got home around 11. Dick has already gone to bed. I am watching Doc Hollywood and blogging all at the same time. I am talented like that, you know?

It is hard to believe that Labor Day is just around the corner. Summer is just about gone here. I keep seeing red leaves on the ground. I have been seeing some yellow in the trees too. Pretty soon it will look like a beautiful watercolor of reds, yellows and oranges.

That's all for now......Tootles!

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