Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving - Part 1

Hey Yall! I told you I would be back with some pictures from Thanksgiving. Actually, these pictures, with the exception of the last one, was taken the day before Thanksgiving. We had some of Dick's family here for a quick get together. In addition to our family, minus Linley, we had his mother, Vickie and Delma, Debbie and Steve, Josh and Nicole (who will be bringing the newest family member into the world any day now!), Maggie, Ben and Jackson. Of course Jackson was the center of attention while he was here. How could he not be? He is just a precious little thing and so happy and we just all love him. I think he looks alot like Jamie did when he was Jackson's age. We had a nice visit, even though it wasn't very long. Everyone had places to go. Debbie and Steve had rented a house at the beach for the Thanksgiving holidays since Nicole wasn't supposed to travel. The last picture I posted is taken on Friday. We went on a tour of Savannah and met the Debbie's whole family downtown. It was nice to see John and Julie. We hadn't seen them since they were dressed in a wedding dress and tux!

Chris, Jamie, Julianne, Lesley and Gran Gran

Julianne and Jackson

Julianne, Weezie and Jackson

Jackson telling his grandaddy he is ready to get in the water!

Vickie (aka VV) and her grand baby Jackson

Dick, Debbie, Gran Gran and Vickie

Debbie, Gran Gran and Vickie

Julie, Steve, Debbie, John, Nicole and Josh

I have to say that it has been wonderful to live near family again. I didn't realize how much I had missed it. Hopefully, we will be here a good, long time.

Next up, Thanksgiving, Part 2! See you then!

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