Thursday, November 29, 2007

Well......Bum Boogers!

Hey Yall! I am sitting here in the recliner with my friend the laptop typing away to tell you that I am depressed. Very. Why? Because Dick is in Charleston, one of my favorite places and home of the college that my oldest is now an alumni, AND because he is having dinner with two of my favorite people, John and Elaine. (sniffle, sniffle) Yes, I was asked to go on this trip, but being so near to Christmas, I just didn't think it was a good idea. I was obviously out of my mind. Completely. But then that doesn't surprise yall, does it? (sniffle, sniffle)

We had some sleet this morning. The forecast is for snow on Monday. Snow will be nice. I love it. I think it is time.

Weezie had an eight o'clock appointment at the spa.....groomers. She got a good haircut. I got home around 10:30 and immediately started tackling my mountain of paperwork that had been growing on the counter. I can stack it with the best of them! I have it all cleared now. Of course I have two bags of trash from filled with the paper from shredding the top secret documents (credit card offers) and the other bag just envelopes and other papers not deemed top secret. It felt good to do this. I just wish Dick was here to experience it while it is clean. I know he wishes that also. Miss you!

I guess yall are all on pins and needles wondering if I have a sofa being delivered tomorrow.......well.......let me tell you that no, I did not find a sofa. And every time I sat down on a really comfortable, take a nap on, sofa, I started to tear up because I knew I would be going home to my midget couch where if you try to lay down your legs start cramping up and you start to lose your religion. I HATE IT! If I want to lay down, I have to go to my bed and that is just not right! We are a nap taking family and we don't go to bed to do it unless you are having a meltdown, which has been known to happen to one of us from time to time. Of course, that kind of nap requires several hours of uninterrupted the by yourself room. It just makes me so sad that I don't have a nap couch. I think we are going to have to order one. Curses. I know that there is a couch out there somewhere that can be delivered to my house that is probably red, or at the very least match my family room. Don't you think?

I guess I need to go and do a little more work around the house while I have this desire to do it. Cause you know, when it passes, it is gone. For good.



Yvonne said... couch is red
.....I love snow, too
.....the coincidences are uncanny

Anonymous said...

Check out LazyBoy couches...we got a really comfy one that I slept on, out of necessity, not desire, but anyway, surely there is someplace that sells LazyBoy up in Maine.
Missed you Thursday night at dinner!
Love you!