Monday, June 9, 2008

Hey Yall! It is hot up here in Maine! I have been trying to stay cool the past few days. So far so good. Now when I say cool, I don't mean air conditioning cool. Oh no. Cause we only have window units and we just put the the bedroom units in on Saturday. The one for the family room hasn't gone in yet. For some reason, people in Maine like to be hot during the summer. They like to have their windows open and have the pollen and dust and bugs come in the house. They like the humidity and how it makes the hardwood floors feels damp and the furniture feel.....ugh! I guess you all know by now how I feel about houses up here not having central air conditioning. How can you build a house that costs as much as ours and not put in central air? As far as I am concerned that is like not putting in the plumbing. So we have portable fans all over the house with their cords laying all over the rooms......maybe I should stop now.

I cleaned out our mud room yesterday and put all of Dick's coats (yes, there were about 12 of them!) down in the basement on a hanging rack. I threw away a bunch of other stuff and put other things where they actually belong. It is amazing how much room we have in there now! I also picked up and put away a bunch of things that have been collecting in the laundry room. I need to go in there and dust, and then that will be finished. The nice, cool basement may be my next project. Okay, okay! I am not going there.....again.......

I talked to my friend Beth yesterday.....HEY BETHIE!!!!!!!!! Beth had surgery last week and is home recuperating. (She has air conditioning!) She is a very loyal reader of Frannycakes. I always feel guilty when she tells me I need to update because I feel like I am letting her down. So I am going to be extra good about updating to aid in her recuperation! Years and years ago, I had the same type of surgery and Bethie, bless her heart, was in charge of driving me everywhere I needed to go. How did she get assigned this, um, privileged job? Well, first, she was the only one not working. Everyone else was suddenly thrilled they were employed! Second, sometimes it is easier to step up to the plate than to continually listen to someone bitch and complain about not being able to drive for 6 weeks. Bless her heart. She did a good job and I had a good time. Notice I said "I" had a good time. Most of your know that I have this problem with making decisions. Well, I needed to go shopping to get an outfit to wear to a rehearsal party that I was invited to. We had looked and looked and I had tried on and tried on and just couldn't make up my mind and finally Beth had had enough! She picked up the box of shoes and said you are buying these. I immediately bought them because I had only heard her use that tone of voice with her kids and we all know about what brings about that tone and what the consequences are. Yes Mam! I will buy these and love them! And I did.....they were my favorite shoes that summer. So, I really should be on my way to SC right now to be at Bethie's beck and call. I so owe her. Love you Beth!

I guess I should go take a nice cold shower so I can get ready for the day. I do love sweating after is so refreshing.

Talk to you later....Tootles

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noble pig said...

Ah, sweating and showering is always so relaxing!