Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving - Part 2

Hey Yall! I told you I would be posting about Thanksgiving! Have some faith in me! All the "children" came in, by car or by air, on Tuesday. I can't tell you how great it was to have them all here. Only Julianne had seen the house. It seemed like it had been forever since we had seen Jamie and Lesley AND Grace Darling. We had seen Chris a couple of weeks before at a golf tournament, but we didn't get to visit with him very much. It was just wonderful to have our family together. Unfortunately, Linley Shea was unable to come. She stayed at home and had Thanksgiving with her parents. This will be their last Thanksgiving before they are married!

On Thanksgiving day, GaGa, Grandaddy, Tommy, Doris, Thomas and Hannah came up to celebrate with us. Thomas and Hannah brought me some flowers and a bunny. These babies know what I like! They are both so sweet. Mr. Frannycakes fried a whole turkey and a turkey breast. Tommy wanted to come and see him fry it because Daddy had told him Dick has this special pyro-technique he used when we were living in Maine. It involved large flames and the fear of burning the house down. Luckily, it turned out to be fine and he has learned what NOT to do! The turkey was so delicious and moist! Even after several days it was still just as moist.

Dick put his kayak out by the....ummmmmm......intracoastal waterway(?) so the kids could use it. Thomas is a pro! He paddled around the bend and back. I think his momma and daddy need to buy him one! The hammock was also a hit with all the "children".

We had a wonderful lunch and some delicious desserts made by mom. By that time, it was time for them to hit the road so they could eat their leftovers that got sent home with them. I hope theirs was as good as ours. Delish!

On to the pictures!

Julianne and Jamie

Chris and Julianne

Frannycakes and Julianne

Frannycakes and Julianne going shopping.

Thomas, Chris and Hannah

Julianne and Hannah

Our whole family!

Tommy, Doris, Hannah and Thomas

Weezie hiding from Grace Darling on the coffee table!

Julianne and her Daddy

Tommy, Chris, Jamie and Thomas

GaGa, Julianne, Lesley, Hannah and Grandaddy

Hope you enjoyed pictures from our Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I really did enjoy looking at your family....looks like everyone had a GREAT time! It really is so nice that you get to see EVERYONE on a holiday, not just a few. I know you are enjoying that!
I must say, I now have faith in your blogging ability, once again...keep it coming!
Hope to see you Tuesday?

Lamp Tramp said...

What great pictures, looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of family. I know you are so happy to be back in the sweet South. Keep on blogging Fran, you are challenging me. You know my penchant for dropping off the blog-a-sphere!