Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hey Yall! Gosh it was a beautiful day here. The temperature was great and the wind wasn't blowing too hard. We had a few dark clouds, but no rain. I definitely didn't want to work inside even though I have a nice long list of things I need to do. I would much rather stay outside and work in the yard. I wanted to get a couple of new plants for the yard to fill in the empty spaces and was just waiting till the spike plants came into the nurseries. Or Home Depot. Or Lowes. Or Walmart. Today, it was Home Depot. The spike plants were in so I got 3, plus a pot of marigolds, and a white geranium. I also got my paint to do my table and a couple of other projects.

When I got back home, Julianne was there. Her new name is Cupcake Queen 'cause she loooooves to make cupcakes. Not just plain cupcakes..........oh no. Fancy, smancy cupcakes! Unfortunately for her dad and me, she makes them for her co-workers and only gives us a couple. I guess maybe it is a good thing she doesn't make them for us. It might make me a big old cupcake.

I planted my flowers. Then I decided to put them in some white planters that I had. They had been over the garage since we moved. I am sure the movers probably dumped the pot out of it and loaded it in the van. They were filthy. So I got a bowl of water, soap and bleach and proceeded to clean it up. They looked much better after I finished.

When I started cleaning up my mess, I decided to wash off the back deck. I had spilled some potting soil and it looked pretty bad. I just used the sprayer with the hose and it looked like it had just had a bath. Something that I was ready for by that time. However, it was just about time for Dick to come home so I decided to wait till after I warmed up his dinner. Then I took off for my bath. I always bathe in the mornings, but it felt good to get one at night.

Chris called this afternoon to tell me that he had switched on his air conditioner and it had worked! Well, we are still having the air people come and check it out. I know he is much cooler tonight!

I am off to bed.....I will talk to you later! Tootles!


noble pig said...

You are busy! Happy Planting!

Liz said...

Wow, that sounds like a perfect day!