Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Full House

We have a full house! We all slept till 9, with the exception of Dick. Sorry darlin. He poo poo'd about having to go back to work today, but I think he secretly wanted to go. It only took us 3 hours to get all our baths. It is constantly eating and drinking. And lots of cleaning up. Am I complaining...? Now you know me...........I love having them here. We went to go on a tour of the mill this afternoon and then went out to eat. We are back home now and it is snack time again. I told eat eat! Tomorrow, we are going skiing. Hey! I hear all of you snickering about me skiing...........I am not skiing..........and thankfully Dick has admitted that he doesn't think he should ski because of his knees. Lesley is staying at the house babysitting Weezie. And studying. Mainly studying. And watching Weezie sleep. Dick and I will stay in the lodge while the others ski. I have the new Stuart Woods book and my Soduko book. I am taking my computer in case they have wireless there. I will be giving a live update from the ski slopes! I guess it has been a slow day, and I appreciate it. Until tomorrow...........Tootles!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Frannie. I love reading about the adventures of your family. If I thought I had enough to say, I would start a blog too. I'm glad all is going well in your full hous. Keep enjoying everyone and tell them all GAGA and Grandaddy said we love them and wish we could be there too. Love you all so much.