Friday, June 6, 2008

Hey Yall! I have been having a party. Did I forget to send you an invitation? Well, you might not want to come, cause it's a Pity Party. And you know those kind of parties are usually just one person. And I know what you are probably thinking....why is the hells bells does she have to feel like she needs a Pity Party. Well, I'm not gonna tell you. I am about over it and your weren't invited. Be thankful. Very thankful. Just ask Dick....

The weather has been crazy here. It has been very overcast or raining and very cool. Today has been in the low 50's. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the low 90's. I might be having another kind of a party tomorrow if I get too hot and don't have an air conditioner to cool off with. Wanna come to that one? Didn't think so!

I have purchased my Kilz and paint for my kitchen table and couple of other things I am planning to paint. If the weather will just cooperate, I can start this weekend. I also need to make the curtains for the entrance to the master bath. I have two chairs to recover but I need to pick out a fabric first. And you know how I am about making decisions.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Virginia's week at the beach. And I will not be there. Due to the fact that we have a gazillion things going on this summer, I decided that I would have to bow out of this trip. I know they are going to have a great time. And of course they will look so nice and tan when I see them and I will look like a ghost. I will actually look like a streaked freak from the self tanning lotion that I attempt to put on my body. Everyone has written about how to do it without getting streaks and I have tried it all and I still look disgusting. Oh well. And just in case you are wondering if this trip cancellation is the reason for the Pity Party.....absolutely not. But I will miss my buds. A lot.

Chris is flying to Maine the end of the month and then we will drive together back down south. A group of friends are giving Mary Ann and Justin a party on July 12 so I will be there a few days before to help cook and get things together. Then I have a week to kill and the next week I go to the beach with Elaine. So I won't miss out on the beach all together.

That's about all the news I have. I will talk to you tomorrow! Tootles!


noble pig said...

Dang, I love pity parties with all the sordid details...come on just tell us!

Yvonne said...

If I had known you were sad I would have come a runnin'!!!