Thursday, August 16, 2007

She's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frannycakes apologizes for any withdrawal symptoms you may have experienced. I have been guilty of blogger block. Hopefully I have pulled out of this condition and will be a faithful poster from this point on......

I would like to do a quick shout out to my friends and family who have emailed and called and voiced their concern.....Mom and Dad (Hey Daddy!!!), John and Elaine (no more harassment, please) and Virginia (nice song you left on the answering machine!) and anyone else who I might have left out. It is nice to know that I was missed.

For those of you who might not be aware of this.......Chris and Linley have been here for a week now and will leave next Tuesday. We have been having a good time. Julianne's friend Angie is here from North Carolina. She is in 7th heaven right now.

Dick took Chris fly fishing last week and had some experienced fly fishermen give him some lessons. Well, he was hooked. After the lesson and catching some fish, they high tailed it to LL Bean and Chris purchased a fly rod. He got up early this morning and went fishing. It is a little chilly out this morning and I am sure the water is COLD. It probably won't even matter to him.

Yesterday, Dick took all the "children" to Mt. Washington. Afterwards they went to North Conway, NH for lunch. I stayed home because I will never ever go to Mt. Washington again. I mowed the grass, washed clothes and did a little cooking for the hungry masses.

Today I am taking the "children" to Freeport so they can do some shopping. I need to pick up a couple of shirts and pants for Dick. They are great for work and wrinkle resistant and I am all for wrinkle resistant! There are outlets in Freeport also so I know the girls will have a good time.

We have a bird feeder out in the back yard. We have a lot of small birds that visit for meal time. We also have 5 chipmunks that live under our back porch. They are so cute. They are tiny.....about a quarter the size of a squirrel and are light brown with a stripe on their backs. They love the bird seed and will eat and eat and you can see their cheeks getting bigger and bigger. They drive Weezie crazy. She can't get under the porch so they know they are safe there. She will just stand there and stare. They do their little squeal sound and she goes looking!

Julianne starts back to school after labor day. Chris and Linley start back on the 22nd. The weather seems to be cooling off and while I was mowing the grass yesterday, I saw a lot red and yellow leaves on the ground. Could it be fall is knocking on the door? I hope so. I had being hot. My internal furnace is stuck on high and so if it is hot outside, Frannycakes is not a happy girl. Come to think of it......Let it snow!

I have some pictures I took Tuesday night at our Lobster Boil. Plus I have some more wedding pictures to post. Thank you Mom and Dad. I will try to post them later today.

Jamie and Lesley are busy. Lesley has started back to school and Jamie is working so they are both pretty busy. This week would be perfect if they could be here with us.

That all I have to report for now......I will talk to you later....Tootles!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

WooHoo! It's so nice to have you back! Nothing against Nona's birthday, but........I must say I have seen enough of it to last me for many years! Cool'd better enjoy that! I'd even enjoy some of that! Can't wait to see the pictures! WELCOME BACK!!!!!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

So glad to hear you love White Turtle ice cream too! You must be a really fun person. Thanks for stopping by to see me.


BigHeadFred411 said...

It's about freakin' time!
I have missed you so.