Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Eve!

I took a huge step today! I told my daughter about my blog. I had been harboring this "secret" trying to decide when (and IF!) I would let anyone know. I was not even sure I would continue it. But I love reading others blogs so much that I am thrilled that she was excited about it. So here goes! Jamie, Chris and Julianne are here for Christmas. This morning, Dick woke the guys up early (HORRORS!) and they drove up to the mountains. It was snowing when they got to some waterfalls that he wanted to show them. The wind was blowing as it only does in Maine and was cold. Since I have been on "the tour" many many times, I was pardoned from the trip. Jules had a migraine (How convenient!) so she also was pardoned. I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped presents. I was surprised that it took so long because up till the time we went to purchase all these presents at L. L. Bean, I was under the impression that I was pretty much finished with my shopping. The boys came in around 2 and went straight to the refrigerator to continue our feeding frenzy. We have had massive amounts of good stuff to eat around here thanks to the Lancaster's, the Howard's, the Benson's, the McFaddin's, and the Johnson's. I almost can't wait till after the last batch of children go back to school so I can start dieting. I feel awful. Like a slug..........just disgusting. I envy fellow bloggers who report that they are still watching what they eat during these Olympic eating holidays. But back to wrapping presents.......Dick comes in the den tonight about 9:30 wanting to know if I had any gift bags left. Of course I didn't. I had resorted to wrapping presents in an empty Kentucky Bourbon candy box. Something is going to smell good! So somewhere he found a bag and used newspaper to wrap up my present and put it under the tree sealed with mailing tape! I am married to a true romantic! This is the point where I would start a new paragraph if I knew how on this blogging contraption. So forgive me. I will have to continue on this one. I wish all my friends a very Merry Christmas! May the true meaning of Christmas comfort us (you know who you are) and give us hope for the coming year. I love you all. And to my family, I love you all and wish we could all be together at this time. Maybe next year........Tootles!

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