Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving is over. Dick and I drove Chris and Linley to Boston this morning for their flight. It was great having them here. We pretty much just chilled out and ate. The "children" played alot of scrabble. Since they have gotten over their cheating phase, I might actually play with them at Christmas!

I will be busy tomorrow cleaning and getting ready for the next influx of family. Of course, it will be a few weeks before they get here, but if I do in now then I won't have to worry about it then. We decorated for Christmas the weekend before Thanksgiving. I know......I used to hate people that did that. But it has taken a tremendous load off my shoulders. I don't feel that panicky feeling about having to decorate and Christmas shop. Of course, if my guys don't tell me something they want for Christmas, I won't have to go do any shopping!

It is bedtime, so I will talk to you later....Tootles!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I have way too many COACH bags but I just can't help myself. Hi, my name is Hllie and I'm a COACH

I DO need to get a sock monkey however!


A Jackson Thing said...

1st: I love the user name of the person who commented above. Great name. Don't ever ever ever change it.

2nd: If scrabble is the game of choice then bring it cause Les and I are coming and the vocabulary of the average Medical student is sufficiently 50% higher then that of everyone else. Yes that includes me, but she and I will team up so that means booo for you.

3rd: Les and I have discovered a game that favors the Jackson clan. Its called Apples to Apples and its the real deal.

4th: I can't wait to see you.

5th: I know this is a bit redundant but going back to my first comment: I love the name of the first commenter.

joan said...

Hi Fran,

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! And isn't it nice not to panic about Christmas? My hubby and I are going shopping this weekend so hopefully we'll get it all done in one trip (I hope). Have a great week!

Katie said...

glad you had a good holiday! yes, the decorating thing. i do it early too. it makees me happy and i enjoy it longer!