Monday, December 25, 2006

Only 365 More Shopping Days...

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. The kids told us last night to " please let them sleep late" like it was us that used to get them up at 5 in the morning to open presents. Well, they started getting up at 7. We had a good time opening gifts. Chris got a surprise present......a new rain coat......a black trash bag with a hole cut out for his head! Dick took the two guys to the GA TECH game in Jacksonville Dec. 2. It was raining and Dick and Jamie had rain coats. Chris did not, so he went in search of a rain poncho to purchase. Evidently, everyone in the stadium had the same idea. With none to be found, he talked a vendor into giving him a black trash bag. Santa always knows what to bring doesn't he? Dick and I had both forgotten about it and Chris thought it was hilarious. Who would have ever thought a black trash bag would bring so much laughter? The guys fried a turkey and it was delish! We ate dinner around 5 and could hardly clean up. We were all tired. My man, that sweet thang, bought me a new computer for Christmas! Did I deserve a new computer? Probably not......... BUT I LOVE IT!! When I opened the package, everyone came over to me and I just couldn't believe it! I pulled the computer out and just thanked him and kissed him (yes I did!). The kids started telling me that Dick had gotten a refurbished model and that he got a great deal and I am not even caring cause I have me a new computer...........I open it and it looks so nice, but there is some dust on it, but hey, it is gonna get some dust on it around here! Well, they all die laughing...........the computer I pulled out of the box was Jamie's computer that he got when he went to went to Jesus years and years ago and we have held onto it (no idea why!) and moved it from state to state to state. Anyway, they went and got my REAL new computer and I just love it too! I even gave Dick-Dick another couple of kisses. Tomorrow, we go to the airport to pick up Lesley and Linley and Nathan. Everyone is so excited to see their boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, etc. I am excited because Linley emailed me to tell me that she knows how to make paragraphs and so hopefully, tomorrows post will have paragraphs and maybe even pictures. We have some good pictures to share. Until tomorrow......Tootles!

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