Thursday, August 23, 2007

The temperature in my part of the world is 64 degrees. It feels fabulous. Don't hate me for it.

Absolutely nothing is going on here. I am feeling like a nap would be good. Obviously the feeling is in the air. Weezie is snoring away in her bed. Life is good.

Chris is back in school. He has bought books twice now and if he calls again I will have to find a job. Julianne is going to get her books this afternoon. I guess I need to get the classified section out of the newspaper. Are these young'uns ever going to get out of college?

I have heard from Jamie that the wedding pictures are outstanding! They received a cd with the pictures (1,000 !) on it. The photographer said it will be online any day now. Jamie will contact me with the log in information and I will send it to who ever might need it. It will be hard to pick what I want. I will want them all!

That's about all my news. I will talk to you later....Tootles!


Anonymous said...

Please send me the info on the pictures when you get it. John enjoyed having lunch with Jamie yesterday...said he is doing well! So glad you are up and blogging again!!!

LinleyShea said...

I would like the picture info too!! Please. (:

Yvonne said...

Put me on that picture list!!!

Anonymous said...

I would also like to get the information on the wedding pictures when they are ready. It will be great fun seeing the wedding from the photographers prospective. Even without a camera, the wedding was beautiful.

Nancy in Florida