Friday, December 29, 2006

TGIF Part 2

We had a big trip to Freeport today. Of course, lots of other people had big trips to Freeport today also! LL Bean was a happening place. We didn't buy much, but they had some good sales going on and also have all their sale stuff online. So if you need anything from LL Bean, get on your computer! Today in our part of the world, the high temperature was 27. After walking up and down the street shopping, I decided that a cup of coffee would be just the thing I needed. So I went into Starbucks. Well, Starbucks was the number two busiest place in Freeport. The building is not that big to begin with and I am sure if the fire marshal had any inkling how many people were in there he would have shut them down! I couldn't wait to get out of there. Instead of coffee, I ordered caramel apple cider. Perty good! Thanks to Linley's daddy "Catfish", we had boston butt for dinner. Yum Yum! A good dinner was had by all. Then we played "Hoopla". It is a game that Lesley brought. It was alot of fun and just verified something that I have feared all along............our family is challenged when it comes to playing games. Duh. I did have a nice surprise today.........Mary Ann called me......not really to talk to me but to get information about the wedding and stuff like that. But I will take what I can get and I loved hearing from her. She said her momma took her to the Cosco (?) for lunch and they were good and full and it didn't cost a thing! Sounds like some of my lunch dates with Dick when he told me he would take me somewhere "real nice". I guess that about sums up the to you tomorrow...............Tootles!

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