Friday, December 29, 2006


No post yesterday due to a ski trip. I was exhausted when we got home. No I didn't ski. It looks so easy. I wish I could. Dick and I stayed in the lodge and read and listened to our Ipods. It started snowing on the way to the ski slope. The snow was coming down hard while we we walked to the lodge. It was funny watching the kids get their ski's and boots. Nathan was the only one who had never skied before. He was a natural! They all had a good time and only had a few wipe outs. I started and finished my Stuart Woods book. (Don't be jealous!) I just love his writing and it was a good one. The ride home was very quiet despite an occasional snore. Lesley had put the casseroles in the oven and dinner was just about ready when we arrived. The kids watched a movie after dinner and Dick and I went upstairs to watch TV. I was asleep around 7. That skiing just wears me out! Today, we are going to LL Bean and do a little shopping in Freeport. That's about it for now........Tootles.

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